weird pop tart flavors

Published by on November 13, 2020

In addition to the traditional filling and glaze, these bad boys are topped with star sprinkles in celebration of America. The maple flavor pairs perfectly with this dessert, er, breakfast. It's an absolute classic, and Pop-Tarts decided to jump on the nostalgic treat bandwagon. Whether you grew up with birthday cake from the grocery store every year or one baked from scratch, chances are you've tried that standard vanilla cake, topped with vanilla buttercream and circular shaped confetti sprinkles — otherwise known as Funfetti. Root Beer. However, if you couldn't care less about the delicious pastry of our collective childhoods, then scroll down for some disturbing and thankfully completely made-up flavors that someone clearly created out of crippling boredom! … And it's one of Pop-Tarts' best takes on a dessert-like snack. The chocolate pastry is topped with a white frosting, a swirl of fudge frosting, and bright rainbow sundae sprinkles. Seriously, it's just darling. Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images, Credit: Don't eat it on a date though, because your tongue will probably turn blue. Regardless, I'm sure these were a big hit on July 4th, because as we all know, July 4th is essentially just an excuse to eat as much apple pie as your heart desires. This one's a little weird. You tryna be tricky? The original pastry is paired with the most delicious cinnamon filling, which isn't overpowering, but just enough to pack a warm, cozy flavor. It's maybe not a flavor you would want to have year-round, but it's definitely a solid option for the fall. There is a petition to bring back the Strawberry Cheese Danish flavor of Pop-Tarts that currently has 17 signees. Go beyond the classic Strawberry and Brown Sugar Pop-Tart flavors and try something weird and new. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It's a good comparison to that strawberry milk you thought would be a good idea to try as a kid (or maybe now as an adult). Released as part of Pop-Tart's 50th anniversary celebration, this Grape flavoured Pop-Tart is similar to your strawberry or blueberry Pop-Tart but is filled with a grape filling. Yeah, that’s the ticket! But these lost flavors are never forgotten, and they live on in our stomachs, hearts, and memories. The orange swirl adds a lot of flair though, so I'd be willing to try it. As it turns out, this Pop-Tart is one of the only flavors that has Datem listed on its ingredients label. Almond butter can tend to mellow thing outs with its simple flavor, which makes you wonder if that's why it was added. Pop-Tart has come out with a maple bacon flavour! But in Pop-Tart form? Such considerations didn’t seem to bother Kellogg’s and the producers of American Idol back in July of 2006, however. Talk about a great design. But, that's not to say this isn't delicious in its own right. Now, first thing's first, opening a package of this flavor is truly an experience in itself. It had my friends and I on sugar highs every New Year's Eve. Photo via Flickr user, Credit: Wild Berry is a funny product from Pop-Tarts. Kellogg's released a whole line of "Printed Fun" Pop-Tarts. First thing's first, there really should be some discussion about the topping on this flavor of Pop-Tarts. There are dried strawberries, along with dried apples and dried pears, so what exactly is making this berry flavor so wild? First of all, I love the pun. Soda-Mazing A&W Root Beer & 27 other great imported flavours. All of the goodness of Dulce de Leche for breakfast? There's actually only one type of berry included in the filling — strawberry. Pop-Tarts may have been inspired by traditional English mince pies but does that mean every possible pie flavor works as a Pop-Tart filling? Press J to jump to the feed. This Pop-Tart is so wild they had to put an exclamation mark in the title. Strawberry Pop-Tarts taste like strawberries, S’mores Pop-Tarts taste like S’mores, and Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts taste like Japan’s sweetest character cat, of course! Pop-Tarts are a pretty basic recipe concept, consisting of a filled pastry, usually topped with frosting, which allows for customization and creativity to go wild. Kellogg's told Quartz they had to make up for the lack of frosting and provide uniformity for all products, ultimately making the unfrosted pastry with a bit more heft. Mike appears to be enjoying them but will he look so cheery after nomming all 16? 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Overall, a decent sweet snack if you need to fix a sugary cake craving, but there's definitely room for improvement. But we're holding firm. Pop Tart Memes; Fake Pop Tart Flavors Meme. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, 5 Foodie Dating Sites Where You’re Guaranteed to Find Your Next Bae. And while there's still some debate as to whether it's best to toast your Pop-Tarts or eat them straight out of the package, one thing is for certain — Pop-Tarts has never slowed down on introducing new, creative flavors. From S'mores to Wild Berry to Frosted Confetti Cupcake, we decided to try as many flavors of Pop-Tarts as we could fit in our pantry, and we've compiled a list ranked from worst to best just for you. From seasonal Pumpkin Pie to sweet Root Beer, there are a lot of weird flavors "pop"ing up in stores everywhere. If you're looking to be transported to a tropical beach, just take a bite out of one of these Guava Mango Pop-Tarts. Back in the 1990s, Pop-Tarts released its own cereal. The filling is a deep chocolate flavor, which makes it edible, and would easily help to curb a chocolate fix in a pinch, but it really tastes nothing remotely like fudge. Unfrosted Blueberry Pop Tart 27. And, they're not overly sugary and sweet like many other pumpkin-flavored products. There is no in-between. That might just be too much. Pop-Tart releases limited edition flavours across North America every single year. Truthfully, it's not as strong of a peanut butter flavor as it could be, and it might be better with a bit more oomph, but it seems like Pop-Tarts did that on purpose. The top of the pastry is covered in white frosting with sprinkles, and it certainly smells just like a grocery store cake or cupcake, which, for the cake-obsessed is really enticing. Yum! Some folks are proactive, writing petitions, penning long letters, and commenting on the Kellogg’s message boards to try to get them back. If this were a competition for the cutest Pop-Tarts on the market, this would absolutely take the cake (or the ice cream). For those of you who hate pumpkin spice season, you may see this and run. Credit: But paired with the peanut butter filling you find once you take a bite, which actually uses peanut butter, it's pretty darn good. It's a controversial topic, and there's plenty of people who would say this flavor deserves to be way further down the list, or perhaps even listed as the worst. It's one of those flavors that reminds us all of childhood, camping, summertime, and all things cozy and delicious, whether you enjoy it untoasted or toasted. In fact, it's wildly boring. These specks add no pop of color and no flavor, which could really help this Pop-Tart to raise to a higher level. Yet another limited edition Pop-Tart release for the Fourth of July, these Apple Pie Pop-Tarts aren't just made out of… It's topped with a squiggle of frosting, which certainly doesn't taste like cream cheese like a traditional cinnamon roll, but that doesn't detract from it too much. However, your favorite summer fruit is taken to a whole new level in the form of a Pop-Tart. Once you take a bite, the blueberry flavor smacks you in the face, which in this case, it's a good thing. Okay, maybe you knew these existed, but I'm a huge red velvet fan so I had to include this. In the meantime, people were eating these lackluster options. It also utilizes cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove to round out the fall flavor — all classic spices utilized when making pumpkin pie. The pastry is filled with a gooey vanilla concoction, which really doesn't compare to vanilla ice cream, but it provides enough substance paired with the chocolate pastry to make this combination taste good.

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