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Published by on November 13, 2020

Their kids would have one sock on and one sock off. The self-imposed social media ban helped so much in terms of coping with that in Rio. The Dutch were back to their best and England – having to deal with a host of retirements, injuries and a new coach in Mark Hager – were overwhelmed 8-0 in the semi-final. 'Through it all I’ve learned to stay disciplined but patient; determined yet humble. And weighing up the pros and cons of playing in the English league, the cons outweighed the pros.”. I would say that sums her up – a team player, down to earth, but very intense in terms of her personal preparation. One of the most important moments for me in Rio was actually a text I received from him before the Olympic final. You should play an individual sport if you want to put all that pressure on yourself.’ Then Maddie would reply, 'No Mum. FROM - SOUTHAMPTON. I like the feeling of winning as a team. There are so many people who help to get me In The Zone; psychologists, physios, team-mates, coaches. It's kind of the same difference as hearing music but not actually listening to it. “I’m done with putting pressure on myself individually and I’m done putting pressure on us as a group. Madeleine Clare Hinch, MBE (born 8 October 1988) is an English international field hockey player. You know what I mean? We have certain programmes which test her under stress. But one thing I do is I send her cards. 'Sometimes things just happen and they’re completely out of your control,' she says. All rights reserved. She was responsible for one of Great Britain’s standout moments of Rio 2016. And she can be pretty hard on herself. “The whole thing is just so unique and special. “It’s impossible to explain to someone the feelings and emotions around an Olympic Games,” she said. you. My job is to get Maddie ready. Maddie was so competitive. Training hard can teach you a lot about your body, but Shauna thinks it teaches you even more about your mind. On matchdays the process starts for me the moment I step out of the changing room for the first time, 30 minutes before the match, with my headphones on. The most important has to be my goalkeeping trainer Martijn Drijver. 'A lot of my movements - and my ability to get into positions in goal quickly and powerfully - comes from the work I do behind the scenes,' she says. A big early save is great and if I have one to make in the first 10 minutes then 90 per cent of the time the match goes well for me. Maddie Hinch took eight months off international duty, but is confident Great Britain can rebound after qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics following a disappointing Euros (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool) Pro Athletes on How to Recover from Training, What 6 Athletes Would Order From McDonald's, WH21 Day Challenge - From Couch to Workout Pro, How a Pro Athlete Trains for Three Hours Straight, The Pro Vegan PETA Advert That Was Banned From US TV. Whether it was the egg-and-spoon race, playing football with the boys, skiing (she is an excellent skier), or diving (she has her advanced PADI certificate) she was always very driven. 'Every cloud has a silver lining'. In fact, that was ultimately the difference in that shoot-out. It didn’t always work. They would deliver food that you could just chuck in a microwave and not have to think about. A bit like when Red Bull surprised Maddie with a series of challenges to test her goalie skills to the limit, including saving her mum and friends from balls firing! I think it is different for goalkeepers to remain In The Zone during a match because our role is so different. Well, I wouldn't say we have a regular routine. You can get so tired when training that you don’t feel like cooking. Sign up now to the free messenger bot, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Leading light in women's sport. 'Throughout my training I’ve worked hard, I’ve failed and I’ve triumphed,' she says. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. We’d hit rock bottom at a World Cup less than two years before an Olympic gold medal. Maddie was at boarding school from 13 so we weren’t always around. England finished bottom of their pool at the 2014 World Cup. In my view you are at your best when you are playing purely on instinct. View detailed stats "The shoot-out is something i live for" Looking forward doing this once again! He told me to stay big. I guess we did have something to do with it. In terms of getting In The Zone, there is of course a big difference between regular internationals and major tournaments. The same applies to any type of career - if you love your job, you’ll be successful. But I would say Maddie is a bit more serious. BORN - 8TH OCTOBER 1988. Read the story "Be. I wouldn’t call it superstition, It’s just getting all the boxes ticked. But the pressure of living up to the standards she set herself took its toll on an intense competitor whose Rio heroics earnt her the nickname “Mad Dog” . What price a repeat? 'I am very passionate about eating well. But with four months to go the Team GB squad nutritionist arranged for a company to look after me. A gold-medalist goalkeeper for the GB Hockey team, Maddie Hinch follows a detailed training program specifically designed to keep her at the top of her game. I don’t have any control over those things. Hinch, 31, also made the unusual decision not to play club hockey this season in an attempt to keep fresh for the defence of GB’s Olympic title, with the team’s preparations ramping up in the new year. I remember I sent her a two-word message before the final: 'Stay Big'. I’m not particularly sporty myself (although my husband is sports-obsessed; he'll have his headphones in while mowing the lawn, the F1 on in the background, and the Sheffield Wednesday match on his laptop…), I would just try to be there for her; to calm her down when she got agitated. The anthem is always a bit of a weird one because when you are fully In The Zone you are not really aware of the crowd. We did the same with that Rio group. And away from competition we want to do all we can with it. “We had honest conversations, both individually and with the coaches, we looked at our training environment and we changed things.”. She has to have coping mechanisms for when things aren’t going well. Then I go and get my goalkeeping kit on back in the changing room and it is time for some stick and ball with my goalkeeping trainer. You know? We'll work together maybe two days a week. “I chose not to play club, and it was difficult because this is the first time since I was about 15 that I’ve not been associated with a club,” Hinch explained. And if these nuggets of wisdom inspire you to learn more from some of the UK’s best female athletes, then check out Red Bull Project Pro. I know I am ‘In The Zone’ when the only thought in my mind is: me versus the ball. It's so much easier to stick to what you know you're good at, but for Lucy, working on your weak spots is essential, and it's where you'll see the most gains. It's a team game. But injuries can happen when you are undernourished so nutrition is incredibly important. Maddie spent a season playing with Stitsche in Holland after Rio when she came up against the Dutch players week in, week out. To give her the tools she needs to perform at her best. limitless." Nutrition is another key part of my preparation. But if they do need me it means I did a pretty bad job. “I think groups have to go through these real hard times. It makes you feel you want to go into battle. I used to run her to matches until she could drive herself. My big thing with goalkeepers is to get them to actually see the ball, not just to look at it. John Hurst had done a brilliant job with her. Maybe it’s from growing up all over the place. It's how you deal with them that counts. I use different coloured balls. At the Olympics you are In The Zone for two to three weeks because you can’t get out of it. As a nation watched entranced on an August Friday night, Hinch proved to be almost the antithesis of, for example, England’s football goalkeepers. And the best thing for Hinch is that she can’t wait for Tokyo. Great Britain’s women’s hockey team managed to draw 3-3 in the gold-medal match with the all-conquering Netherlands, who found Hinch impenetrable in the shootout as she saved all four Dutch “shuffles”. But an early mistake can definitely have an impact on your focus. When you have a bad game more often than not it is because you have thought too much about what you are doing. And team GB goalkeeper, a. British Olympic Hero in 2016 and. Learn more about Red Bull Project Pro and how you can get exclusive tips from 6 pro athletes. It's also about the prep you do beforehand. I lost both of my parents quite young. The ability to bounce back will get you far.'.

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