external database examples

Published by on November 13, 2020

Zusätzliche Hinweise und Anweisungen für das Erstellen der Anmeldeinformationen:Additional notes and guidance when creating a credential: Ein Beispiel für die Verwendung von CREDENTIAL mit SHARED ACCESS SIGNATURE und TYPE = BLOB_STORAGE finden Sie unter Erstellen einer externen Datenquelle für Massenvorgänge, die Daten aus Azure Storage abrufen.For an example of using a CREDENTIAL with SHARED ACCESS SIGNATURE and TYPE = BLOB_STORAGE, see Create an external data source to execute bulk operations and retrieve data from Azure Storage into SQL Database. Sie können eine beliebige Zeichenfolge in der datenbankweit gültigen Identität der Anmeldeinformationen angeben, da sie nicht für die Authentifizierung bei Azure Storage verwendet wird.You can specify any string in database scoped credential identity as it isn't used during authentication to Azure storage. For the purposes of this example, the data files are written to the HDFS directory using the following: The following is the CREATE TABLE command to create the partitioned external table: The following query shows a SELECT operation from the external table: You can also execute queries with a WHERE clause that excludes partitions that cannot match the conditions in the WHERE clause from being read, as follows: You could also specify the partition you want to read as part of the FROM clause, as shown in the following: To create a partitioned external table for an ORACLE_HIVE table, you need a partitioned Hive external table. It is on by default. Weitere Informationen zum Erstellen datenbankweit gültiger Anmeldeinformationen finden Sie unter, To create a database scoped credential, see. Erstellen einer externen Datenquelle für einen Verweis auf eine benannte SQL Server-Instanz über die PolyBase-Konnektivität (, Create external data source to reference a SQL Server named instance via PolyBase connectivity (, Sie können eine externe Datenquelle erstellen, die auf eine benannte, To create an external data source that references a named instance of, Alternativ können Sie einen Port verwenden, um eine Verbindung mit einer, Alternatively, you can use a port to connect to a, Erstellen einer externen Datenquelle für einen Verweis auf Kafka, Create external data source to reference Kafka. Managers can also export the data to Microsoft Excel 2013 for further detailed analysis using conditional formatting and charts. Currently a SAS token with type HADOOP is unsupported. Inventory, order entry, purchasing, planning, inspection, and claim processing. That’s what Business Connectivity Services is all about. Adding Rules or code-behind to forms    You can add declarative rules or code-behind forms to perform additional business logic, such as validation and calculations. Reusable components, custom Web Parts, custom workflow activities, and code-behind InfoPath forms. Weitere Informationen zu SAS finden Sie unter Verwenden von Shared Access Signatures (SAS).For more information on shared access signatures, see Using Shared Access Signatures (SAS). The field in the records in the data file must be separated by commas (if field values are enclosed in quotation marks, then the quotation marks are not removed from the field). Wenn Sie eine Verbindung mit dem Speicher oder Datenpool in einem Big Data-Cluster in SQL Server herstellen, werden die Anmeldeinformationen des Benutzers an das Back-End-System übergeben.When you connect to the storage or data pool in a SQL Server big data cluster, the user's credentials are passed through to the back-end system. Configure the Secure Store service    An administrator must determine the best access mode for the external data source, create a target application, and set the credentials for the target application. The external table definition is as follows: The following shows the result of a SELECT operation on the EVENTS_XT_3 external table: Example 18-10 Data Is Split Across Two Files and Only the First File Has a Row of Field Names. The following shows a SELECT operation on the EVENTS_XT_4 external table: Example 18-10 The Order of the Fields in the File Match the Order of the Columns in the Table. Wird verwendet, wenn Sie den SQL Server-Browserdienst auf der Zielinstanz ausführen. Map the individual fields in the external content type, such as Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Customer Address, and Customer Phone, to their respective Outlook Item Type fields, such as a contact’s FirstName, LastName, BusinessAddress, and BusinessPhone. Loading data from a CSV file, with no access parameters and: Loading data from a CSV file with no access parameters and: Loading data as in previous example except that only the first file has a row of field names, Loading data when most fields in the data file use default settings for the access parameters but a few do not, How data type conversion can cause problems. Microsoft Access 2013 is a landing pad for all types of data and external data is no exception. This topic describes using the ORACLE_LOADER access driver to create partitioned hybrid tables. Erstellen Sie datenbankweit gültige Anmeldeinformationen, um das Proxykonto zu erstellen.Create a database scoped credential to create the proxy account. The following statement creates a file with data for the first subpartition (postal_code less than 50000) of partition p1 (customer_number less than 100).

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