dirtiest rap songs of all time

Published by on November 13, 2020

The lyrics he lists are the cleanest in the song. Click here to read them.

Store Clerk Gives A Female Pet Name To All Of His Male Customers! 286,237 views.

Rap is strongly linked with the African American culture. He’s been putting out the same record since 1983 and every one is as good as the next.

When she’s not encouraging sex positivity, Peaches, a former school teacher, finds time to reminds us to “stay in school / ‘cause it’s the best” . "You Broke My Cherry" is a notable one.

No Brotha Lynch? This song has people questioning which sex has the dirtier mind.

It still blows my mind that $hort actually wrote a rap song about killing a chick during a sex session. Most of her songs on "Hardcore" were way dirtier than "How Many Licks".

tnpir: Never mind - it's "Khia," whoever the hell that is. Lil Kim has always had a way with trashy words. I can smell a hooker on yo dong!

RELATED::Kanye West Throws Mic & Tempter Tantrum on Stage! Conflicting opinions abound. No, it is the greatest song of all time. By Tom Hawking. Obviously these people have never made bacon encrusted bacon stuffed with bacon, Indiana GOP wastes no time in petitioning SCOTUS to remove same-sex parental rights. I find it horribly degrading and hurtful to the black community (for the most part).

Through the aforementioned techniques, and more, hip-hop’s greatest beatmakers, from Dr. Dre to RZA to Just Blaze, have pushed the genre forward. Particularly Blow Job Betty.

After my first listen of this song, I came to the conclusion that Kim has worn the pants in every single relationship she has ever been involved in. It is no big surprise that hip-hop has some raunchy roots. You would think that this procedure would be a staple for every women on planet earth.

COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images There are some tracks on this list that contain some really putrid rhymes, but I have to praise the undisputed king of the dirty rap with the number one spot. People have spent days on end smoking weed, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and listenin’ to Joseph Edgar Foreman spit ridiculous nonsense off the top of his head at random.

The link was about rap songs. ", Don't have much to do on this Thanksgiving? With “Gimme That Nut,” E paints a picture of gettin’ nasty with a local honey during a beautiful Compton day.

By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. They’ve done so in part by showing us new ways to make a looped rhythm track sound like a solid, immovable object, or more likely, a steadily pounding mechanical piston. top 10 dirtiest rap songs of all time There are few things finer in this world than getting hammered and rapping along with an extremely dirty rap jam. Tim Wise's open letter to the white right. Hold Up: Reporter Proves To Trump Supporter He's Been Fooled By An Edited Biden Video! The only thing I have to say about that article is *************************************. How do I cull her madness? “Pop That P****” is a great example of the group’s skill at putting together classic club jams filled with hedonism.

A Selection of the Flat-Out Dirtiest Songs in the History of Music . Why can't the rappers be wholesome like that nice Stanley Burrell? And if you don't think these lyrics are raw, check out the whole track. Now if you wish to write an article about a similar Euro-American genre we can talk about that. I can't see it.

Talk about something to stand up and be proud of.Yeah white people never do anything bad at all and our culture is perfect, it's really only the African American community who have a trashy culture. All of their popularity came from the fact that they were raw, raunchy, and nasty as they wanted to be. But rap production has a somewhat abstract set of criteria for judging how hard a beat can be, and how a track can make the MC on it sound like an unstoppable Man of Steel. Eazy is also one the most fun lyrists to rap along with. Maybe the drums sound like they’re going to punch through the speakers. I will start and finish that whole cd like the low-class hooker I really am! Because of this pandemic, ha ha ha, M-O-U-S-E, Goonies never say "die," and they're putting that fact to practice by reuniting for child hunger charity, Submitter thinks this is a cool discovery; is also puzzled why the first words of the headline made him think it was about puberty, Doggo pup shocks ... SHOCKS himself with his own powerful bark, Cooking has become a joyless burden for many people during the coronavirus pandemic. I don’t know what Necro was smoking when he recorded this 2005 joint, but I assume angel dust was involved. Psh.

Summer '97, we bumped this CD EVERY time we were in the car. You don't even seem remotely racist, just well informed with a keen eye for what's going on in the world. April 24, 2013. Is Apache - "Gangsta biatch" on that list?

I’m not really sure about Rick’s fascination with doin’ girls in the booty hole, but he makes his infatuation loud and clear on this 1999 Art of Storytelling track. How is 2 Live Crew's opus "The Fark Shop" not on this list? Source: Janette Beckman/Getty Images If it wasn’t for dirty curse words, this Miami rap crew would have never made it in the music business.

", Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. I thought Black History Month was over. This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. Is Gettin' Jiggy Wit It on the list? Other times, calmly delivered rhymes by T.I. I was more of a fan of DJ Qwik's Black Pussy and 2LiveCrew/Lukke Skyywalker's "We Want Some Pussy". All that stuff is cool, but hey—at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to get laid, too.

I probably shouldn't have broken up with her so soon.

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