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On the stroll back to the apartment, she brings up to Neal the matter of coming back to Storybrooke with them. Emma wants to take Henry home, but Graham interrupts to show them John Doe's bloody hospital bracelet. Emma, touched by her mother's sentiments, embraces her in a hug before she is phoned by Regina. Emma then explains her plan to have Merida make a coward brave. Rent is falling in Los Angeles. Back in the present, the Snow Queen has mostly done what she came to do, and now she needs Rumpel’s help to finish up. Charming is hesitant until Hook tells him he needs to get back to his wife. With her being dead, the curse is lifted and Rumple is reunited with a more sane version of Belle. ("Bleeding Through"), Meeting at the inn, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Regina strategize on how to break the new curse. At work, Emma, bored, throws darts at a board when Regina enters. With the Dragon's help, Emma and the others are able to see their families in the other realm, but unable to open a portal. With the genie lamp, the Queen uses a wish to grant Emma's wish of having never been the Savior. He leaves and promises to buy her a drink in the future. . Drawing from her own experience, Elsa argues that having the support of loved ones is not enough, and for Emma to truly be happy, she must embrace the good and bad that comes with her own magic. His grip on her loosens, to which she traps the giant in his own enclosure. He’ll do it, but as usual, magic comes with a price. 19 hours ago, by Kelsie Gibson Not long after, Cleo collapses, having been stabbed by a piece of broken glass earlier. After Liam mentions he doesn't know what his own unfinished business is, Hook assumes Hades is keeping him from moving on, so they have to defeat Hades for good. Shoutout to Henry for that! Lastly, Emma urges him to take the potion, which he does as he shoves her away, allowing the blonde to be swept into the portal. Even when shown footprints collaborating with a scuffle, Emma is hesitant to readily accept it means Neal was at their camp. ("Leaving Storybrooke"), Later, Emma watches as Henry and Hook spar on the Jolly Roger. Miraculously, the necklace grants her wish; bringing Anna and Kristoff to the shoreline. She then shows him the ring she found and becomes momentarily dismayed when Hook looks upset at her, though Killian assures her he is not. Ingrid gives her two pints of cherry vanilla as well a spoonful of rocky road. Emma drops the sword off at home before sneaking into the diner to leave a farewell note to her family. I'm fighting for the people I love. Again, Hook makes a good guess that the drawings were just a way for the boys on the island to pass time, making Emma realize he knew Neal, when he was Baelfire, pretty well. Emma, discovering Elsa is gone, searches and runs into Regina, who is tracking the Snow Queen. The next day, at the diner, she introduces Henry to Mary Margaret as the two women settle for the lie that they were cellmates while incarcerated in Phoenix. While there, Hook pulls out a urn, from a cabinet, which Emma chides him for touching as it might be dangerous. Even with this, Emma surrenders and offer her the key to the kingdom. She watches as Mr. Gold and Neal finally reconcile. PS…I would’ve been happy if Captain Swan were shown with a baby, but who knows? ("The Evil Queen"), Emma, David, and Mary Margaret investigate Regina's office after discovery of the destruction of the bean fields. That night, Mary Margaret helps Emma get ready for the ball, and prior to the celebration, the two women walk out to an awaiting crowd of guests as their names are formally announced. Hook's shadow flies in to deliver a broken wand to Emma, who realizes Hook is in danger after she sees the shadow drop Killian's hook. . When they expose her greed at the town meeting, Regina reveals her "house" is actually a modern playground for Henry and for all the children of Storybrooke. Emma insists she didn't have a choice, though Regina recalls Emma has said many times there is always a choice. Emma moves to speak up, but Regina claims the title in her place, not wanting Emma's cover to be blown. Excusing herself and her friend to the kitchen, Emma then sees news footage of Lily robbing a store. Due to his insistence, she allows him to plan their outing. Emma confirms she was, due to being in love, but disappointingly, as usual, the guy of her dreams had secrets and broke her heart. Emma goes into the alley to investigate and finds a battered up and alive Kathryn. All good heroes need armor, and for Emma, it's her red leather jacket. Her use of dark magic forces her physical looks to change; making her hair a bleached blonde color, her lips a deathly red, and even swapping out her gown for a leathery garb. At the mansion, Emma makes Henry stand on guard duty, much to his displeasure. Despite that Regina says she loves Henry, Emma is not convinced. During a one-on-one fight between the two brothers, David tries to calm down James by insisting he wants to help him move on. The grown-up Gideon, actually the cloaked figure in her vision, disarms Emma in a duel, with her arriving friends and family being frozen by Gideon.

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