what to pack when moving to south korea

Published by on November 13, 2020

I think this this can be debated, but I personally think it’s a good idea. Stacking up books in the corner is just not the best use of that space. If you’re bringing a cell phone with you with a good camera, you can also take photos on your phone without having to bother bringing a separate camera. If your skin isn’t picky you can easily adopt a new skincare routine here. Occlusives are a type. I think its just a marketing scheme here… Anyways- this is a great list! If you have a 4-wheeled luggage, then you’ll have a slightly easier time. When I hopped on a plane over six months ago to move to Jeollanamdo I had three things: #1 was a checked bag of course and the other two I was able to bring on the plane(s) with me. You can expect Western stores to have a full range of sizes, just like they would at home. One popular place to order books no matter where you are in Korea is What The Book. Not only will this save you a trip to the hospital (Koreans go to the hospital for literally everything) but it can save any confusion as far as what you’re putting into your body once you’re here. Keep in mind that Korea has four seasons. 6. Even with minimalism in mind I still over packed when it came to clothing, mostly because I was afraid I had nothing to wear to work! I have never given toothpastes a thought. We also have a step-by-step structured online Korean course that will teach you how to have a 3 minute Korean conversation in the first 90 days. I’m talking jeans and t-shirts casual. Korea doesn’t cater to darker skin tones or sensitive skin. Pretty much all cleaning and kitchen supplies you can get here at reasonable prices. Are those from your travels? One thing to absolutely bring with you however, is a power converter/adapter. Not so much. For the rest of us who don’t have freakishly strong feet and ankles, you won’t be using them as much as you think – even on “girls’ night” you’ll be begging for a pair on ballet flats by the 3rd bar. I laugh at this because sometimes the skirt lengths of the school uniforms here would have gotten me sent home to change when I was in middle/high school. Tampons, however, are insanely marked up compared to a box in the U.S. After buying a couple months’ worth, ditch the boxes and store them in a ziplock bag to save room in your suitcase. You know what you can’t really get in Korea? I decided to write down a list to help you better organize your suitcases! Really the best bet is just to pack enough shoes and clothing to last the year. Moving into a new place can be overwhelming but moving into one on the other side of the world creates a whole new level of stress. While Koreans aren’t necessarily the smallest people, for some reason they prefer to use the tiniest towels of all time. I even learned a few new up-dos watching Youtube tutorials – anything to keep my hair off my neck. Not a huge deal, but mildly annoying. Receiving the news that you and your family are moving to South Korea may not be expected. We’ve all heard the jokes about how terrible airline food is. As you can see packing for Korea may be a bit different than the trips you’re used to taking, but it’s very manageable with a little bit of foresight. It’s even more thoughtful if the gift somehow represents you or where you’re from. Purchasing a bag of chips that is labeled “EXTRA SPICY?” I hate to break it to you, but you’re about to buy potato chips covered in powdered sugar. I usually bring pillowcases from home to outfit the new bed Love the design of your room btw! My skin sucks, I’ve got no problem admitting that, I’ve struggled with severe adult acne basically my entire adult life. They’re going to be sweet. If you are moving outside of Seoul, maybe bring some home staples (peanut butter, for example, is annoyingly expensive in Korea). Speaking of space, most living arrangements in Korea are quite small. Copies and originals of all your EPIK documents. 1. I find it a bit puzzling that so many travel suggestions for South Korea mention tampons, as there were tampons available in nearly every convenience store I checked when I visited Seoul in November 2014. You nailed all the ones that I would say as well, especially medicine, clothing (especially shoes that fit), toothpaste, and snacks from home. Tell us in a comment below! She literally clapped her hands and giggled when I gave her the present. Mugwort or, Artemisia (sometimes labeled as this), is the current “it” skincare ingredient coming out of South Korea. If you have a massive wardrobe that spans all four seasons I would urge you to reconsider bringing the whole thing. TEFL Courses. Outside of Seoul you’ll have a bit more difficultly, but you’ll still be fine. Korea can get fairly warm in the summer (30 °C | 86 °F), so pack some light gear if you’re coming between June and August. If you use sanitary pads, it’s not necessary to pack a year’s supply because they’re abundant and cheap in Korea. Don’t get me wrong, Korean snacks are great, but this American gal’s palette needs an unhealthy amount of salt from time to time. In this section, we’ll cover what you may want to consider bringing, either for travel or for living. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Obviously, pack this only if it’s your preferred weapon of choice. I have many friends who flock to the H&M in Gwangju (including me) to purchase clothes because they carry a wider range of sizes. It’s probably not the best use of your luggage space to bring a set of queen size sheets with you. 4. Because they’re important. Cheese lovers, don’t get your hopes up. (FYI: Alcohol is fine to gift in Korea. DON’T pack a ton of low-cut and/or sleeveless dresses or tops. Keep in mind you may need a Korean to help you order depending on where you are staying, what you are ordering, and your payment method. *Though maybe one “nice” outfit is good to have on hand for special occasions. You can order many popular brands off Amazon; I personally prefer more natural deodorants and have ordered many of them off iHerb. It’s not impossible to find larger sizes just a little more tricky. Don’t concern yourself with bringing tons of snacks you might not be able to find (ask for those in care packages around holidays, or order them online), or mountains of winter clothes that take up space. Koreans on average are physically smaller than people of most other countries, so not all sizes can be found. You’ll be walking insane amounts during orientation to get to classes, your dorm room, and the dining hall. If you have a love for makeup, then you’ll be thrilled to find out that Korea is one of the cosmetic capitals of the world – there’s always a new and exciting purchase to be made. Fall, however, is delightful and seems to be the common favorite season. This makes life a whole lot easier for ordering clothing and shoes you need. Also, they have no qualms especially in public lockers because of their culture. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Ladies, are you bigger than a size 8US shoe? I wish I had it before I moved out here! How to Lose Weight Abroad: Thank you, Blogilates, 25 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Auckland, I Fell in Love with 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay, Eco-friendly Gifts for The Traveler in Your …. In case your orientation site can’t use their air conditioning 24/7, which happens more often than you might think. And to learn more about certain things I gave up as a girly girl to move to Korea, read my article The 6 Things A Girly Girl Gave Up To Travel. The 6 Things A Girly Girl Gave Up To Travel. This one is for the ladies! I think a lot of people view their move like this: I am moving to another country. My mom would always send me some candy or some Peeps (I freakin’ love Peeps) around the holidays… which kind of falls under comforts of home as well as snacks. You can message Ask Ajumma on their site or via Kakao, and you can order just about anything from there. Online shopping is huge in Korea, and you might soon find yourself becoming an avid online-shopper despite possibly having never done it before. If not, bring a few tubes from home that will last you at least one year. If a purchase is made by following one of these links we receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you. And I always bring personal effects from home whenever I’m in a new place, it really helps me to settle in. You also don’t need very event specific clothes, or anything overly sexy (even shoulders are seen as taboo in Korea). If your skin is a lighter tone or you are striving to achieve perfectly porcelain skin like many Korean locals, it shouldn’t be an issue. As far as toiletries go, Korea is very reliable when it comes to accessibility of toiletries – if you need it, they’ll have it. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

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