how to sweeten cocoa butter

Published by on November 13, 2020

When the oils are fully liquid, add vitamin E and stir for a few seconds. Cover your container (to avoid condensation), Cool it off in the freezer for about 20-25 minutes, until it’s half-solid again (press your finger to test – it should leave a mark easily – then it’s perfect!). Now that you have made your own homemade body butter, lather it on as much as you want! Many cocoa butter lotions on the market are made with chemicals that sit directly on the top layer of your skin, providing you with short-term superficial relief but not targeting the actual problem of dry skin. That’s where DIY cocoa butter lotions, body balms, and creams come in. Your email address will not be published. For getting the perfect glossy finish and hard snap, start melting the chocolate at the highest temperature, for example, 45C and start cooling it down slowly. “Tempering”  is the process by which the composition of the fats in cocoa butter is changed to a stable solid that can give the chocolate a shiny or glossy look and provides a hard when it is eaten or broken into parts. Easiest Method Ever, Can you Freeze Coffee Creamer – know the Unknown Facts About Creamer, Does Cream Cheese Go Bad? The latter will provide a thicker consistency than shea butter. I thought I’d try it out. Melt together the wax and the oils in a bain-marie or a double boiler. Does Green Tea Expire? Hello, I am Ivanica. Especially during tougher periods for your skin, such as winter cold air or the natural ageing process, you can’t give it enough support to stay supple and looking young. hydrating properties extend past just the first layer of your skin. Many people find the whole process tiresome and messy to follow. By slathering your skin with cocoa butter lotion, you’re not only helping keep stretch marks at bay and diminishing scars and wrinkles, but you’re also protecting yourself against the major disease! I check the quality of chocolate used in dairies and factories. If you’ve been wanting to use more natural, chemical-free products on your skin, this recipe will get you there! And here are some more aromatherapy supplies you may appreciate for your at-home DIY projects! With literally three ingredients you can make yourself a whole tub of this natural butter— the lotion also makes for a great gift for your girlfriends! As I'm getting started with essential oils for more natural well-being in my life, I hope to provide you with many valuable resources, tips, tricks and reviews to help you do the same. Read my full disclosure policy here. Antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals, the cancer-causing cells that sometimes pop up in your body due to environmental toxins. I put the mixture back in the freezer for another 20 minutes to see how that works. You’ll need about 35 minutes to complete this recipe, but it’s not all working time. When the butter-oil combination is fully melted, you have to harden it in the freezer for around 20-25 minutes. This cooling temperature gives the perfect crystals of cocoa butter and the chain reaction starts which helps in connecting all the crystals that are formed in its composition. Store in a glass jar or tub for months. Can You Use It After The Expiration Date? The lotion is also packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins like Vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. Cocoa butter exists in six forms. It lasts very long, it gives your nails a great shine, and there are no scratch. You can also add 1% ( that is 10g for 1kg chocolate) of cocoa butter that is available in the market for tempering the chocolate. : Tips you Should Know, How to Thin or Melt Almond Bark? Melt your solid oils and butter in a saucepan until completely liquified. Blend the three ingredients together in a bowl and then set in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes.

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