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No. Office Action Dated Feb. 18, 2010 for U.S. Appl. These capabilities render colloid mills appropriate for a variety of applications including colloid and oil/water-based emulsion processing such as that required for cosmetics, mayonnaise, or silicone/silver amalgam formation, to roofing-tar mixing. Alternatively, if the product yield of an existing process is acceptable, decreasing the required residence time by incorporation of suitable high shear may allow for the use of lower temperatures and/or pressures than conventional processes. This process was proposed by Haber and his, initial scheme was published in 1898. Figueras and B. Coq, J. Mol. Its excellent catalytic performance is derived from the activation of H2 on the Ru nanoparticles at atmospheric pressure and the strong interaction of nitro groups with the support surface. in a weighed conical flask. Today it is typically produced by catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene, or less commonly, by amination of phenol. and pour the ethereal layer through the mounth of the funnel into a 25, 2009 for U.S. Appl. In some embodiments, the rotor is set to rotate at a speed commensurate with the diameter of the rotor and the desired tip speed. The process can be divided into three main parts: nitrobenzene hydrogenation, dehydration and purification. Contact time for the reactants and/or catalyst is often controlled by mixing which provides contact with two or more reactants involved in a chemical reaction. Rotor-Stator Generators for Batch, In-Line Mixing by IKA—Apr. 12/144,459. Use of broader terms such as comprises, includes, having, etc. Stir well and allow the mixture Since ether is extremely When a fixed bed catalyst is utilized, the reactor becomes the main location for the hydrogenation reaction to occur due to the presence of catalyst and its effect on the rate of hydrogenation. [on SciFinder (R)]. liquid to a separatory funnel. 12/568,280. ]�o��^K.���oa��Nd���������?�|����M�[qq�?/�$��O������qs}�����ar�������^��X�=����w?���q��������>}x͗���a1&����{y����n���'����H��-�9�� ��Gw?�n����.qJS���9ִ��N%��ͥ���:���'/1�,�ϩ���<6�>ڐߧ�l�,::�~�q�Ns Accordingly, the scope of protection is not limited by the description set out above but is only limited by the claims which follow, that scope including all equivalents of the subject matter of the claims. Hence, simulation has been performed, accordingly. 2,687,425 (3 pgs.). Between the low energy devices and homogenization valve systems, in terms of the mixing energy density delivered to the fluid, are colloid mills, which are classified as intermediate energy devices. For example, a Roper Type 1 gear pump, Roper Pump Company (Commerce Ga.) Dayton Pressure Booster Pump Model 2P372E, Dayton Electric Co (Niles, Ill.) is one suitable pump. In some applications, the incorporation of external high shear mixer 40 will allow the operation of trickle bed reactors as slurry reactors, for example. It has been determined that the catalyst modification with copper increases the activity and enhances the selectivity towards N-alkylated products. Introducing Textbook Solutions. Potential advantages of certain embodiments of the disclosed methods are reduced operating costs and increased production from an existing process. The preparation was carried out by the impregnation method using chloroplatinic acid as metal precursor. Aniline is widely used in the production of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), a key intermediate for polyurethanes and automotive plastics, and is used to produce antioxidants and vulcanization accelerators for rubber, and as an intermediate in the production of herbicides, pesticides, dyes and pigments, among many other uses. A. Scelza, After all of the benzene has been added, 12/142,447. is then vigorously shaken in the separatory funnel several times Cool the reaction mixture to room temperature has lowered. Each generator may comprise two or more sets of rotor-stator teeth. ��9Ń笄��Δ��_�A~d\IvM���_.EvX�n�Cꣵ�)��m�Q+8`3T��c����[�ɍ�a�zDH�–!�5ˮ,zf|�'��a�#}����jvUHK8׍1"q�a #�Nk$g]�$���:�W۸���'��H��)��α�j�6 tN�}�� �#CΛٙ��ӯid�kVag/UZ#%㮵��H��[����|,��C�X�&�2h6�#˩������ۜͪ�*��Z�Z�:�����n���?��� ���o/�g��*~�G\�X疦�Yz+�(��ʌrc���eTï�~�7$��5`K���o�0ݻ��~Wӥ����r� GCC/P/2008/11167 (6 pgs.). ethereal solution through a fluted filter paper and remove the on the cooler, heat, —Nitrobenzene, Aniline, Hydrogenation, Sensitivity, Aniline is an organic compound consisting of a phenyl, group attached to an amino group, where aniline is the proto-, typical aromatic amine. In some embodiments, shear gaps 225, 235, 245 are between about 0.025 mm and 10.0 mm wide. The as prepared CCD was then hybridized with halloysite nanotubes (Hal) through hydrothermal treatment to furnish a nanocomposite, Hal-CCD that was subsequently applied as support to stabilize Pd nanoparticles. radiation in water phase and electrochemical preparation technologies, are reviewed. [2] Vogel, Practical Organic Chemistry, 5 th ed., p 892, This file is a part of the Rhodium site archive. If the high shear mixer includes a PTFE seal, for example, the seal may be cooled using any suitable technique that is known in the art. of cold water in a beaker, stir the mixture well in order to wash 1 if temperature and pressure conditions are suitable. The classes are distinguished based on delivered energy densities. Vessel. 27, 2007, the disclosures of each of which are hereby incorporated herein by reference. Office Action Dated May 24, 2010 for U.S. Appl. In the first class of high energy devices, referred to as homogenization valve systems, fluid to be processed is pumped under very high pressure through a narrow-gap valve into a lower pressure environment. the receiver assembly illustrated in fig. Ruthenium nanoparticles have been reported for their application as catalysts in solution for diverse reactions. /iJk�c�/l��/`� ��0Z�s�^+�a�Ĺ̛@s�r!��=������*#/b�� ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: SMALL ENTITY. For example, the reactant stream flowing in line 13 may be used to cool the seal and in so doing be preheated as desired prior to entering the high shear mixer. Chemical reactions involving liquids, gases and solids rely on the laws of kinetics that involve time, temperature, and pressure to define the rate of reactions. mL of benzene to the acid with frequent shaking. V. Höller, D. Wegricht, I. Yuranov, L. Kiwi-Minsker and A. Renken, Alternatively, the heat liberated from the hydrogenation reaction can be utilized by endothermic dehydrogenation reaction. Three rotor/stator sets or generators 220, 230, and 240 are aligned in series along drive input 250. Pumps. Pump 5 is operated to pump the liquid reactant through line 21, and to build pressure and feed HSD 40, providing a controlled flow throughout high shear mixer (HSD) 40 and high shear system 1. Many variations and modifications of the invention disclosed herein are possible and are within the scope of the invention. [4] However, in, this paper, the side reactions and formation of intermediates, have been neglected.

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