utah fish stocking report 2020

Published by on November 13, 2020

(04-19-19), The ice off and catchable-size rainbow trout have been stocked. Reminder: You must release any tiger muskie that have not reached the 40-inch length limit. (04-19-19), The pond was stocked this week with 9- to 11-inch rainbow trout. Very little fishing pressure due to several feet of snow and thick ice. Fishing pressure is light; however, anglers are catching cutthroat trout and lake trout. Most the snow has melted along the lakeshore at this time. Streamers in olive or black have been effective early or late in the day, and on cloudy days. The reservoir water level is increasing at 84 percent. Angler success is low and finding fish is challenging due to low visibility. (03-08-19), Huntington Reservoir and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. (04-19-19), Ice has mostly retreated at Duck Creek Pond, but there is a lot of snow in the area so parking and walking around the lake can be difficult. (03-08-19), Soup Bowl and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice, and drill test holes. Also, if you catch crappie, please consider voluntarily releasing them so the population can become established. Includes the number, size, species, and water where stocked of all stocking done by the DWR so far this year. Try using white or green tube jigs or paddle bugs tipped with chub meat. Anglers are fishing open water at the Ladders and various bays, and report catching 16- to 19-inch cutthroat trout and 15- to 18-inch rainbow trout. Try using Black Panther Martin; or a single hook jig head with 2 inches of worm hooked through the middle. (New! Call the Quiet Fly Fisher fly shop at (435) 616-2319 for up to date conditions and fishing reports. Help keep Flaming Gorge a trophy fishery!The Flaming Gorge Fishing Derby is also scheduled for May 18 & 19, 2019. Other dependable hot spots include: Buoy 3 (south wall on the corner just before the mouth of Antelope Canyon); The intake structure just east of the Antelope Canyon Buoy field; Buoy 9 on the corner before arriving at the mouth of Navajo; In Navajo Canyon first two points just past the double islands. We recommend fishing near the inlet. Also, try using yellow or garlic Powerbait fished 15- to 20-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed rig sinker, or using a bit of nightcrawler with a kernel of corn fished 24- to 36-inches under a bobber. We also found a handful of healthy wipers up to eight pounds. Make sure to visit often as these reports are usually updated weekly. This ring can freeze on cold mornings, but thaws again by afternoon. Water temperature is warming into the mid 50s on sunny days. - Utah Fishing Info. In Utah, all of the launch ramps are open and accessible. Fishing off the rocks near the dam 4 to 5 feet down has been producing. Starting Jan 1, the trout limit has been reduced to four – same as the statewide limit. Try using flies or lures with metallic/bright coloration or produce noise/vibration to increase your chances. Three Utah waters with amazing scenery and great fishing in February (Posted 1//2020) DWR stocks over 10 million fish throughout Utah in 2019 to increase fishing opportunities (Posted 1/19/2020) Tournament Ice Fishing Seminar (Posted 1/12/2020) The Utah Fish Planner also provides the legal fishing rules approved by the Utah Wildlife Board. Community ponds are stocked every one to two weeks. You can click on a region in the map or on Dry fly fishing is consistent with most midge and mayfly hatches occurring midday. (04-19-19), The Willow Bottom reservoirs will open to fishing on April 20. It should reopen by Memorial Day. (04-19-19), The ice has deteriorated and currently the reservoir is open from the Dam up to Hideout Canyon, in Sheep Creek Bay, and also from Lucerne up to Brinegar's Ferry Crossing. (04-19-19), The pond was stocked this week with 10- to 11-inch rainbow trout. Includes the number, size, species, and water where stocked of all stocking done by the DWR this year. 2020 Utah Fishing Guidebook. When a hatch is not occurring, try nymphing using caddis larva (size #16-#18), sow bugs (size #16-#18), or pheasant tails (size #18-#20). (04-19-19), Fishing is good and anglers are catching 14- to 20-inch rainbow trout, 12- to 16-inch broodstock and 14- to 20-inch channel catfish. Try using PowerBait; a zebra midge; or a spinner tipped with a worm or an MVF drop shot rig. Here are this weeks fishing reports. You must use flies and lures only — bait is not allowed. (04-19-19), The pond was stocked this week with 11- to 12-inch rainbow trout, and was also recently stocked with 18- to 19-inch brood rainbow trout. Blubber and Upper Kanab creeks were recently treated with rotenone to remove non native fish. The pond will be refilled and the DWR will restock the pond with fish once everything is fixed. The road is clear over the dam all the way to the boat ramp. (03-08-19), Wrigley Springs Reservoir and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. Anglers are catching lots of cutthroat and rainbow trout. Try using a worm under a bobber; pink PowerBait or traditional lures and baits. (04-19-19), The last mile or so of road is still blocked by snow. With the extreme winter conditions these season, we have started to see low oxygen levels in the reservoir. Anglers recommend using white and green tube jigs, tipped with bait, in 15-20 feet of water. If you're fly-fishing, try using dry fly midges (size #16-#18), BWO (size #16-#18), or midge clusters (size #16-#18) trailering midge emergers (size #22-#24) or small dry flies (size #20-#24). Please go to https://www.usbr.gov/rsvrWater/rsv40Day.html?siteid=917&reservoirtype=Reservoir for current releases from Flaming Gorge Dam. The rainbow trout are biting on green, sparkly tube jigs. Troll with the lures off downriggers close to bottom; keep an eye on your sonar for suspended fish that may also be active at this time of year. Try using size 16-22 midge and BWO dries. Try using a night crawler, or lime green, garlic, or corn scented PowerBait.

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