ozone layer depletion essay

Published by on November 13, 2020

If the ozone layer is depleted by human action, the effects on the planet could be catastrophic. The most common halogen gas that damages ozone is chloro-fluoro carbon, also known as CFC. Some amount of ozone is also found in the lower atmosphere (troposphere). The ozone layer protects humans, animals, and plants from harmful ultraviolet rays. Cataract arises in the eyes due to u-v rays and if not treated in time, a person may become blind. At the same time this destroyed by various reactions with other components in … custom paper from our expert writers, Essay on Ozone Layer Depletion. Ozone depletion, gradual thinning of Earth’s ozone layer caused by the release of chemical compounds containing gaseous chlorine or bromine from industry and other human activities. Each million air molecules contain less than ten ozone molecules. Also, the main reason for the thinning of the ozone layer is that there is so much damage to the ozone layer at the southern and north pole of the Earth that there are holes in it. world that all humans, no matter where or how they live depend on, water and air. Its cause and solution is a very complex and serious matter. Scientists concluded from this that some element is absorbing the necessary ultraviolet rays, creating a black area in the spectrum and no radiation is visible in the ultraviolet portion. Although the ozone layer is a thin layer in the atmosphere, it is still of great importance to us, as it absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun and does not allow it to reach the Earth’s surface. It blocks the harmful ultra-violet rays of the Sun in the upper atmosphere, does not allow them to reach the surface of the Earth. After reaching the ozone layer, atoms of chlorine and bromine are separated from their compounds by the effect of ultraviolet rays, and become free radicals; one atom of chlorine and bromine can destroy one million atoms of ozone, nitrous oxide. Ultraviolet rays reduce the immunity of humans, due to which they can become the victim of many infectious diseases. The Effects of Ozone Depletion Essay 1265 Words6 Pages The ozone layer is a deep layer in the Earth’s stratosphere that has an altitude of about 6.2 miles and contains a high concentration of ozone molecules. Both are essential for life but air also protects all of us and it is therefore understandable that the response to the depletion of the ozone layer became international. Ozone is a hot, slightly bluish gas. Ozone is a natural trace component of the atmosphere. The troposphere layer is where a lot of human activity occurs, such as planes and mountain climbing. Ozone is an atmospheric gas or a type of oxygen. At an altitude of about 50 kilometers from the surface, the atmosphere is composed of layers of oxygen, helium, ozone, and hydrogen gases, with the ozone layer acting as a protective shield for the Earth as this ozone layer is protected from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun on Earth. When these scientists looked at the spectrum of light coming from the Sun, they found that it had some dark areas. This essay will look at what the ozone layer is, why it was depleting, how the international response to this situation developed and what this collaboration means for our future. on. Beder (unknown) stress the ozone layer is being broken down by chlorine atoms from CFC molecules and bromine atoms from halons. In this conference, it was decided to limit the production and use of ozone-depleting substances such as chloro-fluoro-carbon (CFC). Ozone Layer Depletion Essay – 1 (200 Words) Ozone is a gas made up of combining three atoms of Oxygen and is present in the stratosphere as a thin sheet around the earth’s atmosphere. In the form of heat, light from Atmospheric ozone layer depletion is a serious problem currently facing the world. The ozone layer has been found to be affected when certain natural occurrences happen like stratospheric winds and Sun-spots. Human activities have increased the amount of gases in the atmosphere due to ignorance that are destroying the life-saving ozone layer on Earth. The ozone layer serves as an umbrella or protective shield of the troposphere and saves the Earth’s surface from most of the ultra violet solar radiation by absorbing the ultra violet rays.

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