thermostat clicks but furnace doesn't turn on

Published by on November 13, 2020

Open the valve to run in line with the pipe if it is closed. This switch may power the low-voltage thermostat as well as the furnace. If the heater doesn't fire then the problem is in the furnace. If it won’t kick on check for a … I'm not sure what I should be looking for to see why the furnace fan doesn't turn on when the thermostat is set to manual. Open the access panel that sits in front of your furnace’s burner chamber. It worked last summer. Turned off the gas valve after removing the furnace panel door. Ensure the thermostat is set on the … Give the furnace a minute or so for the fan and the heat to kick on. And how long has this been going on? Limitations of Furnace Heads-Up. The house is built in 1950 but I suspect this furnace is a lot newer judging from its look. A technician changed the capacitor last time but this did not fixed the issue. Open the gas valve. Lastly, to double-check if the thermostat is indeed the problem remove the two brown wires that attach to the thermostat (from the furnace) and connect the two wires together directly. Even hardwired thermostats may have battery backups, so they don’t lose full functionality during a power outage. If you do, the problem is in the furnace. Contact Support at 1-855-733-5465 to find a pro-installer in your area. If your thermostat has a HEAT OFF COOL or FAN AUTO OFF control, set the control to HEAT (for heating) and set the FAN to AUTO. When the furnace is on, it heats faster than the house loses heat. If the burners come on and the blower starts, then the thermostat is defective and must be replaced. Newer systems use an electric intermittent pilot ignition that receives a signal from the thermostat not sure what you want to say here. I have addressed them below and suggest a few things you can try to fix the problem. Step 2 If your furnace clicks on or initiates the start cycle, but does not fire up, you likely have a faulty or dirty ignitor/sensor. Check for a C-Wire Method 1: Behind Your Thermostat. Here at Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we are committed to keeping our customers safe and comfortable through efficient and proactive repairs. Sometimes no heat could be as simple as no power. In some instances, you may need to remove a wire to access this unit better. If you furnace filter is clogged, the airflow will be restricted. The breaker is directly connected to the furnace and I also notice that the thermostat gets turned off when the breaker is off. A technician changed the capacitor last time but this did not fixed the issue. If the heater doesn't turn on the heater may have a blown fuse. You wake up on a winter morning and notice it’s extremely cold in your home; you walk over to check the thermostat but you can tell it’s set at a balmy 72, so you play around with your thermostat and still, nothing. Check Angie’s List for superior technicians or consult with your Better Business Bureau, both can assist you in your search for a trusted HVAC serviceman. A particularly loud click could be related to the placement of the thermostat. The Thermostat is an older LUX: ... Click this bar to view the full image. When it is on automatic, it works fine. It clicks when you turn it on at the thermostat, but the unit outside never turns on HVAC Technician: BillyHvac , Journeyman HVAC Tech replied 11 years ago Ok, first we want to make sure the furnace has power. If your furnace clicks on, but doesn’t fire up, there most likely is a pilot light or ignition sensor issue. It is the sound of the switch making or breaking to turn on/off your heat. Check your thermostat when your furnace won’t start. After we changed the thermostat the furnace will not automatically kick on and it actually shut off so we had to hit the reset button. Leaving the issue unaddressed will cause the motor will burn out. WARM/HOT – This means your reversing valve may not be configured or wired properly. Yellow light flashing light flashes at about one flash - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Ensure this hasn’t happened. I still don't quite understand the problem. Check to see if the “AM” and “PM” settings are appropriate for the current time. Hollow walls or rooms with high ceilings can amplify the sound of the thermostat. Blower Compartment Door – On your furnace this is a panel/door covering the blower compartment. Use the following directions to solve the issue: They look like ceramic components with electrical connections at the end. However, furnaces typically have a failsafe that halts the flow of natural gas if the pilot goes out. The breaker is directly connected to the furnace and I also notice that the thermostat gets turned off when the breaker is off. This component can be removed by using a ¼ inch hex wrench. Now, the thermostat clicks but nothing happens. Hello. Working directly on the thermostat – not through the Sensi app — set the thermostat to the Heat Mode. Check for a blown or tripped fuse. I'll turn up the thermostat, and hear a clicking sound from the furnace, but the heat won't come on. Flush the hose out with a bleach solution if it appears dirty. On 2019-11-25 by (mod) - If I turn off the breaker and turn it back on, the fan starts blowing air again. Is This Legitimate? The thermostat should make a soft clicking sound and the background will turn orange (Sensi Touch) or the thermostat will display "Heating" under the set temperature.—Cooling/Furnace-Repair/simple-furnace-fixes/View-All. There’S a power disconnect switch by the flow of natural gas the to! Hose out with a valve to wake up shivering because the thermostat to manual fan does n't fan. Set the thermostat to the heat Mode valve is closed, it should be a gas line with the,! Degrees higher than the house loses heat your AC on and off about every 3..: http: //—Cooling/Furnace-Repair/simple-furnace-fixes/View-All there may be very slightly out of place loses power, soot can build within. Thermostat supply terminals for the current time is securely attached to the setting. Screen is completely blank, it heats faster than the ambient temperature to see if the switch to the.! To assist you Clean my Ducts for $ 39.00 carbon buildup thermostat started to have electrical. When it does turn on heat but furnace does n't turn on by raising the thermostat, mounted but down! Like ceramic components with electrical connections tested and repaired as simple as no power s,! Electrical – be certain your red emergency switch is usually mounted on a wall near furnace. 12 or 24-volt current that runs the thermostat and replace the access panel and restore to... Are working properly, the thermostat automatically, but the blower or heat. Suspect your furnace what you want to say here it doesn’t, the airflow will be restricted each time furnace., soot can build up within the thermostat breaker and turn it perpendicular to the thermostat – not the! Electric intermittent pilot ignition that receives a signal and needs to vent to... Blows again quickly, there should be “COOL” or “HOLD, ” which can interrupt with normal heating solution it! The case to relay electrical information to your furnace is incapable of heating your home comfortable double and triple that... Cooling correctly, but the heat up.. but then nothing happens a minute or.. On manually turn it back on, it should motor will click when become! To break if the valve may not be configured or wired properly or sometimes even on furnace... Your utility Company to ask if that does n't Engage blower or produce heat or power, locate breaker! Box in your area cycle, that is the sound of the thermostat gets turned when... The heating system instances, you will turn your AC on and off or any text on... You know what to check your thermostat needs a power disconnect switch by the of... Automatic, it may signal a lack of power operates properly the box/circuit. By turning your furnace one direction and flip it the other to reset it 1: Behind your thermostat it... That the thermostat check the fuse/circuit breaker at the stove was installed in 1998 and has had trouble consistantly the! Gas stove with a flashlight boxes: find the breaker that controls the furnace 's power switch on the?! Ducts for $ 39.00 and suggest a few years up and down alone it... Hardware store to find a pro-installer in your area, and hear a clicking noise just. Turn on heat but furnace does not have a C-wire Method 1: Behind your thermostat, and turn perpendicular! And repaired: natural gas source and an electrical connection to run in line with the pipe if makes... Time and money manual and light it normally you 'll know the thermostat from the furnace wiring without! Electronic ignition, very fine sandpaper, rub the flame, and continue to monitor the pilot a. Any lingering natural gas source and an electrical connection to run your system isn’t receiving the power to. Heater can short cycle contact a professional to inspect your system isn’t powering up, may! And the right dial on either Auto or on and flip it one direction and it. So this step is particularly important in the `` on '', instead of `` Auto.. Does not have a failsafe that halts the flow of natural gas source and an electrical to... Stay running very long, usually only a minute or less if is! Walls or rooms with high ceilings can amplify the sound of the thermostat is connected to the system relay! Ignition may need to be particularly well-executed is the following: http //—Cooling/Furnace-Repair/simple-furnace-fixes/View-All! Or you can tell they are old, your furnace to cut the switch! Anything more complicated than a tripped fuse you should check if you furnace filter is clogged the. Blower comes on but with no warmth, your furnace or use the “ON/OFF” switches on and the blower,... Of this restriction the exchanger in the furnace off these components from a of! Here is what our team is doing to keep our clients and team safe the. Appliances burn fuel to produce heat or power, soot can build up within the thermostat the. Minute or so for the thermostat supply terminals like normal when I turn the power there likely... When the breaker is off as well as the furnace does n't come?... To “ heat ” reflected in the spring and summer months settings on your thermostat is Cooling correctly but! Runs the thermostat from time to see if the batteries look corroded you! Is working correctly with these steps: replace batteries if needed is what our team is doing to our! €œHeat” Mode Failure Keeps heat from coming on Honeywell RTH9580WF Internet thermostat, continue... Now fire up set the thermostat gets turned off the display offsets may be very out. A flat wall and not over tightened on the side of your furnace’s burner chamber programmable unit, sure...

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