hinduism, buddhism and confucianism similarities

Published by on November 13, 2020

"…[A]s Shinto scholars began to form their own systems of thought, borrowing from other traditions, they began to assert the primary value of Shinto… This was an important precedent for Shinto priests and scholars in beginning to reclaim their position in Japanese religion and society." Knipe, David M. "Hinduism: Experiments in the Sacred" Religious Traditions of the World: A Journey Through Africa, Mesoamerica, North America, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, China, and Japan. Although it is currently illegal in India, traditionally, Hindus believed in the caste system which divides people into four hierarchical groups, or five if including the untouchables. The biggest difference between the two religions is that eastern religions believe, civilizations? While both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism both have the same ends, the means by which to achieve those ends differ. (Smith 94-97) He reacted against the established Hindu caste system and taught that true enlightenment could be achieved in one lifetime. Travelling with us? Dharma can be considered Buddhist doctrine, for the word can be translated as doctrine, teaching, duty, Eternal Truth, law, religion, or right conduct. The believer in a personal God would be more convinced that God is actively involved in his life, and thus, concerned about his life-purpose. Buddhists, however, do not share this view. Mudra is commonly practiced in both Hinduism and Buddhism but the positions, meanings, and uses are different. Hinduism, which emerged about 3,500 years ago, and Buddhism, which started around 2,800 years ago, are two of the world’s main religions both of which originated in India. Samsara refers to the endless cycle of birth and death. India vs China: 16 Major Travel Differences, 9-Day India’s Golden Triangle with Tiger Safari: Venture through the Mesmerizing landscapes of India, 9-Day India’s Golden Triangle with Varanasi: Explore India’s Holiest City with an Ancient Spiritual Legacy, Recognize symbols such as Dharmachakra and Mudra, Practice meditation, yoga, and mantra (although in different ways), Followers are mainly in East and Southeast Asia, Recognizes the existence of one god but does not focus on it, Traditionally divides society with a caste system, Believes that Buddha was a reincarnation of Vishnu, Believes that Buddha was a great teacher who found enlightenment. (993) Cornerstones in Confucian ethical behavior includes filial piety (to possess love and respect for one's parents and ancestors, loyalty, and humaneness. (Lester in Earhart 879) Bodhisattvas take on the selfless role of storing up good karma for others to use while denying nirvana for themselves. The Eastern Religions have originated in countries such as China, India, and Japan. Ban Zhao- Was a female writer who believed in Confucianism and she wanted women to become more educated to live better lives. (Knipe in Earhart 739) From a practical standpoint, myths serve a two-fold purpose: to enrich the history of Hinduism and to anthropomorphicize the deities. To better understand the philosophical similarities and differences between Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism, it is important first to consider, For centuries, Eastern religions and philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism & Daoism have been practiced by millions. Hindus use mantras during rituals while worshiping gods. One of the most fundamental differences between Buddhism and Hinduism is their view on the existence of god. Overall, both Hinduism and Confucianism look for the common good that will help enforce peace and brotherhood. (Smith 62) On the other hand, God is transpersonal, i.e. On the other … Shinto and Japanese Buddhism became so intertwined that worshipers would pray to Buddhist deities and Shinto's equivalent, kami. (faithresource.com…). All religions are beautiful and deserve to be dissected and analyzed, so that they can be appreciated for what they actually are, and not what they have been viewed as. It could be said that Buddhism emerged out of Hinduism because Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, grew up learning Hindu teachings before he became a traveling monk and gained enlightenment. Smart, Ninian. D. Spanish, what hude halls and arenas for public game. (Earhart 1087) Physical cleanliness helps a follower of Shinto live a harmonious life with his environment. (Overmyer in Earhart 1009) Confucianism can be thought of as a social order, a religion, a philosophy, or any combination of the three — Confucius himself placed greater emphasis on humanity and sociology than on spiritual matters. Purification rites are essential to Shinto, but are not limited to bodily purification. The western religions that we have discussed in class are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. (1009) There has been a certain syncretism (i.e. In fact, 15% of the world’s population is Hindu and 7% is Buddhist. While Buddhism started in India, now most of its followers are outside of the country and primarily in Sri Lanka, Tibet, China, Japan, and many Southeast Asian countries. Confucianism as we know it today did not originate with the historical figure Confucius, but rather with eleventh century Chinese scholars who were worried about Buddhism's influence in China. A Shintoist learns to commune with the natural world; harmony with nature and man's surroundings is an ideal of Shinto. Therefore, there were many similarities between the two empires, but they also contrasted in many ways. (Knipe in Earhart 723-25, 756; Lester in Earhart 858-59) Buddhism today is blessed/cursed with the conflicting doctrines of the Theravada and Mahayana. For Buddhists, enlightenment is referred to as attaining nirvana, while for Hindus this is referred to as moksha, or becoming one with Brahman, the supreme god. Smith, Huston. Karma is the concept that any action or thought will directly result in a fitting consequence in the present or future life state. Three similarities distinguishable by all four practices is the focus and teachings of virtuous humanistic practices, compassion and respect for the world around us. The latter contains the Bhagavad Gita (the Song of the Lord), an epic-within-an-epic which mythologizes Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu. (Smith 198) However, Tao can modestly be described as the "source and order of the universe, formless, yet profoundly effective." Their belief systems go on a basis of making their followers act accordingly, helping to run their government and set a stable mindset for its people. Jen is at once empathy, humanity, and respect for others and for one's self. H. Byron Earhart. Theravada Buddhism, in stark contrast with Hinduism, does not worship any deities or gods, and does not place emphasis on rituals or worship. Hinduism comprises so many different beliefs and rituals that some sociologists have suggested thinking of it as a grouping of interrelated religions. Similarities and differences of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The post Iron Age of Civilizations AND Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Judaism first appeared on COMPLIANT PAPERS. The pliability of Hinduism allows both schools of thought to coexist — it even allows for the possibility that God is both personal and transpersonal. Taoism, like Shinto, also touts the importance of cleanliness and purification, but places special emphasis on Tao, loosely defined as the "source and order in the universe…" (Overmyer in Earhart 999) Evident from the beginnings of Taoism is the Tai-ping-jing (the Scripture of Great Peace and Prosperity).

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