how often do you wash compression socks

Published by on November 13, 2020

Before explaining to you in detail how to wash compression stockings, let me just briefly explain to you what compression stockings really are. You can wash your socks by hand or putting them in the washing machine; Placing your garment in a mesh laundry bag helps protect them during wash cycles, keeping their shape for longer- but this isn’t necessary. We put together the following steps to ensure you properly wash your compression socks: Step 1: You may be wondering how often to wash compression socks if you intend to wear them regularly. There are several things to keep in mind when washing your compression socks. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Wash your compression socks on a gentle, cold cycle with like colors. Daily cleaning is recommended as a way to preserve the integrity of your socks and keep potentially harmful bacteria away. Thigh or waist-high stockings help reduce pooling of blood in the legs and help prevent lightheadedness or falling when you stand up ( orthostatic hypotension ). This helps to ensure that the socks are clean and do not collect bacteria. One of the main ways to ensure your compression socks maintain their durability is to properly wash them. Compression stockings are actually specialized hosiery items which are designed to increase blood circulation. Compression socks should only be worn once daily. How Should You Care for Your Compression Socks. Compression stockings — sometimes referred to as pressure socks — gently squeeze your legs in a way that helps promote blood flow from the legs back toward the heart. Before you follow these steps, check the manufacturer's instructions (usually included with the packaging) to see what they recommend. Use warm or cool water with a mild soap or detergent Do not use dryer sheets. Talk with a doctor about how often to use compression socks and how long you can safely keep them on. We recommend air drying your socks to maintain the elasticity of the compression. ... Hand-wash compression socks and hang them to dry to prevent warping or changes in the fabric.

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