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Above each of them are three dark dots in a column, with the biggest at the base. Since we only got to see 4/5 of Momoze's Hunters and 2/3 of her servants by that time, we can't say for certain which prince the marked characters initially belonged to. Gender Follow. They seem competent, Sakata reacted quickly when Barigen was dying, but they have no nen users. 1 year ago. [6], The Princes and Beyond partake in the opening ceremony, Zhang Lei participates in the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition and boards the ship, thinking he will win the Succession War while saluting the cheering crowd. Like the rest of his family, he resides in the 1st deck of the Black Whale 1. The employee's position is revealed in the notes. See all. After that, one of his men informs him about the Guardian Spirit Beasts. Zhang Lei inquires if where they are now is an appropriate place, as Coventoba, a soldier for Benjamin, and Slakka, a spy for Queen Duazul, each stand on either side of him. Togashi can take all the breaks he wants, I'd rather have him do that than become a sold out cliche writer like the other shitty mangakas , he actually respects what he does with his story Brandon Lee, Sep 1, 2017. Pick 9 characters that would accompany you in your journeys if you'd live in Hunter x Hunter's universe. He was sent to observe but decided against telling zhang lei he can use nen. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. The conflicted (but not yet conflictual) protest of Halkenburg, who although knows things can be better, he cannot find his own way out of the system (but becomes more deeply entrenched into it). [16], Like the rest of his siblings, Zhang Lei received an egg from which a Guardian Spirit Beast, a type of Nen beast, hatched to protect him. … Although complicated, this Nen Beast's ability lets it possess anyone and turn them to the host's side. The full powers of this Nen Beast are unknown, but it is known to be able to make drugs, as well as chemicals, which can have a wide range of effects on other people. 3 Comments. The second is strictly an offensive ability, however, the Nen Beast can only use it on those who are lying to Tserriednich. 14 Favourites. Although he does have a Nen beast, he has no control over it. Kurapika then states that the information he has may affect the outcome of the Succession War. But there is a downside to this ability as Momoze's stamina runs out quickly which results in Nen Beast becoming inactive. Loading editor. [4], According to Shimano, Zhang Lei is tolerant and generous enough to start a negotiation, implying that he is a diplomatic man. [4] He indeed treated Queen Oito and Kurapika with respect and courtesy, and declared that he is not participating in the contest because he wishes to. It's working procedure is rather complicated, however. Her Nen Beast is very cautious and it can only work when it has a partner. [2], Zhang Lei is a short,[3] bald man with squarish eyes and bags under them. HXH and CHX carried out the CTC test. 4 Favourites. imad-LP. Zhang Lei is a superior prince and as such has his own private army to draw forces from. Right now, the Princes that need their own page are Benjamin, Camilla, and Zhang Lei. Tyson's nen beast drains aura from her guards in exchange for happines, that's such a shitty ability even Izunavi can't protect her if his aura was drained. [5], Active/Alive •      Deceased •      Former/Arrested •      Status Unknown, Royalty  •  Personal Guards  •  Hunters  •  Provisional Hunters  •  Spies  •  Allies  •  Servants, Being one of the eldest princes, Zhang Lei possesses significant political influences and assets to help him win the throne. He is a man who possesses immense power and as expected of a ruler, he prefers to rule his kingdom with an iron fist. These effects haven't been unveiled just yet. [4], Arriving in Zhang Lei's room, he welcomes Kurapika and Queen Oito and offers them bottled water. Edited by EmperorRorepme … His Nen Beasts abilities have been revealed to us already and from what we know, it can grant power to those who have its crest. He promises to ask about for Zhang Lei's … MC reviewed and revised the manuscript. naruto 543 colo. imad-LP.

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