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In the portion that bears his name, Korach and his associates make a bid to abdicate Moses’ power. Oddly enough, my home state of Oklahoma experienced an above-average increase in interracial households over that same time — an uptick of over 4%. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. After the area was returned to Germany, the Dreyfus family moved to Paris. And – how do we think about relationships when gratitude is impossible, unwarranted, and even dangerous? We learn of the peoples’ mistrust of this new, ineffective leadership. The haftarah for Parashat Korah, which tells the continuation of this story, begins with Samuel preparing to travel to the town of Gilgal to perform Saul’s official crowning. Days of Gratitude is a 6-month journey to notice – and give gratitude for – the unnoticed blessings in our lives. Join with Rabbi Denise L. Eger and Rabbi Max Chaiken of Congregation Kol Ami for a special edition of our weekly “Morning Music & Mindfulness” prayer experience! But we’re really not. When I was young, my family “synagogue shopped,” switching our congregation every year. The Best Jewish Cookbooks to Give as a Wedding Gift From fresh Israeli cuisine to classic brisket, this list covers it all. Since religion is not the cornerstone of our community, it’s evoked primarily in a cultural context. I Was Just Finding My Place in the Jewish Community. As in most cases, any ignorant comments stemmed from a lack of education. Pronunced: TORE-uh, Origin: Hebrew, the Five Books of Moses. Or part of an “international Jewish conspiracy”? The verse does not say to guard oneself against lying but to restrain or withdraw ourselves from it in order to “awaken us” to the vigilance we must achieve in fighting falsehood. Trust is gained over a long period of time but can be lost in a moment. In Pharaoh’s anger, he makes life even harder for the slave people in his midst. All Rights Reserved. By my senior year, my few Jewish peers and I had established the ironic Saint Mary’s Jewish Student Union that unofficially met once a week at Starbucks. Moses’ credibility, whatever shred he had of it, is lost. In his section on the importance of credibility and trust, Rabbi Laufer looks at the early Exodus struggles, struggles we are reading about now in the synagogue Torah service. No background in art-making or Torah learning is necessary! Rabbi Luzzato alerts us to a subtle verb choice in Exodus 23:7, the verse that warns us to distance ourselves from falsehood. Sometimes we convince ourselves that a white lie never harms; it only helps smooth rough waters. What changes? My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. He was also from Alsace, the border area of France that was ceded to Germany as a result of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870-71. Nevertheless, sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish the kernel of truth in the packaging of humor. While I occasionally felt othered in school, I never felt personally attacked, mainly because my peers truly knew nothing about my religion. They have become weary with wrong” (9:4). TONY BLAIR: Jonathan was my hero FORMER PRIME MINISTER WRITES EXCLUSIVELY FOR JEWISH NEWS about his deep friendship with Rabbi Lord Sacks, who he "loved and admired". Some promises are short-term. Throughout the Bible, when Israelite leaders reach out to God for help, God comes to their aid. But when I decided to attend Saint Mary’s Academy, I didn’t think twice about the newly infused religious aspect of my education. When I went on to study politics and journalism in college, I often thought back to how effective religion was as a tool for discussing politicized issues — like when we studied the play “The Laramie Project” as a platform for discussing sexuality and religion. ET: A brief teaching with My Jewish Learning on the weekly Torah portion live on Facebook with Rabbi Ari Hart. Credibility is hard to earn and easy to lose. In the Book of Samuel, when the Israelites demand a king, God grants their request, and directs the prophet Samuel to find a young man named Saul and anoint him as king (Samuel I, chapter 9). How the Five Books of Moses are divided up into weekly portions. Prejudice against Jews has always existed in the United States, but American anti-Semitism differs from its European precursor in fundamental ways. This series of blessings recited after meals is about much more than just food. What Does it Mean to Be Grateful? Moses persists and finally performs some signs and wonders that Pharaoh’s magicians cannot do. Trust is something earned, not something easily given. Gratitude Through the Lens of the Ten Commandments. Rabbi Luzzato mentions that there are people who lie for a living, to promote business or to be counted among the wise. Multi-Faith and Gratitude: How Do We Give Thanks? You’ll never believe what happened to me last night! Scroll, Sage, and Stage: Jacob’s Pain in an Age of Change: Notes from a Novelist & Commentator. Upon learning of these new developments Colonel Henry, arguing that the army’s credibility was at stake, initiated a cover-up. Visit us today! Samuel explains that God redeemed the Israelites from their enemies after they expressed regret for their idolatrous ways and cried out to Him for help. Colonel Henry, a French military intelligence agent, testified that he had additional information definitively implicating Dreyfus, but that this information involved classified military secrets and thus could not be revealed. On this Day of Gratitude, we will use the words of our traditional morning prayers as a guide to start our day. The sister of Moses and Aaron was an important part of the sibling team that led Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness. Join live on their Facebook page. “Testify against me in the presence of the Eternal and in the presence of God’s anointed,” he challenges them. Streamed live on Melton’s Facebook page. Connect via Zoom here. Or what about the odd expression, “I’m not going to lie to you.” Well, that’s a relief. Join Drisha and Atiq: Jewish Maker Institute for an interactive Jewish learning and arts workshop. It has a long and illustrious history of study, prepping readers on the intricacies of saintliness and humility. Moses risks a great deal in approaching Pharaoh and that creates a base level of trust. Henry’s evidence was exposed as a clumsy forgery. The Talmud understood this problem all too well and condemned the liar to the greatest punishment: a tarnished reputation. Henry himself was thrown in jail, where he killed himself. Join My Jewish Learning for a special Kaddish minyan about gratitude. My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. Compared to the rigorous academics and competitiveness of my peers, religion classes became an opportunity for relaxed discussion and debate. The Talmud does sanction the telling of white lies in select circumstances. In his book, The Genesis of Leadership, Rabbi Nathan Laufer masterfully weaves leadership lessons both into and out of Jewish texts, predominantly the Hebrew Bible. The Dreyfus affair was a watershed event in the history of European anti-Semitism. In first grade, my mom visited my class to teach my peers how to play dreidel so I wouldn’t feel left out when my classmates shared their excitement for Christmas. His continued persistence earns another. In the Book of Samuel, when the Israelites demand a king, God grants their request, and directs the prophet Samuel to find a young man named Saul and anoint him as king (Samuel I, chapter 9). The haftarah selection is from Samuel I, 11:14-12:22. The fact that the public, including nobles and members of the clergy, saw Dreyfus–an assimilated Jew–as an outsider seemed to suggest that assimilation was no longer a defense against anti-Semitism. Tuesday, November 24, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. When the information was released to the press, the army had no choice but to bring Esterhazy before a court martial; despite the serious evidence against him, the army voted to protect him as one of their own, and Esterhazy was acquitted. ET. Donate. No registration required; simply, Join My Jewish Learning Live Online for the High Holiday Season, Where to Stream Simchat Torah Services and Celebrations, Your Guide to the Best Elul and High Holidays Classes and Events, Your Guide to the Best Online Sukkot Classes and Events, Daily Guide to Our Zoom Events, Livestreams and Other Online Resources. On the first day of freshman year, I quickly realized that Judaism was going to be a part of my identity in a way it never had been before. “They habituate themselves to this practice to the point where it becomes part of their nature,” following the prophet Jeremiah’s warning: “They have taught their tongues to speak falsehood.

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