hebrews 7 commentary

Published by on November 13, 2020

Though, in respect to His mother, He was "of the fruit of (David's, and so of) Abraham's loins," yet, being supernaturally, without human father, conceived, as He is above the natural law of birth, so is he above the law of tithes. "Thou art a priest forever," so he abides a priest continually. We are not only then in virtue of His sacrifice forgiven, but in virtue of the intercession admitted to favor and grace [ARCHBISHOP MAGEE]. So that daysman, that mediator. That is what separates Christianity from all religions. we draw nigh unto God--the sure token of "perfection." That High Priest who should afterward appear, of whom Melchizedec was a type, must be much superior to the Levitical priests. For he of whom these things are spoken pertaineth to another tribe, of which no man gave attendance at the altar. For without any argument the less is blessed of the better ( Hebrews 7:7 ). Like the writer of a good detective story, the writer to the Hebrews draws out a character from the Old Testament that many might think insignificant, and he brings that character into real prominence. So that gives you a little background. In Hebrews the law is associated with a priesthood that was been made obsolete by a superior priesthood. The evangelist Billy Sunday had a great sermon, speaking passionately about how God saved him “from the gutter-most,” because he was a gutter-drunk when God saved him. Christ is the true Prince of peace. not suffered to continue--Greek, "hindered from permanently continuing," namely, in the priesthood. I believe in the verbal inspiration of Scripture; hence, I can see how there can be instruction for us even in the proper names of persons and of places. He said, "What happened to your accusers?" A tenth of the spoils: Spoils is literally the top of the heap, referring to the choicest spoils of war. A better covenant: The Old Covenant had a mediator (Moses), but no one to guarantee the people’s side of the covenant. It"s just that none of us force our religious convictions or beliefs upon each other, but all of us are allowed to practice our religious convictions in freedom. Oh, we"ll be changed. "I don"t know of anything. . In the order of Aaron there was a multitude of priests, of high priests one after another; but in the priesthood of Christ there is only one and the same. It isn"t here declaring that God can reach down to the lowest level of human existence and take a man from that state of a derelict and raise him to a high level of a redeemed preacher. The existence of the tithe as it pertains to the worship of God Most High is therefore in this place established as antecedent to Judaism, of which more will be said under Hebrews 7:8. He is free from all habits or principles of sin, not having the least disposition to it in his nature. 2. gave--Greek, "apportioned"; assigned as his portion. the most high God--called also "Possessor of heaven and earth" ( Genesis 14:19 Genesis 14:22 ). Another proof that the law, or economy, is changed, namely, forasmuch as Christ is appointed Priest, "not according to the law of a carnal (that is, a mere outward) commandment," but "according to the power of an indissoluble (so the Greek) life." They have become priests without an oath: The high priest of the order of Aaron was appointed by heredity, not by personal character or an oath of God. Copyright StatementCopyright © 2014, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Ca. But our High Priest's inherent "power," now in heaven, has in Him "life for ever"; Hebrews 9:14 , "through the eternal Spirit"; Hebrews 7:25 , "able . When did Abraham see Jesus? The law which made the Levitical priesthood, showed that the priests were frail, dying creatures, not able to save their own lives, much less could they save the souls of those who came to them. It was something that was continually changing. Melchisedec, like Christ, unites in himself the kingly and priestly offices, which Abraham does not. The order is subtle but important. It is an order that is established which is an eternal order of priesthood. As Abraham was returning victoriously with the spoils from these five kings, there came out to meet him a man by the name of Melchisedec. So you"d see these Pharisees out there with their fingers down their throat straining to get rid of that gnat, because they didn"t want to do anything that would violate the law. The sufficiency of the one sacrifice to atone for all sins for ever, resulted from its absolute spotlessness. That is why in the Sermon on the Mount, beginning in the fifth chapter of Matthew, about verse Hebrews 7:14 or so, Jesus said, "Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you"re not going to enter the kingdom of heaven" ( Matthew 5:20 ). Every part of Scripture honours the great King of Righteousness and Peace, our glorious High Priest and Saviour; and the more we examine it, the more we shall be convinced, that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Those who reject verbal inspiration must in effect condemn the great apostle of the Gentiles, whose teaching is so frequently based upon a word. He lived at the same time, so his descent is not counted from them.

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