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Cicero, an incurable optimist in politics, may have convinced himself of Octavian's sincerity. In confirmation of their sincerity, in the summer of 1895 the Doukhobors of the "Great Party," as they were called in distinction from the "Small Party," burnt all the arms which they, like other inhabitants of the Caucasus, had taken up for their protection from wild animals, and those who were in the army refused to continue service. Since ancient times, a sapphire has symbolized sincerity, truth, loyalty, and faithfulness. To the last it was uncertain whether a poem by Whittier would " turn out a sang," or " perhaps turn out a sermon "; if the latter, it had deep sincerity and was as close to his soul as the other. constancy in love, or sincerity in friendship? There is no reason to doubt his sincerity, but he was coarse and intemperate - Froude roundly calls him a foul-mouthed ruffian - without the wisdom of the serpent or the harmlessness of the dove. 207+8 sentence examples: 1. , Politicians hunting for votes promised constitutes the moon, but most voters doubted their sincerity. The traveler’s sincerity was questioned when he failed to declare funds to U.S. Customs agents. His intense practical-mindedness drew him away from religion, but drove him to a morality of his own (the " art of virtue," he called it), based on thirteen virtues each accompanied by a short precept; the virtues were Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility, the precept accompanying the last-named virtue being " Imitate Jesus and Socrates.". While deserving the praise of honesty, sincerity and independence, he is inferior to his predecessor in breadth of view on moral and political questions. The advice he offered, in all sincerity, was most prudent and sagacious, and might have been successfully carried out by a man of Bacon's tact and skill; but it was intensely one-sided, and exhibited a curious want of appreciation of what was even then beginning to be looked on as the true relation of king, parliament and people. If you're sincere in opening up your heart to her, that sincerity will shine through in those kind words that you read to her. phony the biggest phonies in the business, love sincerity. : Against his mining record, scepticism about the sincerity of Reid's renewable energy embrace is perhaps not unwarranted. p. 85; Schmolders, Documenta philosophiae Arabum (Bonn, 1836), and Essai sur les ecoles philosophiques chez les Arabes (Paris, 1842); Shahrastani, History of Religious and Philosophical Sects, in German translation by Haarbri cker (Halle, 1850-1851); Dieterici, Streit zwischen Mensch and Thier (Berlin, 1858), and his other translations of the Encyclopaedia of the Brothers of Sincerity (1861 to 1872); T. But while his enemies taunted him with having twice wrecked his party - first the Radical party under Mr Gladstone, and secondly the Unionist party under Mr Balfour - no well-informed critic doubted his sincerity, or failed to recognize that in leaving the cabinet and embarking on his fiscal campaign he showed real devotion to an idea. In all its varieties Burke's style is noble, earnest, deep-flowing, because his sentiment was lofty and fervid, and went with sincerity and ardent disciplined travail of judgment. He recognizes political economy and statistics as alike sciences, and represents the distinction between them as having never been made before him, though he quotes what Smith had said of political arithmetic. But his work is a monument of painstaking sincerity, and brings us into direct contact with the spirit of the period. Not only did pupils flock to Tosa from many quarters, attracted alike by the novelty of Itagaki's doctrines, by his eloquence and by his transparent sincerity, but also similar schools sprang up among the former vassals of other fiefs, who saw themselves excluded from the government. In an interview in 1654 the sincerity and enthusiasm of George Fox had greatly moved Cromwell and had convinced him of their freedom from dangerous political schemes. If you melodic, soulful someone who with power, The man, a walking cloud of testosterone, says this with utmost, But the most unsettling feature of such assessments is their, Lucia rivalled these cordialities with equal fervour and about as much, It was moving, getting this burst of heartfelt, I'm tonally stepping back from earnestness or, It's so funny to watch her eyefuck you from her chair, staring into your baby blue eyes with puppy dog, For all of his outward piety, Wesley sought to cultivate his inner holiness or at least his, This undermined confidence among unionists about the, A virtuous disposition without knowledge is susceptible to corruption, and virtuous action without, But his pretense to whalelore didn't even have an aficionado's, The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and, Massey's poetry has a certain rough and vigorous element of, Richard met Wat Tyler again the next day at Smithfield and reiterated that the demands would be met, but the rebel leader was not convinced of the king's, Dumbass This was the same night Rani was overhyping BA flight 326's preparations and I stopped taking any of it seriously and just revelled in the laughable, The Nova Scotia Methodist Minister noted young Fraser's, Nobody up here expects us to stay in this position, or even improve it, but the grudging praise thus far has the, And I need only add that I reaffirm what I have written with entire, A Russian imbues his polite things with a heartiness, both of phrase and expression, that compels belief in their, It was presently discoverable that this charm lay in the paladin's, But as you are about to stake your life on the issue, I cannot impugn your, But most of all is the degree of infectiousness of art increased by the degree of, She was shedding awkwardness without any loss of that subacid, It is a wonderwork of feeling and deep richness of harmony, of absolute, He is a man of initiative and push, and withal he is a man of, He is a possessor and advocate of wholeheartedness and, All burst into tears, and were convinced of the, Every figure was painted after nature with blunt and rigorous, He always hated affectation and toadyism and liked, But by that time we knew too well her distaste for manitoban methods to believe in the, And here we have the reverence of the trecento, with its rude handiwork redeemed by its ardent, Jack's first impulse was to discredit the, None the less, watching Kathryn, she could not in, The misanthropist Alceste is nobly fanatical on behalf of, Godliness in men is latent, invisible, unprovable as to the, The characters are non-moral reprobates who lie, rob, and drink with the most unaffected, The test of a civilized person is first self-awareness, and then depth after depth of, Could not you, compatibly with the immaculate, He has developed the astuteness of the devil, the open, It continued musically low, but there was in it the insistent note of, Miss Hempel has endeared herself to all through her lovely voice, her use of it, her charm of manner and the, There was neither vice nor wickedness in him, but only, Their behaviour on that point would be the acid test of, Aloysius grasped the hand, and shook his head in sad, The proposals were of a kind to suggest doubts as to Choiseul's, Crassus's freedman, I think, spoke without any real, This seems rather incredible now, but it is true enough, and absurd as it is, it at least attests my, And, like all fine arts, it must be based upon a broad, solid, The violences inflicted on the sentience of language by abstract thought, and on, She felt that her words lacked dignity and, This I felt as soon as I had put to her the question of her sense of the child's, Again, we have known you long, and can put the most entire confidence in your truth, candor, and, It puzzles me now to remember with what absurd, For the first time, he found himself believing in her, If there was one thing of which she was absolutely incapable, it was stealthiness, Her, Where else is there anything like it, for.

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