finance and communications major

Published by on November 13, 2020

Although understanding investing and business concepts is important, much of a financial advisor's task is dealing with people and their emotions surrounding money. The financial expert should be able to explain trends, patterns and forecasts in clear and coherent ways. When deciding on a college major, the advisor's intended area of expertise may be relevant. I also know professionals in finance communication and media that spend most of their day writing stories and taking interviews, and they love it.”, There are so many more finance career options than meet the eye. You’ll stand out above the crowd if you can show your employer you have the critical-thinking skills to handle tricky situations. Credit analysts evaluate the financial standing of loan prospects and assess the risks involved with offering them financing. They grow their critical-thinking skills and learn how and when to take risks and to manage a financial portfolio. Financial planning, investment decisions and analyzing/limiting expenses are all various aspects of what you can and will learn as a finance major. When integrating and proposing a financial plan, the advisor with excellent critical thinking skills will be well-prepared to educate and explain the various options to their client. Consequently, a financial advisor may be asked to be an all-purpose money advisor, in addition to a personal counselor and confidante. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is no obligation to enroll. In general, the liberal arts teach sound reasoning and analytical skills. Graduates with a degree in finance also acquire the ability to deal with spreadsheets and with other software used to process and represent financial data. It’s clear by the descriptions above that not everyone is meant to major in Finance. Business reporters tap journalistic writing skills to cover developments within businesses, industry, and the economy in general for websites, television stations, newspapers, and magazines. Talk with an admissions advisor today. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You have to put in the effort to learn and to keep up with the quickly moving environment.”, “You can’t just reach a point, plateau and then expect to continue doing well,” Hart says. Financial analysts build financial models and conduct complex quantitative analyses. The salaries of finance majors vary widely depending on the careers they choose to pursue. The finance graduate with strong mathematical skills is ideally positioned to calculate the likelihood of various events and to assess the financial consequences for those outcomes. in NYC. You definitely cannot be afraid of the telephone,” says John Bodnar, CEO of Bodnar Financial Advisors Inc. “Explaining behavioral finance is the most difficult part of my job. A person may also hire a financial advisor for a specific goal, such as funding their children’s college education or buying a vacation home. Financial Experts Need Written Communication Skills. Am I interested in figuring out how to help companies increase their revenue? An economics degree, with courses in finance, can also offer a foundation for an aspiring financial advisor. And if you want to learn about probability and statistics and how they correlate to business decisions, then risk management might be the right path to pursue. Communicating nonverbally may seem like an instinctive skill, but communicating without words requires that one is conscious of the possible interpretations of certain gestures, facial expressions, body movement and other aspects of physical expression. Agents advise clients about options for financing property acquisitions and launching new businesses. Communications majors also benefit from analytical skills and the ability to make complex topics simple. Just like the finance major, actuaries manipulate software to perform calculations and represent their findings. Ultimately, a financial advisor's goal is to help each of their clients secure enough money to spend during their lifetime, and, in some cases, to protect and preserve a portion for future generations. Internal financial communication includes sharing financial reports with employees to increase their knowledge and engagement. They have the communication skills necessary for credit analysts to extract information from prospective clients and convey their analyses to colleagues. 50 Best Online Master of Finance Degree Programs 2018, 50 Best Online Master of Finance Degree Programs 2020, Top 10 Affordable Master’s in Finance Online Degree Programs, Top 50 Best Associates in Accounting Online, Top 50 Most Affordable Online MBA in Finance Degree Programs, 50 Great Small Colleges for an Accounting and Finance Degree, 30 Great Master of Financial Engineering Programs, Oasis in the Desert: Wealth in the Sand (Infographic), Real Money, Virtual Wallets (Infographic), USA vs. China: Superpower Showdown (Infographic), State Listing of Master of Finance Degree Programs. Above all, it will help you develop multiple skill sets at once, offering you a great chance of success in several industries after graduation. “Yes, finance can be financially rewarding. Next, learn more about this college major such as Accounting and get more career tips for internships and entry-level jobs such as How to Answer: What Motivates You?. Financial advisors come from a variety of different academic backgrounds. You’re just plain energized when you learn something new, and you’re pretty good at catching on fast. As a finance major, you will study how companies have performed in the past to predict how they will perform in the future, and learn how to communicate information that will drive strategic changes. External links provided on are for reference only. Attorneys who investigate financial irregularities must read and understand financial statements.

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