le creuset customer service warranty

Published by on November 13, 2020

That means, if your beloved cookware chips or cracks, the company will replace it for free. Le Creuset guarantees its cast iron products for life. Gift cards and taxes do not count toward the minimum purchase requirement. Believe all the reviews you read about Le Creuset customer service. They have received the item and have not refunded me. AND their products are packed very badly so there is often damage during shipping. SALT AND PEPPER MILLS 10-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – LE CREUSET® OF AMERICA, INC. And light stains or scratches aren't going to get you a new one either. I have two and they both have food stuck to them, even cooking with oil. Le Creuset customer service. It’s supposed to withstand very high heat for the Dutch oven to bake bread in it. Their warranty process is centered around how you use and take care of the product; my regular cleaning method is to use hot soapy water and a nylon sponge. In case you didn't realize there was an alternative, the best phone number for Le Creuset customer support is 877-418-5547. Their customer service gets a failing grade!. Their claim of customer service is nothing more than a deceptive trade practice, My Lg tv panel gaurranty but not replaced panel company. Please include a daytime phone number, It replaced our 40-year-old pan … which we had bought in a charity shop. I then had to follow-up with my claim several months later which set off another email chain regarding colors and availability with a very helpful and responsive representative named Tiffany. Le Creuset offers a 5 year guarantee on its stovetop kettles. I am not going to repeat what has been said by others. I am not sure whether I suffered a hoax or Le Creuset service is truly this horrible. Finden Sie mit unserer Beratung das perfekte Geschenk. Its response was that the dish was old (pre-1978) and not covered by its lifetime guarantee policy, but that because of the exceptional condition and weirdness of the marks it would send me a new one. Very Positive Warranty ExperienceWe had issues a dutch oven and balti dish, both over a decade old that were gifted to us from family. Service im Shop. Despite what I told them in their warranty questionnaire, they kept telling me I would had either overheated the pot or used bleach, gumption, metal utensils etc. Alternatively, please contact the Le Creuset customer service team (details are provided at the back of this booklet). Buy Now : Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven, 9-Quart The company says that owners aren't allowed to intentionally damage their cast-iron purchases for new colors or another size, so don't get any crazy ideas. How have we never heard about this before? Le Creuset: Great Customer Service Experience. published Jun 4, 2009. Misleading customers and shocking customer services. Ihre kompetente Farbberatung. I am just going to cast my 1 star vote in this arena. The dutch oven experienced a large chip in the enamel off the bottom of the pot, and the finish inside the cast iron balti dish had also started to flake. Yet they have a huge sale but without the infrastructure to support it. STORE IN DER NÄHE FINDEN Service im Shop. After a month we received our casserole pot.We are very happy and the lifetime warranty was honoured. I sent the pics back in JULY and never heard back again! I received the wrong color of an item I purchased online. Ensure you get the best from Le Creuset! 2 days later I receive notification from UPS that package is on the way. The Le Creuset Sale Of Your Dreams Is Happening, Le Creuset Is Bringing Back a Retired Color, Le Creuset's Flower Collection Is Fit for Spring, Take a Peek at Le Creuset’s Cosmos Collection. All rights reserved. Warranty details may be found here or in the item’s box; please refer to your item’s warranty before attempting a return. My Le Creuset had a some chipping in the enamel. There was also an issue with shipping that was ultimately resolved without any cost on my end. They are World Class Awful! So if you notice a crack or a chip in the enamel the next time you go to braise a chicken for dinner, just let the company know and they'll send you a brand-new item — no purchase necessary. Lousy customer service. Considering everything, price, customer service, ease of use, maintenance this is not worth it at all.

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