miniature cows for sale in arkansas

Published by on November 13, 2020

Proudly created with Miniature cows are very docile and easy to handle. Sandy Hills Farm by Julie and Robert Sandstrom in Huntsville, Arkansas specializes in breeding miniature herefords for beef and cattle show competitions. More. 2018 Daughter measures only 30″. Pasture bred to 34″ Miniature Jersey Bull. We knew we wanted livestock, just not sure what type of livestock we wanted. They are cud-chewing animals. Only 100 Foundation Miniature Jersey Cows in the world! Light red with speckling. ABOUT US.. Parents on premises. They needed to be docile, easy keeping, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. They require 1/3 the nutrition of an average full size cow. Welcome to our “Little Feet Pastures”. Tiny Baby Bull Calf. No pressure sales, just take a look, lets have some coffee and some lunch. TINY 2018 two year old Neutered Bull/Steer. Jade measured in at 43" at age 3 and was a +1 on the official chart for miniature cattle. If you need transportation, we can arrange ground transport within the US and Canada. CONTACT US. Hand raised and very gentle. I had many years of experience working with many different breeds of beef cattle. We looked at several different breeds and cross breeds of miniature cattle. Miniature Cows are great tax write-offs for the small acreage farmer. They make great family pets and are easy to care for. "-BREEDER OF BABYDOLL SHOUTHDOWN SHEEP & MINIATURE SCOTTISH HIGHLAND CATTLE-", Providing the best for you and your family,, Australian Kyrhet Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Miniature Angus, American and Australian Lowline Society and Registry, Dexter Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Durham/Shorthorn Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Hereford Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Highland Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, White Dexter™ Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Zebu Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Texas Longhorn Miniature Cattle Society and Registry. halter broke. Smaller cattle are 25% more efficient in terms of feed conversion than their larger counterparts and therefore eat much less. They need time to grow and play with other weanlings, receive discipline from their mothers, and time to change their diet gradually to eliminate the desire for mother’s milk. Our livestock is current on vaccinations, dental checkups, hoof care, and worming. Call to get current information and pictures. We settled on Miniature Herefords. Fancy little deal if someone is looking to get in the business. Secondly in choosing a mini versus a large cow, you can put two minis' per acre versus one large cow per acre which allows for smaller farms to have a small herd of minis' on a small tract of land. My original cows came bred to me so in the Spring of 2016, my little herd became 10. They are the perfect animal for self sufficient small acreage enthusiasts desiring a hardy, extremely efficient , adaptable meat source or the hobby farmer looking for gentle easy handling stock  to raise for 4-H, FFA, or as a family pet. Having worked with cattle while in high school I knew that was something that I wanted to get back to. Miniature cattle come closer to a families needs than large commercial cows. Getting on a waiting list is one of the only ways to truly acquire one of these incredible animals . 3. All miniatures come with Tanglewood Farm health papers showing up to date vaccinations, deworming schedule, and hoof trimming schedule. "We specialize in Dexter miniature cattle". Feel free to reach us at 815-953-9343 or leave us a message here. More. Hickory Creek is located in the ozark foothills originating from Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas. Welcome to … Comments and suggestion are welcome. Finally, when we stopped moving with the job and raised our kids to the point where they didn't think we were needed ( both in college) except for finiancial support, we started our own farm. Mini cows will mow your small pastures, produce fertilizer, and are easily contained with a simple hot-wire. During our search we came across miniature cattle, which we did not even know existed. Not only are miniature cows very practical for milk and beef supply, their small size, hardy constitution, gentle nature and rarity make them ideal for any exotic investor, backyard hobbyist or farmer.

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