sonata for viola and piano

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147, is the last composition by Dmitri Shostakovich. It is very unlikely that this work is public domain in the EU, or in any country where the copyright term is life-plus-70 years. Shostakovich - Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. Title Composer Bax, Arnold: Opus/Catalogue Number Op./Cat. 6 The work received its official premiere in October 1975 with the performing forces of violist Fyodor Druzhinin and pianist Mikhail Muntyan. Shostakovich referred to it as an "Adagio in Memory of Beethoven" or "Adagio in Memory of a Great Composer. "Review of CD "Shostakovich: Complete Works for Cello, Festive Overture in A major for Orchestra, The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda, Seven Romances on Poems by Alexander Blok, Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Buonarroti, The War Symphonies: Shostakovich Against Stalin, List of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich, Category:Compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich,, Classical musical works published posthumously, Music dedicated to ensembles or performers, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August 2020, Articles with disputed statements from August 2020, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-LCCN identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 23:44. Donald Maurice, "Schostakovich's Swansong,". The second movement, Allegretto, is characterized by sharp contrasting of dry, pointed figures with smooth, connected passages; most of the material was borrowed from Shostakovich's unfinished 1942 opera The Gamblers. [5] The first recording with Druzhinin and Muntyan appeared within two months. Viola: Isabelle van KeulenPiano: Ronald BrautigamSonata for Viola and Piano, Op. -  The final movement of the sonata carries most of the work's emotional weight. [1], The work unfolds in three movements, following a relatively straightforward tempo scheme of slow-fast-slow. 147 - YouTube Pages in category "For viola, piano" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 448 total. The first movement, Andante, begins with a sparse pizzicato figure in the viola, accompanied by an equally stark piano line, followed by an explosive and wrenching middle section, and closing with a remembrance of the movement’s opening. Completed in July 1975, just weeks before his death, it is dedicated to Fyodor Druzhinin, violist in the Beethoven Quartet. Complete Score and Viola Part The movement closes with a remembrance of the opening bars. Allegretto15:24 III. [9] He then recorded it in 1975 for Melodiya. (-) - V/19/24 - 10651×⇩ - Daphnis, PDF scanned by Unknown Daphnis (2008/7/20), Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License As this work was first published before 1925 or failed to meet notice or renewal requirements to secure statutory copyright with no "restoration" under the GATT amendments, it is very likely to be public domain in the USA as well. The sonata was privately premiered by violist Fyodor Druzhinin and pianist Mikhail Muntyan at Shostakovich's apartment on September 25, 1975, on what would have been the composer's sixty-ninth birthday. Viacheslav Dinerchtein, "Shostakovich's Viola Sonata: A Historical Survey" (DMA dissertation, Northwestern, 2008), 15. It was completed just weeks before his death on July 6, 1975; it is dedicated to Fyodor Druzhinin, violist of the Beethoven Quartet. It begins with an unaccompanied pizzicato figure in the viola which recalls the opening of Alban Berg's Violin Concerto,[2] followed by an austere piano line, which leads into a more animated middle section. Viola Sonata, GP 251 (Bax, Arnold) It ... Sonata for Viola and Piano Alt ernative. Appearing at the end of the composer's compositional output, the Sonata for Viola and Piano effectively represents the bleak, mortality-obsessed late style composition of Shostakovich.The work unfolds in three movements, following a relatively straightforward tempo scheme of slow-fast-slow. 2 Clarke had moved to the United States in 1916, after being disowned by her father. The second movement, Allegretto, is characterized by sharp contrasting of dry, pointed figures with smooth, connected passages; the primary material of the movement was borrowed directly from Shostakovich’s unfinished opera The Gamblers (1942), granting the movement a vocal and dramatic quality.0:00 I. Moderato8:27 II. 0.0/10 → Sort this list by work type, instrumentation, composer, and more. See also For viola, piano (arr), For violin, piano, Scores featuring the viola, For viola, orchestra. Adagio Rebecca Clarke composed the Sonata for Viola and Piano, attributed to the year 1919, when the composer was 33 years old. [clarification needed] In the course of the work's first fifteen years, twenty-two recordings were released, compared to only ten recordings of Shostakovich's Violin Sonata during that work's first fifteen years. [6] The work is now a staple of viola repertoire with more than sixty commercial recordings available.[7]. No. The finale of Felix Mendelssohn's early Viola Sonata (1824) also quotes from the "Moonlight" Sonata, indicating that Shostakovich may have studied this work in preparation for his own. [citation needed]. Cellist Daniil Shafran, with Shostakovich's advice and approval,[8][dubious – discuss] transcribed the sonata for cello and piano. • Switch back to classic skin, II. No. However, it is in the public domain in Canada (where IMSLP is hosted) and other countries where the term is life-plus-50 years (such as China, Japan, Korea and many others worldwide). Allegro energico, ma non troppo presto,,_GP_251_(Bax,_Arnold)&oldid=3041257. "[3] Allusions to Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata are juxtaposed with reminiscences of themes presented earlier in the Viola Sonata, followed by a "mega-self-quotation" which strings together references to each of Shostakovich's fifteen symphonies. The first movement, Andante, was described by the composer as a "novella." Shostakovich's sonata was swiftly performed internationally in the months after the premiere. She had been supporting herself with some success as a soloist. 147, is the last composition by Dmitri Shostakovich. GP 251 I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. Scores published by Murdoch, Murdoch & Co. Works first published in the 20th century, Pages with commercial recordings (Naxos collection), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License, Performance by Chieh-Fan Yiu (viola) and Bo-Kyung Park (piano) in April 2009, Molto lento - (Tempo of beginning of 1st Movement).

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