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Description. Cleaned my rotors, then sprayed on. CRC Food Grade Chain Lube 340g. ... CRC INDUSTRIES AMERICAS GROUP. Purchased several cans. $9.76 (2 Pack) Petrol Gel Food Grade Equipment LubricantNSF (2/4 oz. I use it in my shop and it works well for all our needs. 215.674.4300. An aluminum complex premium grade NSF H1 grease for use in food production and processing industries. Grid The product simply works. An NLGI #2 lubricating grease formulated with the highest quality synthetic NSF H1 authorized raw materials available. Drove at low speeds and applied brakes 10 times, and no squeaks. the squeeks were driving me crazy, next time I will use when I replace pads, not when it squeaks like this time. Ltd. 9 Gladstone Road Castle Hill N.S.W 2154 Australia, Toll Free: 1800 224 227 Email: We’re certain our graduates will go into their careers as industry influencers and remember that CRC was a trusted part of their training. Great for drying out those wet ignition wires and keeping them sealed. Horsham PA 19044. Marine CRC and ADOS have a product for most marine applications including lubricants, corrosion protection, cleaners, adhesives, epoxy resins and sealants. Good product – does what it is supposed to. Product Code: FG03055 View Details. CRC Food Grade Dry Lube is a technically advanced multi-purpose dry film lubricant that is applied wet, and cures to a dry, non-staining micro thin film of submicron PTFE particles. all rights reserved, – John Dodson, VP of Business Alliances & NASCAR, Universal Technical Institute. Foaming action provides outstanding penetration and creeps deep between wire strands, chain links, pins, rollers and sprockets. CRC Food Grade Chain Lube is a special blend of mineral oil and synthetic additives, designed to keep roller drive and conveyor chains lubricated. Meets FDA Regulation CFR 21-178.3570. Product works well and I’m sure I’ll find more uses for it other than getting rid of the squeaky hinges on my French doors and lubricating the spring and rollers on my garage door. CRC Food Grade Syntha-Tech Lubricant with PTFE 312g, CRC Food Grade Anti-Seize & Lubricating Compound 227g. Not no more. CRC 03081 General Purpose Food Grade Machine Oil Spray, (Net Weight: 11 oz.) Food processing & handling equipment, breweries, canneries, carton/packaging equipment, dairies, & meat processing plants. Great for lubricating hinges. Suite 101. Applications. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Multi-purpose silicone spray for food processing and handling applications. Looking for CRC Tan, Calcium Sulfonate, Extreme Duty Food Grade Grease, 14 oz, 2 NLGI Grade (12G591)? Product Code: FG03054 View Details. I use it to protect the bearings on my rc off road truck and it does the job perfectly. This larger can will probably outlast my lifetime. Great for lubricating hinges. CRC Extreme Duty Food Grade Grease Tech Data Sheet. For additional information, see the Tech Specs tab on the product description page. Sign In to access your account information. Applications. Great, this is good quality marine grease. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. Excellent water-washout resistance. My old boss told me of CRC years ago and I still think that they are the best product out there. Multi Purpose Food Grade Grease, 14 Wt Oz. As the foam subsides it leaves a lubricating non-drying film that remains in place and resists wash off and sling off. This is a very good product. Recommended for use on bearings, gears, linkages, motors, chains, cables, rollers, guide bars, pulleys, cams, valves, ball joints, hinges, slides, cutting tools, taps, dies, and pistons, handling equipment, conveyors, hoists, lifts, doors, fans and food processing equipment, CRC Food Grade Syntha-Tech Lubricant with PTFE 312g. Food Grade Synthetic Chain Lube is a fully synthetic food grade chain and sprocket oil formulated from polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil and tackifier to protect a wide variety of equipment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. CRC Food Grade White Chain & Drive Lube is an extreme pressure lubricant formulated with PTFE for heavy-duty lubrication of chains, pins and sprockets.The high viscosity lubricant with excellent adhesive properties forms a tough film that remains in place during extreme wear without risking contamination of food and other clean environments. The old adage “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” applies here. Compare product; Moly-Graph® Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Grease, 3 Wt Oz.

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