ghaggar river length

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The river originates from kalka hills (Himachal Pradesh) and is known as Ghaggar before the Ottu barrage and as the Hakra downstream of the barrage. Ƨ; �3�-p�K�+�QԴs��f�+431�����3���� �f�ˇ��_~��2(�9��/���tV2~���p�@�[�&��%}E|�(��-aTDR�9 �Q�pzĩ�)J�$T��$t�!��8�%��d)|�$^� >f��V^~"K�H]���u�!��Ό�Y}�O�bq��a �4���C�XM�0��Y��f`�ʸg����8c,�V����8�1b'�e�����2/x�&��}��nv-�>2�d��B��.��w�Ѻ���ŸJ�H$�Pb�;�3Wț�g�Mv����u�E�7f� v�i�n�� � #�X�BC����eF�����^��h���`*�P@���R����[=���1���`���lW�i0�2b�mso���(�Π���6?����(��ؙ�no�23.��a���v&��zo2����d���/���%�����Lό����d��+�w���ؓ9teT6z� Ghaggar-Hakra River is a season river in India and Pakistan that flows only during the monsoon season. It originates in the village of Dagshai in the Shivalik Hills of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 1,927 metres (6,322 ft) above mean sea level [8] and flows through Punjab and Haryana states into Rajasthan; [9] just southwest of Sirsa, Haryana and by the side of Talwara Lake in Rajasthan. The average literacy rate has increased from a mere 7.5% in 1971 to 45% in 2001. These surveys revealed that there were only 5 shoals under 90 centimetres (35 in) at low water between Burhaj and Bahramghat a distance of about 300 kilometres (190 mi). Also called as Varah or Lasvari river. Hakra or Hakro Darya streamed through Sindh and its sign can be found in Sindh areas such as Khairpur, Nawabshah, Sanghar and Tharparkar. Other findings include pottery found on the Sahibi riverbed at Hansaka in the Rewari district, Haryana. The abandonment of this older course by the Sutlej started 15,000 years ago, and was complete by 8,000 years ago. Many early settlements are found along the river beds in this area. (2010), Bhardwaj, V., Singh, D.S., Singh, A.K. The Lohore Khola HEP is a proposed reservoir storage project situated on the Lohore Khola, a tributary of the Karnali River in Dailekh District. Liviu Giosan is a Romanian and American marine geologist studying the interactions between climate, landscapes and humans. The Karnali supports the endangered mugger crocodile, the gharial, a few remaining South Asian river dolphins and the golden mahseer. Ruparel river originates from Udainath hills in Thangazi tehsil of Alwar district. Potential sources for this river include the Yamuna River, the Sutlej River, or both rivers. A paper published in Nature journal in 2017 asserts that the Ghaggar-Hakra paleochannel was fed by the Himalayan Sutlej River. [note 3] [note 4] They concluded that the Indus Valley Civilisation died out because the monsoons, which fed the rivers that supported the civilisation, diminished. Ghaggar river is one such major water body originating at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, with a length of around 320 KM with a catchment area of 42,200 sq. Geologist Liviu Giosan of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and his team showed that in contrast to all Himalayan rivers in the region that dug out wide valleys in their own sediments as the monsoon declined, no such valley exists between the Sutlej and the Yamuna, demonstrating that neither the Ghaggar-Hakra nor any other Sarasvati candidate in that region had a Himalayan source. Its course is dotted with archaeological and religious sites dating back to post-Harrapan Mahabharata sites from Vedic period, such as Kapal Mochan, Kurukshetra, Thanesar, Brahma Sarovar, Jyotisar, Bhor Saidan and Pehowa. The Chhoti Gandak River Basin is located between 26°00' to 27°20' N latitude and 83°30' to 84°15' E longitude. This barrage is situated about 9 kilometres (6 mi) downstream of Khatria Ghat Rly station and 16 kilometres (10 mi) from the international border to Nepal in Bahraich district. Several sites related to Indus Valley civilisation have been found along the route of Sahibi. 2 0 obj The zone is divided into the five districts of Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu. With a length of 507 kilometres (315 mi) it is the longest river in Nepal. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. In the late Harappan period the number of late Harappan sites in the middle Ghaggar-Hakra channel and in the Indus valley diminished, while it expanded in the upper Ghaggar-Sutlej channels and in Saurashtra. Nineteenth and early 20th century scholars, but also some more recent authors, have suggested that the Ghaggar-Hakra might be the defunct remains of the Sarasvati River mentioned in the Rig Veda, fed by Himalayan-fed rivers which changed their course due to tectonics. [11] Many early settlements of the Indus Valley Civilisation have been found in this area. As there is no stream gauge on the Lohore River, its flow was estimated using data from Station 240 (1963–2000) located on the Karnali River at Asaraghat with a catchment area of 19,260 square kilometres (7,440 sq mi). A high dam has been planned for some time just upstream of the dolphins' current (or at least recent) range in the Karnali River, Nepal. It enters Rajasthan and flows through Hanumangarh, Talwara, Anupgarh and Suratgarh. RAJ RAS (Rajasthan Ras) is an initiative towards building a platform for preparation to RAS/IAS Exams, About Us  | Advertise with RajRAS | Contact Us, All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2017-2020 -, GOI blocks 43 mobile apps from accessing by users in India, November 2020: Night Curfew in 8 Districts, FM announces Aatmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 Stimulus, Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Disclaimer, Kalka Hills of Shivalik Range in Himachal Pradesh, Sand dunes in Bhawalpur district of Pakistan, Few scholars identify Ghaggar with the vedic river of saraswati. Its canalised portion in one of its paleochannel in Haryana is called the "Outfall Drain No 8". [39]. The population of the Basin districts in Nepal increased from 1.9 million in 1971 to 4.7 million people in 2001, almost a 250% increase over three decades. In India, the administrative districts in the Ghaghra catchment are Ambedkar Nagar, Faizabad, Ayodhya, Azamgarh, Barabanki, Basti, Ballia, Bahraich, Deoria, Gonda, Gorakhpur, Sant Kabir Nagar, Lakhimpur Kheri, Mau, Sitapur of Uttar Pradesh and Siwan district in Bihar. stream 2B). According to this theory, the Sutlej moved westward and became a tributary of the Indus River, [note 6] while the Yamuna moved eastward and became a tributary of the Ganges, supposedly in the early 2nd millennium BCE, while reaching its current bed by 1st millennium BCE. Along with the Yamuna River, it forms a large and fertile basin known as the Gangetic plains, stretching across north India and Bangladesh, ... (Sarsuti) that joins the Ghaggar river. Several times, but not continuously, it carried the water of the Sutlej and Ghaggar during the Bronze Age period. Together with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was one of three early civilisations of the Near East and South Asia, and of the three, the most widespread, its sites spanning an area stretching from northeast Afghanistan, through much of Pakistan, and into western and northwestern India. Its administrative center is Jumla. The Markanda river in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana states of India is a tributary of Ghaggar river, flowing through Sirmaur District, Ambala district and Shahabad Markanda town in Kurukshetra district. However, the lack of large-scale incision on the interfluve demonstrates that large, glacier-fed rivers did not flow across the Ghaggar-Hakra region during the Holocene." [note 7] The Drishadvati bed retained only a small seasonal flow. Misra [30] states that over 530 Harappan sites (of the more than 800 known sites, not including Late Harappan or OCP) are located on the Ghaggar-Hakra. Rajasthan: Tibbi, Hanumangarh, Talwara, Anupgarh and Suratgarh. The Somb river, also spelled Som river is a tributary of Yamuna in Haryana state of India. [11] Mista suggested the same possibility for the Yamuna.

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