watermelon plant drawing

Published by on November 13, 2020

[5] In China, the seeds are eaten at Chinese New Year celebrations. [12] It was reassigned to the genus Citrullus in 1916 by Japanese botanists Jinzō Matsumura and Takenoshin Nakai. The 'Orangeglo' has a very sweet orange flesh, and is a large, oblong fruit weighing 9–14 kg (20–31 lb). Illustration, Watermelon, radish, carrots, potatoes. Watermelons were rapidly accepted in Hawaii and other Pacific islands when they were introduced there by explorers such as Captain James Cook. Begin by drawing a circle to outline the shape of the watermelon. Gentes Herbarum 2: 175–186. Watermelons are plants grown in climates from tropical to temperate, needing temperatures higher than about 25 °C (77 °F) to thrive. Watermelon plant with fruits, flowers, green leaves isolated on white background Set of 4 Modern UI Icons Symbols Signs for watermelon, mouse, aloe plant, succulent plant, shopping. [52], Citrullis lanatus, variety caffer, grows wild in the Kalahari Desert, where it is known as tsamma. Erase guide lines as necessary. of 551. watermelon growing watermelon botanical watermelon vine development on the plant watermelon cultivation water melon plants watermelon field watermelon vines flower watermelon water melon plant. Matsum. [5], Watermelon fruit is 91% water, contains 6% sugars, and is low in fat (table). [4], The US Department of Agriculture recommends using at least one beehive per acre (4,000 m2 per hive) for pollination of conventional, seeded varieties for commercial plantings. Single plant icon from the big farm, garden, Pear watermelon melon plum pumpkin plant bakhcha. Vector infographics. [15], Evidence of the cultivation of both C. lanatus and C. colocynthis in the Nile Valley has been found from the second millennium BC onward, and seeds of both species have been found at Twelfth Dynasty sites and in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. C. naudinianus (Sond.) Stock Vector Icon Pack of 4 Line Signs and Symbols for, Silhouette of watermelon plant with fruits and green leaves on white background. It is commonly consumed as a juice or as an ingredient in mixed beverages. Most watermelons take 80 to 90 days to mature, although there are short-season varieties are ready to harvest about 70 days after the seedlings sprout. Set of cucurbitaceae plants growth, Sequence of a watermelon plant growing isolated on white. Watermelon icon monochrome. The white to yellow flowers grow singly in the leaf axils and the corolla is white or yellow inside and greenish-yellow on the outside. These are self-sterile hybrids. Perfect for you design. Single plant icon from the big farm, garden, agriculture cartoon. [11] The bitter wooly melon was formally described by Carl Peter Thunberg in 1794 and given the name Momordica lanata. [22] Some varieties often grown in Japan and other parts of the Far East are susceptible to fusarium wilt. In 2017, China produced about two-thirds of the world total of watermelons. Growth stages. Several diseases can be a problem, including fusarium wilt, anthracnose, alternaria leaf spot, and gummy stem blight. [13], The watermelon is a flowering plant that originated in Africa, though there is conflicting research about whether its source is West Africa[14] or Northeast Africa. In this environment, uncut melons will keep for up to two weeks. If your soil is lacking in organic matter, add a slow-release organic fertilizer at the start of the season. 2017. Their roots are relatively deep and they can withstand short dry periods. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Best and Worst Companion Plants for Watermelon, 9 Best Fruit Plants to Grow in Your Garden, How to Grow and Care for Sweet Cherry Trees, 8 Best Types of Squash for Beginners to to Grow, Cucamelon (Mexican Sour Gherkin) Plant Profile, How to Grow Organic Sweet Potatoes in Your Garden. They bloom with yellow flowers in mid- to late-summer. Sequence of a watermelon plant growing isolated on white, beautiful illustration, Watermelon plant. It is cultivated for cattle feed.[2].

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