local government act 1997 lesotho

Published by on November 13, 2020

7. (2) The seat of a member of a district tender board shall fall vacant. I declare that the above-named candidates have been duly elected in accordance with the Local Governments Act, and rules and regulations made under it. collect and account for the local government’s revenue; Councillors not to hold two political offices, etc. one councillor representing each parish or part of a parish in the municipality; two councillors with disabilities representing persons with disabilities in the municipality; two youth councillors representing the youth in the municipality, one of whom shall be a female youth; and, (4) A municipal division council shall consist of—. The district council shall prepare a comprehensive and integrated development plan incorporating plans of lower level local governments for submission to the National Planning Authority, and lower level local governments shall prepare plans incorporating plans of lower councils in their respective areas of jurisdiction. 141. Where the question proposed is a vote of no confidence or is the removal of a person from office, or any other matter when the council so decides, voting shall be by secret ballot. A local government council may invest monies of the council in a manner that must be approved by a resolution of the council, upon proof that the investment is made in a secure and sound institution of high repute as may be confirmed by the central bank. Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy with two spheres of government: central and local. (2) There shall be the following ex officio members—. For the purpose of enabling any document to be served on the owner of any premises, the council may require the occupier of the premises to state the name and address of the owner. The town clerk of an urban council shall be responsible and. If some reasonable time elapses after the nomination of a candidate for any office and there is only one candidate nominated for the office, the presiding officer shall declare the candidate elected in that office unopposed. (2) The clerk to the council shall be at the rank of or above assistant chief administrative officer. The Minister may, by statutory instrument, make regulations for better carrying into effect the provisions of this Act. The provision of agricultural ancillary field services. that the contract, proposed contract or other matter was the subject of consideration at any meeting. During an election and while the polls are open, every returning officer and presiding officer is a keeper of the peace and has all the powers of a justice of the peace to maintain law and order at the polling station, and he or she may—. I make this solemn declaration knowing and believing it to be true. Nothing in this section confers on the court when hearing an election petition, power to convict a person for a criminal offence. The presiding officer shall accept as many nominations as are properly nominated and seconded. (1) There shall be a clerk to the council for every district who shall be appointed by the district service commission. Functions and services to be devolved by a district council to lower local government councils. If no person gets more than 50 percent of the votes cast, the elections shall be repeated between the first two persons getting the highest votes until one of them gets over 50 percent of the votes. (So help me God. at the county and parish level convene and preside at all meetings of the county or parish council; and in the absence of the chairperson, the vice chairperson shall perform those functions; at the village level— (i) be the political head; (ii) preside at meetings of the council; (iii) monitor the general administration of the area under his or. Notwithstanding subsection (1), an employee whose services are terminated by the council contrary to the terms and conditions of service, or contrary to the ruling of the Public Service Commission as provided for in section 59(3), shall be entitled to the following benefits—. a member dies; or to enter and inspect the premises or property of any council or local government as may be relevant to inspection; to inspect books of accounts, records, stores and any other documents and require any person to produce any documents or item connected with the inspection and where necessary retain any document or item connected with the case being investigated; to look into any matter on his or her own initiative or upon complaint made to him or her by any member of the public, whether or not that person has personally suffered any injustice by reason of that matter.

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