maja blanca with butter recipe

Published by on November 13, 2020

. Mix with a fork until everything is incorporated. The crunchy, sweet corn kernels should contrast the smooth, creamy texture of the filling nicely. It's a more straightforward version of our classic Filipino coconut pudding, with fewer ingredients and easier steps than the maja blanca espesyal and maja de ube I also have on the blog. Leave to cool. Although it's creamy and delicious and has satisfied my sweet cravings on many a night, I have to say it pales next to this maja blanca espesyal which has an added creaminess from condensed and evaporated milk. 2) In a small bowl you will mix ¾ cup of your milk with ¾ cup cornstarch. Pour mixture in a greased baking dish or serving tray. Maja blanca is a light Filipino dessert usually eaten for dessert. I want to make the towka, I love tofu and oyster sauce!! Copyright 2020 Robust Kitchen, all rights reserved. We may earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no extra charge to you. Grease a 11×7 baking pan then pour the mixture and spread evenly. Stir well until sugar is dissolved. Like many Filipino recipes, maja blanca recipes have many variations. This is a crowd pleaser in any handaan, so if I were you, I’d try learning this delicious recipe as well. Maja Kalabasa Recipe is a great snack for the kids who don’t eat veggies. Required fields are marked, Name *, Email *. It features everything an aspiring home cook yearns for in a unique and delicious dessert. This can produce  1 1/2 cups, let it completely cool before you store it. The medley of cornstarch and milk should hold firm (it should not be runny). We recommend trying our baseline maja blanca recipe first before going crazy with ingredients. We found that over-caramelizing (overheating) the flaky coconut layer made the exterior overly tough and unappetizing. Though, it is also a fun way of introducing the kids to eat healthier and nutritious snack than consuming their favorite junk foods. This is a great snack for the whole family, particularly for the kids who don’t eat veggies; it is a perfect way to sneak in some healthy ingredients to their dessert without them knowing that they have actually eaten some vegetables. Also sometimes called coconut pudding, it’s light, creamy and refreshing. Spread out evenly with a spatula or spoon, making sure any air bubbles are popped. Put-in a clean plastic container then refrigerate, it has 4 days storage life. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or potential new variants. As the name suggests, the dessert is of Spanish origin, adapted from the traditional holiday dessert, Manjar Blanco, and is thus related to … Maja blanca is thought to be a variant of the Spanish "manjar blanco" desserts, a set of milk-based delicacies that have interwoven themselves in just about every culture out there. All I know is that it is a coconut pudding with corn and that it taste really good. 8) Once cooled, place your dish in the refrigerator for a minimum of one hour. Enjoy! We also found that unadulterated (full fat) milks resulted in a more delicious product (for obvious reasons). Dissolve cornstarch in thick coconut milk (First coconut extract). Stir continuously until mixture thicken to a paste or until you reach desired thickness. Once it is a nice brown color, remove coconut from the heat. In a pan, over medium heat, toast dessicated coconut until medium brown. Let it chill on the countertop while you make your topping. For more information, check out our Disclaimer. No oven, few ingredients, little time, and a delicious result. Add-in the butter and stir to combine the butter with the mixture. Every region, province, and family have their own way of making maja. Maja blanca is a Filipino dessert made of coconut milk and corn. 3 sweet base milks, a "corny" center, and a crunchy, caramelized coconut exterior. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Pinoy Recipe at iba pa on the PinoyRecipe.Net, « Victorias Chorizo Patties Recipe with Mango Chutney. Sweet Corn kernels – for convenience I use the boxed/canned corn. thanks for the recipe! Keep tossing the dessicated coconut so it won’t burn until you reach the desired color. There are also some who modified the recipe and added butter since it gives a yellow hue to this dessert which is normally white. Maja blanca is a very popular Filipino desserts yet most people (including me) doesn’t even know what it means. Unlike the traditional maja blanca that is usually white in color, this Maja Kalabasa Recipe is like a golden pudding made with squash, which makes this dessert absolutely nutritious. Maja Kalabasa Recipe is the healthier version the famous dessert, which is known and much loved by every Filipino as Maja Blanca or Coconut Cake. Filed Under: Christmas Recipes, Filipino Recipes, Pinoy Delicacies, Pinoy Desserts Tagged With: desserts, Filipino Christmas Recipes, pinoy desserts. Simmer on low heat for a few minutes, while stirring, until desired thickness has evolved. Maja kalabasa , is a good way to make your children eat vegetables. 3) In a large saucepan over high heat, mix coconut milk, the remaining 1½ cups of your normal milk, and sweetened condensed milk. Your email address will not be published. 3 sweet base milks, a "corny" center, and a crunchy, caramelized coconut exterior. Simmer for 7-8 minutes. 4 Coriander Substitutes For a Seamless Swap, Blue Cheese – A Comprehensive Guide to Moldy Cheese, Can You Freeze Fudge? Stir often to avoid burning your coconut. When she isn't nannying or exploring the beautiful city of Prague, she's sharing her favorite recipes on the web. I have no made kalabasa. Where did this unique dish originate? Add cornstarch mixture into milk mixture. We used two smaller pans, but a larger pan will work too. 6) Next you will make your topping by heating the desiccated coconut in a pan over medium-low heat. This sounds so good. Sprinkle Maja Kalabasa with cashew nuts on top and let it cool completely before slicing it. In medium heat add evaporated milk, sugar, condensed milk and sweet cream corn. A slight brown coconut flavor will retain some of its chewy texture while still providing those caramel end products. I am always looking to try new recipes for the kids and myself. Spain, the UK, and countless European and South American countries all have variations that provide their own unique ingredients. This should become even more-so after refrigerated. In a large casserole Combine cornstarch with reserved squash/kalabasa stock and whisk until it dissolves. But I will have to try it. 5) Immediately transfer your mixture to prepared pans. A simple Filipino recipe to indulge in a whole new category of desserts. 1 cup sweetened condensed milk (306g) (use ½ cup for a less-sweet dessert), ½ cup dried (desiccated) coconut flakes (50g). 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