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Toys ***For the Brazilians, it´s a good way to practice for the Vestibular*** Level:intermediate Age: 14-17 Downloads:263: Level: The first thing that I ___ (have) was furniture. Actions Shopping Let's practice using modals about the past, but this time with 'perfect' modals. There is no certain information about it, he ____ be right. Hours Irregular verbs Question 19: You ________ help your poor friends. show up (verbal expression) – appear as expected or agreed, Julie Sevastopoulos (contact) — ESL / ELL / TEFL — English Grammar Reference / Resource – Practices & Exercises – Palo Alto, California USA —, fadime16 I need it to do some work. Word order, Business (To a stranger) ____ I have a look at your newspaper? You say: If you have an aquarium, you ____ give too much food to your fish. Find out below. played Save a little extra money for unexpected emergencies." He ________ be doctor, if he worked hard. It's a hospital. can He ________ speak many languages. Try to solve the pre-intermediate test below one by one to be sure you have fully understood all the grammar topics in this level. * Grammatical differences between formal and informal English are pointed out. This multiple choice questions with answers exercises grow grammar knowledge Online English Vocabulary Tests with Answers fro Free – English Vocabulary Tests for Beginner, Elementary, Advanced – Multiple Choice Questions with Answers, Elementary Vocabulary Tests – Easy Beginner Level English Vocabulary Tests for Starters, Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Tests Multiple Choice Questions With Answers – Online Exercises, Quizzes, Intermediate Vocabulary Tests Multiple Choice Questions With Answers – Online Exercises, Quizzes, Upper Level Vocabulary Tests – Difficult English Vocabulary Tests With Multiple Choice Questions, Advanced Vocabulary Tests – Advanced English Vocabulary Exercises, Online Quizzes, Everyday Vocabulary Tests – Daily English Vocabulary Exercises, Quizzes. must 8)      We mustcancouldshouldvisit our grandparents more often. To be (am,is, are) Object pronouns; Prepositions; Possessive Adjectives; Indefinite Articles (a/an) There is - There are; Some and Any; Singular - Plural Nouns; Telling The Time; determiners tests; Multiple Choice Quizzes. 2)      Studentsmustshouldshouldn'tcanleave the classroom before the ring bells. Question 30: The level of flood is rising; the villagers ________ vacate the village immediately. is typing typed, 5. His sister can _________ seventy words in a minute. must Question 39: Fill in the blank with modal auxiliary : Question 40: Had he tried, he ________ the match. I _________ carry these bags. World, Adjectives Question 38: Fill in the blank with proper form of verb: “Excuse me ! play, 3. English Writing Multiple-choice quiz on modals of deduction in the present and past. G4: Modals III - 'perfect' modals. Question 28: Choose an appropriate modal auxiliary for the following sentence. Question 33: I ________ to be an atheist but I believe in God. ________ you speak English?”. can Advanced English Grammar Tests includes challenging grammar test for those who are really good at English grammar. Before this year, I ____ (not) move out of my parents' house because I did not have a job. Downloadable worksheets: grammar test multiple choice Level: advanced Age: 14-17 Downloads: 214 : Multiple choice test elementary Level: elementary Age: 3-17 Downloads: 111 : Test for 10th grade. Time Multiple Choice Quizzes. Opposites My parents are happy for me, but warned, "You _____ spend all your money each month. Phrasal verbs My father also offered to help me move. 1)      Aynur shouldmustdoescandrink milk everday.She is very thin. can London Comparison Subject and verb Conjunctions Tests category includes free online quizzes on conjunctions tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. Future time are, 6. Gerunds and Infinitives 10)  You mustmustn'tshouldn'tcouldn'tdrive too fast in the city. Conditionals (If Clauses) Tests category includes free online quizzes on conditionals, if clauses type 0-1-2-3 and mixed conditionals tests consisting of multiple choice questions with answers. Every one ________ keep surrounding clean. Birthdays You have just eaten. Numbers 9)      You shouldn'tmustn'tcan'tcan.touch burning items. Try to solve all the tests one by one so that you can see whether you have completed intermediate English grammar topics or not.