how old was rebekah when she died the originals

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Rebekah immediately knows her brother has done something to Elijah and starts shouting insults until he appears from behind a closed door. Klaus wants Rebekah to leave, and never to come back. Therefore she interviews the mayor, Carol Lockwood about the old trees in the area. But after realizing what the Mikaelsons were, Aurora wanted to became one of them, and begged Klaus to turn her as he did Lucien, but he refused. Hope is 15 and enrolled in school with the last name Marshall instead of Mikaelson with Caroline, Alaric, an old friend of Alaric's who is also a teacher at the school , Dorian Williams, and a boy from Hope and Hayley's pack named Henry, being the only people in the school to know her real identity. She was easily capable of subduing both Damon and Stefan Salvatore, both of whom are almost two centuries old and very skilled fighters, Marcel Gerard and Katherine Pierce to name a few. After that, Elijah and Rebekah went to seek out their elder sister's help as Klaus slowed the process with his insults towards her. The water coming from the faucet turns into blood. He shows her a sketch of a house, which he had designed for them to live in and waited to build it if Rebekah would have returned to him. However, because of a trick played on her by Kol in retaliation for Rebekah slighting him in 1914, Rebekah's spirit was unknowingly placed in the body of a witch named Eva Sinclair, who was imprisoned in the Fauline Cottage asylum due to her crimes against the children of the New Orleans covens. They put it to a vote, whether they should let him live. Turned She did so by summoning life from the sun and immortality from a white oak tree, then making them drink the blood of Tatia, one of Amara's doppelgängers, before having Mikael kill them. Mikael fled from their village in his rage, followed by Finn and Kol. Katherine distracts Rebekah by tossing the cure into the air and making a run for it. Although Mikael was sceptical at first, he eventually recognized his long-lost daughter, and father and daughter happily reunited. Origin During one of Finn's spells Elaijah is trapped in a room with animal heads which represent each brother of the family. Elena chose dare, but Rebekah cheated: "I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon." Rebekah, however, enters the house and the two are trapped by a boundary spell. After Matt still doesn't say anything Rebekah prepares for her party. So Rebekah ordered Kol to beat it out of him the old-fashioned way. She tells him it is okay to care. "I refuse to make you forget her the way Klaus made you forget me," she said. Joker and Oscar Closing Joaquin Phoenix’s Great Prize Speech, Distribution of China’s official digital currency begins. Initially, Rebekah's personality in the series is erratic, spiteful and vindictive. Mikael's ghost appears in New Orleans and convinces Davina to resurrect him, which is successful but found himself bound to Davina via a mystical bracelet or at least until Kol Mikaelson released him while Davina was knocked out. They get extremely close, she starts to leave then Marcel kisses her. Kol is Rebekah's older brother and her partner in crime. Hayley takes Rebekah's advice and procures some wolfsbane to kill the baby. In I Love You, Goodbye, Rebekah tells Hayley she won't be able to attend her nuptials because of Kol's life and death situation. Following Rebekah's possession of Eva Sinclair and her subsequent killing of Eva's spirit, Rebekah has elected to remain in Eva's body for several reasons: 1) She wants to fulfill her promise to her brother Kol, whom she promised to use her powers to resurrect after he was hexed to death by their brother Finn. He vows to avenge his brother's death, swearing to kill Jeremy, Elena and anyone else involved. Rebekah/Esther goes to Alaric's apartment where all the coffins are there Esther has Rebekah neutralized so she can return to her normal body, This is the second time Rebekah was neutralized and missed a high school dance. Superhuman Strength, Durability, Speed, Agility, Senses, Healing Factor, Immortality and Mind Compulsion She, visibly upset, says her goodbyes to Klaus. Before Klaus died, she offered Rebekah, a character from The Originals, an offer of peace: the cure. When she turns to leave, he tells her that whatever happens on the road, stays on the road, implying that he will go with her after all. She says that she is probably in the bathroom like all the other girls. Marcel points out to her that she didn't yes, but she didn't say no either. 37 (TVD)51 (TO) (including two archive footage appearances)88 (totaled) Rebekah is the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. Klaus tells her that when she is dying he won't help her. Unfortunately, Rebekah realized upon driving to the airport that her curse and the skull-shaped weal had returned, which led Rebekah to beg Elijah to dagger her and to both keep her incapacitated keep her condition a secret until after they were sure the prophecy had been broken, after which point Elijah could have Freya come up with a cure and awaken her. Matt swerves the car to avoid hitting Rebekah and drives over the bridge, crashing into the water below. They were subsequently hunted by Klaus and Elijah for centuries. He clashes once more Matt Donovan, wounding him by throwing a glass bottle at his shoulder and taunting his sister, angered at her brief grieving period, before proceeding to attack Elena, grieving for her brother at his grave. Elena genuinely thanked her, but Rebekah would not play nice: She said she did not care if Elena died, but if it was going to happen, it should be epic. After remembering how Lucien turned, she dismissed Rebekah, wishing to be left alone. However, the newly created Werewolf venom stored inside The Beast's fangs could kill an Original vampire within hours. Alaric then comes in and fights Rebekah, tosses her aside, and stakes Klaus. Nik has no tolerance for those who disappoint him". By the end of the episode, Rebekah finds out that Klaus was the one who killed Esther not Mikael and she bursts into tears and accepts that her brother she loved could do something like this. He took a risk and confessed his plans to create a dagger that would actually work on Klaus, which stunned Rebekah at first before she decided to pretend to join forces with him. Dahlia took Freya, and Esther lied to Mikael, telling him their daughter died of the plague and that she burned the body to stop its spread. Klaus eventually snapped Freya's neck, forcing Elijah and Rebekah to try and get help elsewhere. Rebekah dismisses him, stating that she wishes to think where there is alcohol, taking a bite from the girl. She's over 1000-years old, but looks like she is about 16 or 17 years old teenage girl. Klaus is sitting up high in the cemetery, giving Rebekah a trial. However, after Dahlia was defeated, Rebekah's sister Freya healed Eva's body so that Rebekah could return to it and continue her work in bringing Kol back from the dead. She hands out flyers and goes into History class, Alaric's old classroom. In season four, Elijah reappears as Katherine's lover, and is making a deal with Katherine for her to be granted her freedom from Klaus in exchange for the cure for immortality, which Klaus wants to give to Silas, the world's first and most dangerous immortal being, to avoid Silas' psychic torture. In the fourth season, Rebekah was revived by Freya to help deal with Marcel, who had nearly destroyed their family, though after being reunited with her family, she and Kol headed to Europe. Damon does not answer. Marcel tells her that he's gonna handle things and to stay put. Over time, the Mikaelsons were adjusted to the French court ways, and Rebekah quickly befriended the count's daughter, Aurora de Martel. Family At her new house, Elena asks her if she blew up Pastor's farm. Dahlia granted this request, but made it clear that the magic had a price, and it was a price that Esther was forced to pay years later—her payment to her sister w… With this, Marcel breaks the main gas line beneath the floor while Rebekah sets it alight, blowing the two up and freeing them from the boundary spell. She also appeared in 18/23 episodes during Season 4. She replies that she's on her way, before harshly falling to the ground, knocking herself unconscious.

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