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Published by on November 13, 2020

You only need to make a quick search on Twitter or Instagram to see that, at the moment. Below we’ve named some of the bigger tournaments and games planned for 2020, but don’t limit yourself to the ones we’ve listed. A growth of 6.5% in overall U.S. ad spend is anticipated in 2020 with a 12.4% jump in digital advertising to $135 billion, making up more than 53% of total ad spend. Young people need our support now more than ever. You could even make it as simple as promoting, It could also be worth researching when certain countries consider the season to have changed. Festivals aren’t cheap to attend, and most festival-goers will spend time planning their trip ahead of time. Or, if you’d prefer not to have to translate your ads into different languages, focus on advertising to the younger demographic who are more likely to speak English. For example, you could create gigantic “once in four years” discounts, or promise free shipping for the duration of the games. And with 12 different star signs, there’s the opportunity to target 12 different groups throughout the whole year. If your store is related to entertainment, clothing, or jewelry, this could be the perfect time to target audiences already focussed on who’s attending the ceremonies and what they’re wearing. For example, if your store has food or kitchen-related items, why not try and sell these items the month before the game, pitching them as the ideal products for a Superbowl party. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. The Superbowl is an incredibly commercial competition, with advertising airtime worth millions for mere seconds. November 24, 2020 spark Uncategorized. or a suitable meme format. Become a member Luckily it won’t cost you quite as much to run a Superbowl-centric ad, but you could score big. LUSH Spycops LUSH is a company based in the UK that makes handmade cosmetics. I know this might seem a little kooky or strange, but stick with me! And depending on the products you sell, you could even start advertising well before the big game. With all the inspiration on this list, you’re probably bursting with plenty of campaign ideas for your store. Will Joe Biden's win help improve public trust in the media? Despite this, 15 years later, Blue Monday is still an annual event in the UK, so why not take a chance by creating a store-relevant day? Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. Everyone knows majoring sports events are big business, so why not try to grab some of that business for yourself by running  campaigns during some of the notable competitions in 2020. Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories. You could even make it as simple as promoting free shipping for a season; this is ideal for a store selling more seasonal products like bikinis, Halloween costumes, or outdoor sportswear. Find out more about this controversial ad and all the thoughts behind the uproar. After all, it’s one of the mo…, Most people might recall TikTok as being the hit pop single by Kesha. In fact, Pinterest’s recent trend report even mentioned that space and astrology are going to be significant trends in 2020. No matter what you’re selling, there’s a way that you can tie your product to a seasonal sale – even if it’s something as the classic “the temperature is dropping, and so are our prices!”. Permissions Consumers want more ethical media but how can the industry provide it? These are all the perfect times for you to advertise your store. Your choice regarding cookies on this site Well, you could always invent your own. For example, if you enjoy the internet and pop culture, don’t be afraid to jump on trends or memes and use them in ads. From July 23-26, over 130,000 people descend on the San Diego Convention Center to hear from their favorite TV and movie stars and to watch much-anticipated trailers for the first time. While they claimed academics calculated the day by taking into account Northern hemisphere weather conditions, in reality, it was all pseudoscience. In the US alone, shoppers spent over $7.4 billion online during Black Friday 2019 and went on to spend $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday. By Fashionista. You research everything there is to know…, It’s no secret that fashion is difficult to break into, especially if you’re a beginner. Researching on local holidays will help you see where campaigns might have more impact. And if you can’t find a day that suits your store or products? And, perhaps even more so than sports, there will be cultural events that are huge news in some countries but might be relatively unheard of on an international scale. With all the inspiration on this list, you’re probably bursting with plenty of campaign ideas for your store. Depending on the countries you’re targeting, you could advertise to the enormous crowds headed to mega-festivals like Coachella, Burning Man, or Glastonbury. For many countries, the seasons change on equinoxes and solstices – around the 20th of March, June, September, and December. After all, there’s no point advertising summer sales to Australians in June or July when they’re in the middle of winter. Advertisers had to do something pretty extraordinary this year: completely and quickly adapt to a changing world. How will you help? In 2019 shoppers spent over $30 billion on Singles’ Day, and due to its popularity, Singles’ Day has become more internationally recognized in recent years – much like Black Friday. And, diving even more in-depth, we can see that women between 25-34 (31 percent) and 35-44 (20 percent) are particularly interested. Browse them all as they're rolled out. Mr President launches content arm with leaner agency model, Heineken and Publicis set up bespoke agency combining creative and data, Ad chiefs are calmer as second lockdown hits. With 2020 already well underway, it’s time to start thinking about all of the fantastic campaigns you can run throughout the year to get customers spending. The best thing about using astrological signs as the basis for a campaign is that people who are interested in astrology love to feel as though they genuinely relate to their sign. The supermarket received backlash for its decision to cut a scene featuring a black couple from a 'Food love stories' ad released last month. And we don’t blame them. But why wait until November to start all your big campaigns when you have so many other days you could capitalize on throughout the year.

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