minecraft discord down

Published by on November 13, 2020

@ChezSquid @discord is there a thing on discord where I can disconnect the current logged in devices?.. Is there something wrong or is it just me. @thisisfr33dum Kast is having issues tonight, so we've moved to Discord.

The main point why am I writing them if it wouldn't turn on my minecraft server would it work? @frozendolfin hit me up in Discord I've had issues before. @Sapu94 Fixed that operation issue u were helping me with, I cant exactly pinpoint how tho. Mystic | Minecraft Community and Constant Giveaways. Were you offline on discord? Thanks :> Sorry about the issues earlier I am on for a few hours right now come by and hang out if you want check discord for the link or DM me :D. I figured out the reason why I couldn’t connect to my stream chat and discord properly. RT @V4MP1R3_PR1NC3: i wanna be hanging out playing minecraft not WORKING. The link in the tweet does not work, however the link on the website homepage does. Update. More computer issues today, so stream will unfortunately be delayed until Friday. How do you rate Discord over the past 3 months? @discord uhh idk why but when I try and check a server I’m in, it freezes and then closes the app? but thx for the help on discord, @steveruu And I'll also be working.with @YTNicksnKicks regarding how, when, and what with the #Minecraft season series. This last update has caused a glitch where if the villager is bumped while sleeping, it will slide off (sometimes into walls/cave systems). KVK registration number: 70654115, The Netherlands. I don’t know how it’s really working out though. It doesn't block it out like `in:` for example. @MojangSupport @MojangStatus are you guys aware that Nintendo Switch is unable to join Minecraft realms? ive been on discord since about 2017, i have tricks of not getting spammed, got quite annoying when i was in 27 servers. @chaosjames4 Are you still struggling with this problem? minecraft has no problem but phasmophobia is heavy on my pc i guess? @_wrexand @levelupseries @LevelUpYourGame Thx for the feedback. Good day, @BlackBeartic @CantolopeSSB @discord I did that and it’s still not working, RT @TiredCapybara42: I NOW HAVE A DISCORD SERVER! All copyrights, trademarks, service Thank you in advance for your reply, @_CerealSauce ?

anyone know of fun discord bots I could add?? and working on commissions. @ChrisCuomo just more delay tactics and means to sow disbelief and discord in a secure election. @Mojang I need help with my account. @xMiniDiggerx @Nick130202 @GiansCode But you see the issue with this right? @MojangStatus week 1 of Minecraft not working on my ps4! @1byte_ @discord Hi It's been very useful during the pandemic since there aren't any offli…, @RiotSupport people in the discord are having issues connecting to the game, we were fine 30 minutes ago but now it keeps saying ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER when loading. @xMiniDiggerx @Nick130202 @GiansCode But you see the issue with this right? Tune in soon ? #twitch #mixer #programming #chatbots #discord. Until further notice our discord server is down ? @V4MP1R3_PR1NC3 @SkipMagnificent CHT SAID WILBURS DISCORD SERVER IS BROKEN AND IT IS I CANT EVEN GET IN THE SERVER IT SAYS IM NIT IN IT BUT ITS IN THE FOLDER I OUT IT IN???? EDIT: had some setting up issues for the FM21 stream so instead we're gonna do an extra long Minecraft session.

What's happening @discord ?? @AdidasGangsterG but thx for the help on discord, @discord Having problems? @Mikeantsal15 @Spotify @HamiltonMusical @thebeatles DISCONNECT FROM MY HAMILTON MINECRAFT SERVER PLS. May or may not be working on a discord for my twitch ? @discord sorry for interrupting, discord is having issues today?

@fluffy_elastico I've also wanted to join some Discord Servers but man do I chicken out when I hover over the join button lol. not that anyone cares but im going to be inactive for a while to focus on college. Only problem with it is that devs got pissy about it and forced nvidia to pull their games :(. Is there a fix? hey . @MojangSupport @Xbox @XboxSupport I don’t know if it’s my game that is broken but my Minecraft doesn’t seem to load any of my skins and I can’t seem to even load the in game store. how is everyone today? Pls help! @ColonelMusturd either way im not working on my essay rn. @discord FIX YOUR CONNECTION WITH 500+ HOURS DELAY. Also, not all the time in a good condition ka man to work because may physical/emotional problems ka but you don't have a choice kay you need to help because gaubra na sila. @dnlkiro RT @JackmoveJohnny: I don't condone bullying or harassment on my Discord server. Kast is having issues tonight, so we've moved to Discord. @vuk_ninja @Dev_TF2 Is the discord link broken for anyone else??? @RMZAB i was talking to a friend on discord. I just deleted the folder "~/Library/Application Support/discord" and restarted Discord and that fixed it. Then he became the administrator in Mother 3vwhem Giygas went offline.

@Minecraft hi there having trouble linking and signing into my #microsoft minecraft account on my ps4, i know there is issues there but can anyone help me sort this out? @discord having some connection issues, help... @Wo1fMaster243 Ik it takes time, I just am making sure you're aware of the issue :). I bought java Minecraft 2 days ago. @discord fix discord , service is broken. No dnd stream this week, but I will try to do a fun stream on Thursday and Sunday.

honestly feels nice to just be competitive on a small scale I bought java Minecraft 2 days ago. @Bakuman84 Be the first to know the next time Discord goes down.

@professor_mgw Discord link not working. Help, Well I had to quit the stream because Minecraft was just not working, My computer goes down right as I was getting back into Minecraft with my brother and our friend. I don’t know how it’s really working out though. So in Minecraft I am trying to join a friend it gets stuck on locating server do you know how to fix this glitch. i have enough space and my java is good. Nothing I've done helps and my minecraft now crashes after attempting to join a realm after the first error message. After asking around in the @pcper Discord server and AMD subreddit, I bought a new PSU. I think I have the issues narrowed down, so should hopefully be resolved very soon! Discord every time I do not receive messages due to connection problems, please help. #Streams #Twitch #Minecraft #Letsplay #Solo #gaming #pathtoaffiliate. i also have disc now for no reason loll. I know about it a bit but I get asked most days as to why I’m not working on it, @MineHosterDE I have 3 for my 3 kids and none can login to their Microsoft account nor can they even load a new local game as Steve. And with good reason.

@stacyftwTV This is happening to me too. @RTalsorianGames We Roll20 with Discord chat. @MTLxSpider Firefox crashed and caused act, discord, and more to crash loool I'm currently building my base and might go exploring later so I hope you enjoy! Then banning accounts from Minecraft won’t stop people from buying alts from alt shops. It really isn't a good solution. this is LATAM (LAN), @ohhh_elle Thank you in advance for your reply, @TheOtherTravGuy Out of all the streaming services I've tried geforce now has the lowest latency.

is discord down for anyone else lmao, @f1r3_hell i dieee but is the discord server already open?? This masterpiece from Notch has managed to worm its way into the hearts of millions of players, who enjoy it on all its available platforms: iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Linux, Mac, and (of course) Windows. I can get the audio to send but it's distorted/extremely quiet.

Hey, @discord is there an outage, Because i can not join one of my discord servers. My villagers are glitching quite a bit recently. When are you gonna fix the issue with the PS4 Bedrock Edition's online multiplayer? Minecraft Discord Servers. @Inmersion5 Thanks #help #PlayStation #Minecraft, @kowalskireal

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