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Published by on November 13, 2020

With action usually being the most popular anime genre, people forget about the greatness of the horror genre. Why is this happening? When a young girl is bitten by the Count and chosen as his current plaything, she seeks out help of a quiet wandering stranger, D. It so happens that D is one of the world's best vampire hunters, and he takes it upon himself to cut through Magnus Lee's many minions, and put an end to the Count's rule. Now, in the year 2019, a restored version of the city known as Neo-Tokyo—an area rife with gang violence and terrorism against the current government—stands in its place. Overall. Following Yuki Takeya, School Live! Could you do a best Shounen list as well? Light and L are some of the most interesting characters in anime. The young protagonist is thrown into a world of sadistic inmates and enigmatic powers, to live in constant fear of the lethal collar placed around his neck that is slowed only by winning in the prison's deathly games. Each episode follows a different character while focusing on the main story and main two characters which are Count D. and homicide detective. The stories are set in a storytelling way that incorporates unique visuals and very interesting sound effects. But when people keep dying, Toshio soon finds out that his village is being attacked by vampires. Although they are required to take tests daily, the children are free to spend their time as they see fit, usually playing outside, as long as they do not venture too far from the orphanage—a rule they are expected to follow no matter what. The atrocities keep going for the entirety of the show but not without substantial themes to justify it. It also has some intriguing roots in Japanese mythology. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Mysterious immortal humans known as "Ajin" first appeared 17 years ago in Africa. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Satou Matsuzaka is a beautiful high schooler who has a reputation for being permissive with men. The anime is still a decent watch, but if you want to see real horror, check out the manga. In the first episode alone, Lucy kills a secretary and uses her body as a human shield. Unable to relocate, the parasite, now named Migi, has no choice but to rely on Shinichi in order to stay alive. Not listening to their warnings, Sakikabara decides to hang out with Mei. In many ways, Danganronpa Hope and Despair Arcs are more disturbing and really play up the horror element well. (Source: Funimation), Do you know when you are going to die? He spends his time blissfully in school and playing games with his new friends. Yamaoka Momosuke is a child riddle writer who is tired of his dull job. Agreeing to help him, Rin discovers that Kouki is not what he seems, all the while drawing closer to her true enemy. In order to protect those feelings, she is willing to kill others, steal and commit all sorts of crimes (Yuki and Yuno flashbacks). To his surprise, it is not the afterlife, but the waiting room for a high stakes game with their lives on the line. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Japan, 1988. As the ragtag group slowly comes together after having decided to join Guts in his quest, they will face incredible danger unlike anything they have ever experienced before. These questions of morality are explored in Death Note, one of the most well known and talked about anime series. It's also more about psychological horror and mystery than out-and-out gore. Therefore, a researcher Souske Banba decides to investigate these mysterious occurrences. Parasyte is based on the manga of the same name that was originally published in the 1990’s and has aged incredibly well. Of course, there are a few ghosts and zombies to be found as well. They are soon confronted by Monokuma, the principal and resident bear, who traps them inside the school. It’s really well done, and the animation overall is good. In Chinatown, there is a strange pet shop owned by Count D. The pet shop sells strange pet creatures to those who want to have something special and unique. I have to say that Shinsekai Yori was one of the few very weird and f*cked up anime that I came across. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Having been accepted into the Kaede Inn, Nana struggles to find some way to contribute, though she inadvertently brings more trouble than assistance. And character progression that most anime give you, you know that weak type of characters that grow stronger. Now, they're back—and they want revenge... The series starts in 1972 when a popular student, Misaki, passes away. On paper, Parasyte sounds like a horrible B-list horror movie, but that certainly isn’t the case. Light uses this power to become God and cleanse the Earth of evil. See Also: In what order should I watch Devilman series? Kagewani kicks off with a video blogger who is trying to film a fake obscure scene. If you haven’t, the story follows students of the prestigious Hope Peak’s Academy, each with ultimate “talents” that deem them the best in their area. Many of these stories have a historical basis or have been spread around in the form of oral storytelling. Press Room Lucy is a special breed of human referred to as “Diclonius,” born with horns and telekinetic powers that lands her into the government’s inhuman scientific experimentation program. It sounds incredibly generic, especially with the seemingly stereotypical anime tropish characters. Perfect Blue is a terrific homage to everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Italian experimental horror director Dario Argento. follows a group of girls who are forced to adapt to a post-apocalyptic life all by themselves. I want to watch them all Although the atmosphere in Tokyo has changed drastically due to the increased influence of the CCG, ghouls continue to pose a problem as they have begun taking caution, especially the terrorist organization Aogiri Tree, who acknowledge the CCG's growing threat to their existence. Not only is this series great for a quick scary story, but some of the episodes are also genuinely terrifying. The girls make full use of the last days of summer, roaming around a heat-weary town and visiting various places including a shopping center and shooting stall. Incidentally, a lot of brutal murders start going down and they all seem to be linking back to the pet shop. With fellow veteran Gantzer Kei Kishimoto currently staying at Kurono's home as his "adopted pet", can Kurono stave off his growing lust for her mammaries? It’s no secret that Lain is lonely due to her lack of friends and her dysfunctional family life. Through this encounter, Tetsuo begins to develop his own mysterious abilities, as the government seeks to quarantine this latest psychic in a desperate attempt to prevent him from unleashing the destructive power that could once again bring the city to its knees. Nobuaki warns his classmates but they do not listen to him. However, Nana's worries are directed more towards fellow resident Nyu, whom she had only known as Lucy, the violent Diclonius. With many paranormal investigator shows popping up in the reality tv world, there’s bound to be an anime that has the same premise. They have no means of contact with the outside world and are surrounded by hostile undead waiting to devour them. The Future Arc explores the conclusion to the events after the second game. Sometimes, anthology series are the best way to explore horror stories. Becoming one of the most popular anime in the last year, Tokyo Ghoul developed a very large fanbase after the premiere of the show. But their latest task is one that has seen failure from everyone who has attempted it: the subjugation of the impenetrable fortress of Doldrey. Be sure to look for the shot of the bad guy getting split up the middle, which Guillermo del Toro paid homage to in "Blade II". Lucy is a special breed of human referred to as “Diclonius,” born with horns and telekinetic powers that lands her into the government’s inhuman scientific experimentation program. 12 Tokyo Ghoul. Would it be for the greater good or for your own benefit? Neo-Tokyo is full of violence, gangs and terrorsim due to a bad goverment. I loved this series when it first aired due to many different things. This causes a typhoon calamity that locks everyone from leaving the island. And soon they will also have to face their own destinies as they discover their Stars of Fate. These insatiable beings acquire full control of their host and are able to morph into a variety of forms in order to feed on unsuspecting prey. As Nana struggles to come to a decision, Nyu recalls a painful memory of one of her dearest friends and one of her greatest rivals. Soon enough, the secrets of the school begin to unravel and tragic events begin to plague the classmates. Fortunately for the human world there are groups dedicated to destroying them.

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