interactive media marketing

Published by on November 13, 2020

Read on to learn more about the 5 main interactive content types and how you can use them to drive audience engagement. By browsing our website, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Increase visitor retention. We can convert your regular floor plans in to immersive 3D virtual tours. We Are Committed To Protecting Your Privacy. Source: Federal Student Aid Calculators aren’t just for mortgage and auto insurance estimates. I remember checking out in math class when learning about graphing because it was such a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. The best way to do this is through surveys and analyzing data. Made in partnership with Visage, our Data Storytelling infographic uses interactive visuals and an engaging narrative to provide viewers with an easier way to comprehend data. Impress buyers and stand out with photorealistic Virtual Staging. Interactive marketing involves a marketing tactic that is in direct response to something a consumer does. 20 of the Best Interactive Marketing Examples. Having calculators integrated into a website’s layout makes it easier for people to do their research in one place. We work fast! Augmented reality (AR) is the modification of a real-life environment by the addition of sound, visual elements or other sensory stimuli. Other cons include: If you'd like to use interactive marketing in your business, you'll need to spend time understanding your market, its wants, and needs, as well as what actions can lead to results. The possibilities are endless. Told from multiple points-of-view, readers are encouraged to explore the microsite either by place or by travel agent. The only difference is that this world is digital. Are perceived to be a “very desirable feature” by 57% of leisure travelers and 46% of business travelers. If a professional in the field can’t get through your content, chances are your consumers and prospects won’t be able to, either. The firm focuses on early-stage investments in the direct-to-consumer sector, and aims to be the venture partner of choice for startups in the consumer goods, leisure and media sectors. Our professional’s help you convey the look and feel of your business through interactive content, quality commercial photography, corporate video and the latest in online and social media marketing. Typically, we see storytelling in narrative-driven content types like eBooks, microsites, and whitepapers. For example, "Do you want fries with that?" Amazon not only tells you what others are browsing that are similar to your search, but also, if you buy an item, Amazon will tell you what others who have bought that item also bought. And most consumers want a dialogue with brands rather than a one-way barrage of long, impersonal content. Is it working? Let's face it, to deliver recommendations, you have to track what consumers do, and for some, tracking their every move is a little creepy. Google Ads Workshop; Google Analytics Workshop; SEO Workshop; Mit Krick zum Klick; Online Marketing Tag 2019; Digital City Congress Würzburg; Jobs. Refinery 29’s clear, easy-to-use quiz helps move viewers through the content while keeping them engaged until they learn their results. Havas will aid with its marketing plans in 54 markets outside of North America. This easy-to-use calculator lets users plug in my loan information, tax filing status, and income to produce a variety of repayment estimates based on the plan parameters. We understand 360° and are here all the way of the process with you. Ask if they want fries? 360° Photography is a technique where we use specialized equipment to capture the entire surrounding of a location or subject item allowing the viewer to look freely in any direction. Interactive marketing relies on customers expressing their preferences so that marketers can produce more relevant marketing messages. It allows (and encourages) people—especially students—to become more active in their learning experience, more collaborative and to be more in control of what they're learning. Often, the content I find is great and the information is solid enough to hold my attention. Virtual tours aren’t just for luxury listings, we work with businesses across different markets. We do not disclose any personal information obtained about you or your company from this website to third parties. As a recent grad, one of the most common calculators that pops up in my life is this loan repayment estimator. If people are already having difficulty making their way through longform content, it’s most likely even more of a challenge for them to stay engaged long enough to digest your data. Instant results makes the process of calculating loans much less stressful and allows users to make decisions based on their personalized results. offering ultra high definition video up to 4k resolution and high definition imagery. For one, it makes the consumer feel like they're heard, understood, and receiving personal service. Virtual reality (VR) enables the creation of a simulated environment that our senses can come to believe is real. 3Dography specializes in Corporate and Real Estate video production, We have a full in-house team of directors, videographers, editors, and colorists. As you hover over your selection, the colored square gets darker, indicating that it’s the option you’re choosing. Use the data to tweak your system. The best part? In fact, they find interactive marketing so resourceful that they have started depending totally on the results they get from these interactive marketing campaigns. And quizzes are a valuable asset for your brand because they give you greater insight into your audience. Source: Rapt Media Maybelline’s interactive makeup guide allows viewers to choose which tutorial they want to see. And its everything for us as well.! Rather than obscure the stats with boring information or intimidating graphs, this infographic puts data front and center with a unique and compelling treatment. Over half of marketers believe video is the best content type when it comes to ROI. It's usually asked if you order a hamburger, but not if you order a shake. It aims to reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation from its brands, and change the attitudes of five million drivers towards drink driving. Social Media Webinar; Website Webinar; Workshops. Sometimes called trigger-based or event-based marketing, interactive marketing relies completely on an action started by the consumer. There’s been a lot of buzz around video marketing over the past few years. VR gives users a completely immersive experience, allowing them to delve into a world that an almost carbon copy of reality. Interactive media also has an educational component, making it a very powerful learning tool. Are you getting complaints? From calculators to videos, interactive content can help you create more engaging, personalized, and flexible digital experiences for your audience—while also driving results for your marketing program. You only have to submit your existing floor plans, or basic sales flyer and we turn them into artistic 3D interactive virtual tour in only 48 hours. © 2019 Riveting, impactful content that shows a brand’s human side inspires and provides value rather than trying to push a sale.

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