tone city sweet cream clone

Published by on November 13, 2020

I put it up there with the Emerson Paramount Drive and VFE Blues King in terms of tone, it's killer on it's own or stacked with the Bad Horse. There are a lot of great pedals out there manufactured by some of the well known manufacturers. Tone City provides micro effect pedals that is of high quality and low price. Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive Pedal (Sweet Honey style) The Sweet Cream Overdrive is based around the gorgeous tones of the Mad Professor Honey Overdrive Pedal. I've recently put together a full pedalboard of these Tone City pedals and a few prominent players where I live are now using the Tone City Sweet Cream as their "off-clean" tone. Ratings. The Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive pedal as the name suggests is a sweet and smooth amp like drive that works wonderfully for low gain crunch or stacked with another drive pedal. Here’s a list of what those pedals are based on: ... Sweet Cream: Overdrive: Mad Professor Honey Overdrive: Tape Machine: Delay: Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay: Tiny Spring: Reverb: n/a: Tremble: Tremolo: n/a: Wild Fire: Distortion: Suhr Riot: Working wonderfully for adding low-gain grit to a clean signal, the Sweet Cream also stacks well with other drive pedals to achieve huge, rich distorted tones. more. If you like your drives bright with an off clean like tonality this pedal is really worth checking out. Some of them can be relatively expensive which means there's a big market for guitar pedal clones. This can be done legally because very few circuits are actually patented, and only brand names / designs can be copyrighted. The Tone City Sweet Cream covers the low gain range, but the Touch Pot is not the usual tone control, it can be used to control the tone timbre as well as the dynamics. Tone City pedal clone list. 5 stars (17) 4 stars (4) 3 stars (0) 2 stars (0) 1 stars (0) Average customer rating: (21 Ratings) 4.8 … These small pedals are built like a brick and have tone … The Tone City Sweet Cream Overdrive pedal, as the name suggests, is a smooth-sounding overdrive with an amp-like response. Simple but Versatile. It has three simple controls and offers that simple bite that brings out the sting . less. put the sweet cream in front of the Golden Plexi and it will act as a boost when both are on if you wanted a more flexible pedal than the Plexi, the Mandragora is very good, but i would look at the Dry Martini. I want the Tone City M "marshall" The Tone City minis: Wild Fire Distortion – Suhr Riot; Golden Plexi – Carl Martin Plexi Tone (which is based off of a Marshall Style Amp) Tape Machine – Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay Pedal; Dry Martini Overdrive – Fulltone OCD; Sweet Cream Overdrive – Mad Professor Honey Overdrive if you are going for the Sweet Cream as a low gain box, i would avoid getting the All Spark completely.

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