why is my sky box not receiving a signal

Published by on November 13, 2020

If your viewing card isn’t in your Sky box, isn’t inserted in your box correctly or is damaged. For further information see Sky's help page >. When watching channel 102 signal settings input 1 and 2 are locked ok,. My Sky box says: "No satellite signal is being received" or "No signal found" This message means that there's a problem with satellite reception to the set top box. All of a sudden my Sky+ HD box has developed a fault. If it's persistent and there's no obstruction, then it's likely that the reason you can't watch BT Sport or ESPN channels is due to the alignment of your satellite dish. I have a Vizio TV and suddenly is showing no signal for my cable box and DVD. I say fairly substantial in size because if a fly was to get in the way it won’t make any difference. Other channels are working perfectly fine. There are numerous packages that you can subscribe to and things like Sky Sports and Sky Movies usually will cost you more, so you may have to upgrade your subscription and pay more to Sky basically if you want to watch them. You could also try Sky Go, this is an app available on most smart phones and tablet, over the internet and on things like gaming consoles such as Xbox etc. It had been powered off for a few weeks in the flat, when switched on it worked fine. Other Sky box types can also be connected over things like SCART leads, phono cables and even an RF aerial type connection and you will need to ensure that your TV is on the correct input for your Sky box.If you’re connected over a HDMI cable the chances are that you’re Sky box is connected on an input called HDMI or HDMI1, HDMI2 etc. ", "The service was excellent and and to be honest the price did not bother me as it was Tom that I felt comfortable with and he done a cracking job.". And as a result you may have a “no signal” message for that channel. For example channels 101, 104, 105, 106 are not available but channels 102 and 103 are working ok. This message means that there's a problem with satellite reception to the set top box. If your satellite dish is out of reach you may have some luck with a broom, just be careful to not knock the dish offline or you could just wait for the snow to melt! I also recommend checking to see if the weather proof cover has been pulled down as often this is left up in error allowing rainwater to enter the cable termination and making measures to protect the cable termination from further weathering. This could be that a payment has not reached Sky and they have cut you off which will only affect the subscription-based services or that the channels you’re trying to watch are not part of the subscription you already have. "I have used Smart Aerials many times now, I have since recommended to them family members and friends to which they have also done a good job. This will automatically do this for you. If you think that your Sky box is faulty, the simplest thing is just to try plugging in a different box. Just so you know what you’re looking for the cable braid is the thin wires beneath the cable PVC jacket. Initially you will probably get a Sky logo on a black back drop that will quickly disappear, this doesn’t mean that the box is ready to go again. If you have a tree that has grown so that it is now blocking the signal whereas it wasn’t before, you have the option of either moving your satellite dish to a new location or cutting down the tree. The easiest way to do this is just to call up Sky and let them know what’s happening. I see the TV menu but when i tried the HDMI inputs none work. Independent installers can also usually carry out Sky TV installations and repairs that Sky themselves wouldn’t, like difficult to access satellite dishes. Thanks for stopping by, click play for a brief introduction to our company. I've restarted the boxes and Bt home hub multiple times but nothing seems to fix it. Plug our old box in and it works, plug the Sky+HD box … Something could be wrong with the card. If you need your Sky fixed fast and you do have the time or the patience to try and fix yourself, or you have tried with no luck. There could be an issue with the subscription meaning that you are no longer receiving subscription-based services. From time to time your satellite receiver can just freeze and get stuck and the only break to break this is to completely power down your equipment. It should be facing chip side down and fully inserted. The plugs should just unscrew but you may need a spanner or pliers. I go into more detail again on my blog how to align a satellite dish but one thing I will just recommend if you’re going to the new LNB yourself is to make sure that you’re replacing like for like, as there are many different types of LNB on the market, I have a video that you should check out on our Youtube channel and also that you’re setting the Skew adjustment correct. You could try contacting Sky to get an engineer out,but chances are that they won’t be able to get out to you within a few weeks and that isn’t going to help you watch the football match. People often wonder why Sky boxes may just stop working but they are just like any other electrical equipment that only has a certain shelf life.Sky boxes can last for years but they can also only last weeks. If you’re losing signal every time it rains, you could also have water ingress on the coaxial cable. To check to see if the plugs are loose just give them a little tug to see if they remain in position or not, just don’t pull too hard as you could create a problem where there otherwise is none. Read this for all you need to know. Sky+HD Box some channels not working due to signal fault, Re: Sky+HD Box some channels not working due to signal fault. You may be asking yourself “What can I do to get the Sky working again?”.

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