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Published by on November 13, 2020

The Trachyandra family of plants is interesting. ET rounds up a bunch of facts and anecdotes that sound so ridiculous, you'll question their authenticity. Samsung is the highest ranking smartphone company. It’s so compact that you can just set it up in your room. Put it in a glass using some physics and viola, you have a Lichtenberg showpiece. It is IoT-enabled and can really help you out if you are looking for something powerful, minuscule and cheap. RIP! How to earn from Appen? Baby planets FTW! The Onion Omega 2 is tiny. The World Wide Web is a good example of that. The most dangerous laptop in this world is in new york which is kept for auction, the price is about 6 crores based on bidding. Also, you might have heard about Area 51 where there are lots of theories regarding aliens in that place. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Did you know? 25% Americans use mobile phones to use internet. Did you know about the most dangerous laptop in this world? 12 weird but true facts about technology 19. It’s just so majestic to see the tallest tree in the world shoot right out of the heart of a cluster of trees and soar towards the sky. As most of the electricals & electronics like refrigerators, phones, etc are manufactured there, so during the manufacturing process harmful gases are released which is chlorofluorocarbon, according to reports 60% of chlorofluorocarbon gases are released by china. Emails were formed before World Wide Web. Which was the first domain that was registered on the internet? The wrap-around spider from the land down under literally wraps itself around a tree and “disappears” into its background. check out the interesting and amazing stuff.. Android Development C Programming Operating Systems. The Xylaria Polymorpha is one heck of a creepy plant. 14. It is biodegradable and designed to self-destruct after just one mission. This plant has evolved to inculcate properties that just defy basic laws of physics. 8. A normal sword-billed hummingbird’s beak is an inch larger than the Ruby-throated hummingbird. Even more aggressive is Intel, who bullishly predicts the 2020 IoT market will comprise nearly 300 billion devices! 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative tech evolutions of our times. A female dolphin will assist in the birth of another’s baby dolphin. Here you will find articles connected to technology and a lot of other, Geeky contents under one roof. So, it's obvious that a normal person will never purchase this deadliest laptop. 8. Though wearing sunglasses protects you from UV radiations, it might get you sunburned too. Unfortunately, the facts that amuse you aren’t necessarily the truth. Over 3.8 billion people use the internet today, which is 40% of the world’s population. The world is full of interesting things and you may not have realized them. The energy from the brightest object in our sky is more than enough to meet all our needs and then some more. Interesting Facts That Will Amaze You. 8. The International Space Station will be decommissioned in 2024. So here is the list of facts that you will find interesting: 3. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, right? The first computer ENIAC was of 1800 square feet. It is running Windows XP. ( Log Out /  8 billion devices are connected to internet. Sub-atomic particles are scattered in the emptiness of an atom and are surrounded by swathes of empty space at a microscopic level. One of the most powerful telescopes of the world has captured the formation of a solar system. Well, here’s the answer. 600 websites are created every minute. Transistor radios came into existence after several decades. 100 interesting facts that will amaze and entertain you. Huawei was one of the most popular & highest selling android smartphone manufacturer. An EM drive would really help us get there. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 10. The American government is doing research on alien technology like on UFOs etc. Download Far Cry 4 BlackBox - 12.8 GB / CorePack V2 - 5.69 GB, Download links for Far Cry 4 BlackBox - 12.8 GB | CorePack V2 - 5.69 GB, Best ad networks for publishers to earn money. Science facts: 80 amazing facts about science. One of the most abundant greenhouse gases which are responsible for climate change can be reduced if cows fart less. So let’s understand our world better by going through these interesting facts about science. Picture a night at the beach with the bioluminescent firefly squids lighting up the ocean with sparkling blue lights. There are many definitions one can find over the web, but the basic one follows as “the study of the world around us.” Studying and understand the world is all science about. H. Day sure seems like he would have been a fun guy to hang out with. More than 570 new websites are created every minute. 16. Who doesn’t love sheep? You might know that but it still doesn’t make re-watching a demo less awesome. ( Log Out /  I have found some very interesting facts about technology for you. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. All rights reserved. 25% Americans use mobile phones to use internet. Text: Hitesh Raj Bhagat, ET bureau You can't argue with the relentless march of technology but you can marvel at some of the absurdities from the past few decades. 2. 2020, of course, is just a convenient target date for roughly-10-years-off predictions. It's a fact that Huwaei started in the 1980s & this company first started with telephone exchange switches. The Valais Blacknose breed sport all that! 18. 1. I hope that you would find these good. In the midst of relishing the greatest gooey chocolate spread ever, you wouldn’t really like it if someone interrupted and asked, “Hey, is Nutella healthy?” But we want you to ask that to yourself. Interesting Facts About Technology. 6. Android vs iOS 2020 : Which is better iOS or android? By signing up, you are agreeing to our terms of use. Did you know how many android & iPhone devices are active in this world? Although Area 51 is a highly classified US air force facility. 8 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now. ... By 2020, IHS expects that number to swell to 75 billion! This question might have been bugging you for some time now. If Jupiter’s land mass is really non-existent, what is the largest of all planets in our solar system made up of? So without further ado, here are the top 100 surprising technology facts that you (probably) didn’t know! 3. Join our mailing list to get notified about new courses and features. Did you know which country ranks on most application downloads on the phone? Android vs iOS comparison is done here. We can’t really see it from Earth, but we should definitely know about it. I have found some very interesting facts about technology for you. Pros: No mistakes on the artist’s part. Clouds don’t really strike us as something that might weigh a lot, do they? Did you know most photographs taken of food in this world? Did you know how email was sent before www? AI-as-a-service . The highest temperature ever recorded on earth wasn’t in a desert. 24. 4 . The PCEye mini is the world’s first eye tracker that features a built-in ASIC created exclusively for eye tracking. It gives up this look at adulthood. Read the privacy policy for more information. Did you know which are the phones that are sold with the highest numbers? 11.1.2 billions people use Microsoft office. Each year Google pays billions of dollars to Mozilla firefox & apple safari. Lammergeiers are the only species that dye their feathers & it is believed that deeper the shade of their feathers, the longer they’ve lived. Courses 8085 Microprocessors 8051 Microcontrollers. How do I get a job in Appen. We take … So in a way, H. Day was the owner of the coolest first walkman or personal radio. It was recorded at the CERN laboratory in Europe. 23. You remember that scene in the Captain America movie where they find the tesseract in the ocean? It just takes a little imagination and physics! A gyre is a manifestation of basic physics in the ocean that causes the issue of ocean trash and eventually leads to the formation of a trash vortex. The Firefox logo isn’t a fox. McDonald’s straw is a testament to the fact that the simplest of things can be re-engineered and improved. Below is a list of 35 Incredible Technology Facts that we find absolutely astounding. Tracks Internet of things. Cons: Well it’s gonna look like the terminator is operating on you. In this article, I will share some of the interesting &. Metal whiskers are a phenomenon that causes hair-like micro-rods to grow out of a metal.

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