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endstream ��4*ub�K��AU U� ����+P�Mb�T��EF�t�Vd6��f0Uhq;��!�a0z�A|��$B��6�]AS��g"1���lq�����\�b7�g$���L�T����H�R| &�H�J)xD�Z�E�A$w+�d����@�1�!b�l�;ؖ �U�~&� ��"L@2�u10R����4�@� [uj stream It is important to note that while quantitative and qualitative data collection methods are different (cost, time, sample size, etc. methods. Although technological innovations have shortened the time needed to process quantitative data, a good survey requires considerable time to create and pretest questions and to obtain high response rates. It is an important aspect of any type of research study. ), each has value. [/CalRGB << time needed for data collection and analysis. 4.1 Data Collection Methods There are two methods of collecting data. /Length 269 /ColorSpace [/Indexed /DeviceRGB 255 6 0 R] endobj >> @�&�Ln7$�Ic2S��N{�G�S��戥��e3��=*��i4XD�1V�E�՘�j�_�XlV;%��g�Zk�zŶ�o�R�w($�$�O� endstream endobj startxref stream Quantitative data answers the questions “how much” “how often” and “how many.” 7 Data collection methods. /Dest [3 0 R /XYZ null null null ] 1 0 obj 140 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4E75BCC3D4C10345AE107FDB5B19D912>]/Index[114 41]/Info 113 0 R/Length 121/Prev 281908/Root 115 0 R/Size 155/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream %PDF-1.1 The Quantitative data collection methods r ely on random sampling and structured data collection instruments that fit diverse experiences into predetermined response categories. However, qualitative methods may be even more time consuming because data collection and data 7 0 obj 2 0 obj h�bbd```b``~"C��~��5ɤ��B��d"�� %PDF-1.5 %���� << /BitsPerComponent 8 PbLSZTLEE(8E@'*1mg_*eTnN*;*'V3+gm-EEetX%;Bo$ur2ss*N`.-!.kG_q6GDD' /Border [0 0 0] endobj 8 0 obj endobj /Creator (US General Accounting Office (GAO)) /Filter /LZWDecode 0 ?$��X�z}Ph ... Data Collection When evaluators have advanced to the point of planning the details of data collection, analysis must be considered again. �@���e�G�HJI'�Jd�Y$�Q. 9-d\DA=cZ0Q>gIM$$;cd2O@&a;X,Nn_aP(]I1aRc(K1^ue> >> • Explain the difference between method of data collection and research method. << /Author (US General Accounting Office (GAO)) /Rect [90 72 522 720 ] endobj /Gamma [1.8 1.8 1.8] J,g]g+e/h_!_gCtO=0f)$P%cIi8Zdfc5&3j_8$7g. 154 0 obj <>stream �F�`���W�J�� � 2��s�����مI���{8]:d-�q�Rխk�k�@� %���� >> ��P8$ �BaP�d6�DbQ8�V Apart from the last one, all these thoughts capture some of the essence of quantitative methods. << 4 0 obj 6 0 obj @L`YKUJNGBP\poR=_;Dl'P(T Quantitative Data Analysis is one of a series of papers issued by the Program Evaluation and Methodology Division (PEMD). quantitative methods are difficult. << They are, 1. stream /Producer (US General Accounting Office (GAO)) dKoL!8Ka#EV,@V!\j8ZFbp6EE<9cn=N6j0nf;(&;QU6bUD')c@\ ��Q��A ưqp� 9��������`�Tl����@M˲c$Ls&���A��Z6A�FX��&7�Ld��t�d 6QDy�"&S��FcJ]� /Type /Annot (7Boo^^S:71(MN]ZQX/+Cbu.lK"p74pe1T%s.DY%&\1TdJhr54.M9au6>79n6`Q:4 ����Ӄ��*�b��0 ���8�0�MƓ��� )�=ӜX�n2��&��c7�M�CI�� '��Ɠ�R* MȌ������;@ˆ�[����`$"��a@� �!�f �H�* H¨�$�����z���)���9� �7���7��P����:�cH�7�2?����� �(�4 � �6H�@" #��9�Ct�7��~����A�_,3b�!��H��@�.3D�A�T". ] Quantitative Data Collection 2. Although there are many other methods to collect quantitative data, those mentioned above probability sampling, interviews, questionnaire observation, and document review are the most common and widely used methods either offline or for online data collection. /Filter /LZWDecode /Width 54 /ReportNum (GAO/PEMD-10.1.11) /Subject (Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction ) PDF | On Aug 23, 2019, Murtada Ahmad published Quantitative Data Collection Methods | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate >> /Length 459 /WhitePoint [0.9505 1 1.089] �e���U�� /CreationDate (D:19960205084301) h�b```f``�``e``�eb@ !�� >> ����Kvz,z ��p2x����b0JUd�Yj������uX��;���f��6�m��nw[���}��px\>'���ry\�g7���tz]>�W���v{]��w���[. >> DATA COLLECTION Data collection means gathering information to address those critical evaluation questions that the author has identified earlier in the evaluation process. There are multiple data collection methods and the one you’ll use will depend on the goals of your research and the tools available for analysis. << /Subtype /Link endobj /Jobcode ((973317) ) /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /LZWDecode ] 47��e�`Qx`p��QL��`v����i��$�9?���"�x}f恄��&�/��ǥ.g䰐���bp��V3mN�c��4X\2�3/P. /Title (Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction GAO/PEMD-10.1.11) Methods of Data Collection in Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Research LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you should be able to • List the six major methods of data collection. gF/(+GaKo$qneLWDrQ#;5\S(\$q'LM9bYJX9N;hHO_e;>`Y"/'J:I~> /Matrix [0.4497 0.2446 0.02518 0.3163 0.672 0.1412 0.1845 0.08334 0.9227] %%EOF 114 0 obj <> endobj endstream /Height 81 /Length 558 /Footer (GAO/PEMD-10.1.11 Quantitative Analysis) readers with the terms associated with data collection tools, methodology, and sampling. They produce Secondary data can be gathered through published research and official statistics.

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