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Published by on November 13, 2020

SAVE TO COLLECTION. If you're looking for a particular cartoon, look through the descriptions, or use your browser's search function to find keywords. Available in one week slots. While parodies of the original comic were self-published as early as in the late 1980s, they gained attention online in the mid 1990s through fan-created single topic blogs. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." is collapsed in a chair in a wedding dress; Bil turns on the light, 468 Dolly, placing a tooth under her pillow, comments to Billy, 469 Billy talks to Santa as Thel furiously thumbs-down behind him, 470 Dolly and Billy off to school, in winter; Billy addresses a big dog, 471 Jeffy holds up a baseball to Bil; cartoon background is also a baseball, 472 Color: Thel and two friends take tea at a restaurant; Thel titters, 473 Dolly smugly comments to Jeffy on the "Snow White" title on the TV, 474 Color: The four kids give Thel a group hump, er, hug, with hearts, 475 Dolly cries as Billy rushes to catch a firefly on her turf, 476 Dolly is a proud flower girl; Jeffy comments, 477 Color: Jeffy's dotted line wanders all over the landscape; Bil's is straight, 478 Dolly reading from "Snow White" to Bil; Billy and Jeffy run away holding their ears, 479 Dolly, in rain gear, addresses Thel, looking wistfully out the COPYRIGHT © 2016 • THROUGH HER LOOKING GLASS •. Heartwarming cartoons drawn by Bil Keane, gone horribly awry. Graphic Violence ; Graphic Sexual Content ; audio. If they do, well, see nos. Vault adds Anand Radhakrishnan covers for THE PICTURE OF EVERYTHING ELSE #1, Funko recreates tear-jerking “I Love You 3000” moment from ENDGAME, GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Brian Michael Bendis on the success of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. Plan ahead to make the most of your visit. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Your browser may not be compatible with all the features on this site. So did Papa Keane attend this USC or this USC – or maybe this one? Family Circus Comic Strip Archives Old Family Circus Strips from 2004 - 2020. You remember Bil Keane’s Family Circus comic strip, right? Meanwhile, the Keane’s are cleaning out the junk from their attic. Log In ... Dolly (Family Circus) (1) P.J. Jeffy seems unsure about whether or not to follow his sister’s lead, but if she could talk him into wearing those royal blue ankle-warmers, he doesn’t stand a chance with the apple. Now Electro is whining about losing the money he stole. Sally Forth – 01/25/2009 Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Free-Floating Dysfunctional Family Circus TM Archive v1.1.2 Heartwarming cartoons drawn by Bil Keane, gone horribly awry. Billy speaking, 9 Bil cheering up a gloomy, baseball-outfitted Billy, 10 Jeffy pointing at a broken plate on the floor, 11 Dolly shows Jeffy something long and black; Gramma in background, 14 Bil with video cam facing all kids & pets; Dolly speaking, 16 Jeffy on Bil's lap, looking at a faraway jet, 17 Dolly holding a pair of enormous joke glasses, 18 Billy explains some carrotty object Thel's found in a drawer, 19 Billy talking to a happy-looking Dolly, 20 Dolly comes up to Thel carrying a book, 21 Barfy licking PJ; Dolly comments to Thel in background, 22 At Gramma's; bottom shelves cleared of stuff, 23 Entire fam packing up to leave Gramma's; Jeffy speaking, 24 Jeffy on a swing, with no ground visible, 25 Billy contemplating an enormous clock radio; Dolly speaking, 26 Dolly looking at pictures on Gramma's bulletin board, 27 Dolly weighing herself as a girlfriend watches, 28 Gramma helping Jeffy on with his pants, 29 Dolly explaining something to another girl, 30 Jeffy looking out the window, seems bored, 32 Jeffy says something to Thel who's buying popcorn, 33 Dolly, Jeffy, Bil with binox; Jeffy's looking at the ground, 34 Billy explains something to two kids in a classroom, 35 Dolly to a black girl; Thel in background doing laundry, 36 Dolly talking as Thel holds her, on doorstep, 37 Jeffy speaking into a phone that's dangling off its hook, 38 Jeffy, Dolly, Billy eating burgers; Billy speaking, 39 Dolly points to Kittycat sleeping on Bil's briefcase, 41 Jeffy points to himself as he passes Dolly, 42 Kids with musical instruments confront Thel; Billy speaking, 43 Dolly threatens Jeffy with a toy pterodactyl, 44 Thel explaining something to Dolly; Jeffy imagines Dolly's skeleton, 45 Billy examines Jeffy's stomach with a stethoscope, 46 Billy to Thel as a young woman with twins walks by, 47 Dolly talking to a happy-looking Jeffy, 48 Thel to Bil, as kids are all on the couch playing boat, 50 Billy talking offscreen while on Thel's lap; Thel has big earrings, 51 Bil, looking hung over, buttons Billy's shirt, 53 Dolly to Thel as she gets out of the car, 55 Billy heading out the door with a baseball bat and pizza box, 57 Bil, applying chapstick, to Dolly and PJ, 58 Dolly at the door with a friend and an enormous black dog, 59 Dolly, with Thel in church, examining a stained-glass window, 60 Bil to Billy as they walk in the dark woods, 61 Jeffy to Thel as they read a book together in bed, 62 Thel sprinkling something on Jeffy's food; Jeffy speaking, 63 Jeffy extending a hand to a surprised-looking PJ, 64 PJ following Thel with dotted line; minister on the TV, 66 Bil wisecracking to Jeffy who's in cowboy suit with banana in holster, 67 Grandma speaking to Billy, sitting on her lap, 68 Billy examining a watch with Dolly, before a portrait of Grandpa, 69 Dolly reading from a Fairy Tales book to Billy, 70 Dolly talking to Jeffy, who has a book with a ghost picture in it, 72 Billy, dressed as a hobo, to another kid dressed as a clown, 73 Dolly to the family as they leave church, 74 Dolly introduces a friend to Gramma (with PJ on lap), 75 Billy talking to Thel who's writing a letter; PJ holds bottle up, 77 Billy pointing outside into the rain as Jeffy and PJ watch, 78 Thel to Bil as she comes into Billy's sickroom with a tray, 79 A woozy-looking Bil says something to Thel; kids playing outside, 80 Dolly to Jeffy as he walks by while she & Bil rake leaves, 81 Dolly to Thel as she arrives from school with a paper, 83 Billy on phone; Thel and Sam peek from around the corner, 85 Jeffy comments to Thel about an old man on the bus reading the comics, 86 Jeffy holds up a sports car as kids open Xmas presents, 87 Bil lifts PJ to ceiling; Dolly watching; Billy speaking, 89 Dolly to Billy, as they're playing checkers, 90 Thel, vacuuming, as kids minus Dolly watch football on TV, 91 Dolly shows her Pocahontas doll to Thel in the kitchen, 93 Billy explains something to Dolly at the table; Thel watching, 94 Billy pointing out a typewriter to a friend, 95 Jeffy, after Bil's thanksgiving prayer (split panel), 97 Bil getting up, hung over, no glasses (color), 98 Bil on TV greets family at home, who're all outside, 99 Dolly to Bil who's reading 'The First Christmas' to Jeffy and PJ, 101 Dolly being dressed for winter by Thel, 102 Jeffy shows a teddy bear to sleeping parents; Dolly speaking, 103 Jeffy to PJ, who's tearfully holding a ratty blanket, 104 Billy to Thel, as kids watch Jeffy & Dolly playing croquet on video, 105 Jeffy bouncing up & down before Gramma; both speaking, 106 Billy to Jeffy as they're building a snowman, 107 Jeffy, after a reprimand from Thel (split panel), 108 Dolly to Billy, holding a tape; Gramma fooling with tape deck in background, 109 Thel whispers to Bil as kids play with Christmas presents, 110 Dolly and Jeffy watching a political convention, 112 Billy to Bil who's frantically working his way thru a video game, 114 Billy enjoying a bowl of what looks like hair, 115 Billy & Jeffy playing golf in the bathroom; Billy speaking to Thel, 117 Billy to Bil, as they sit in the surf, 119 Jeffy on stairs, to Thel who's picking up a crying PJ, 120 Billy, on seeing Kittycat smiling in a shoebox, 121 Jeffy's dancing in front of the TV; Dolly complains, 122 Dolly, coming in the door wiggling, to Thel, 123 Dolly to Jeffy, as Bil watches baseball on TV, 124 Billy at the computer, talking to Thel, 125 Bil hugging a dejected Billy; other baseballers walk by, 126 Billy to Jeffy, as a young couple walks by, 127 Billy, reading 'The Little Scientist,' to Dolly, 129 Dolly to Jeffy, watching a blonde go by walking a big dog, 130 A bliffy-looking Billy, getting out of bed, to Thel, 131 Black-haired melonhead, at the door, to Thel; Bil is reading, 132 Billy holds up his fortune at the Chinese restaurant, 133 Billy to Jeffy after a wagon accident; Thel visible in background, 134 Dolly to Billy and Jeffy, watching out the window as a car goes by, 135 Thel to lawn-mowing Bil, as all 4 kids are in a tree, 136 Dolly to Billy, in front of a half-constructed house, 137 Thel to Bil, as she bandages both Jeffy and Billy, 138 Dolly to Jeffy, as a chipmunk spurns their potato chips, 139 Kids & Gramma looking for keys, but PJ has them, 140 Dolly to kids and Bil as they watch Olympic torch on TV, 141 Dolly offers a dandelion bouquet to Jeffy, 143 3 kids in the tub as Bil reads; Dolly speaking, 144 Billy in football helmet, to another kid; parents in background, 145 Dolly objects as PJ climbs right on top of her, 147 Dolly happily contemplates a macaroni-like dish, 148 Billy announces something to Jeffy who's posted at the toilet, 150 Dolly advises Billy who's drawing FC cartoons, 152 Thel makes an announcement as she's assailed by all 4 kids, 153 Jeffy points to a bowling ball; Billy & Dolly are there too, 154 Dolly to Billy, both sweaty, peeking at Bil who's reading, 155 Dolly contemplates a picture of a giraffe, 156 A naked Jeffy explains something to Thel in the bathroom, 157 Billy swings open a door to find a half-dressed young woman, 158 Dolly's watching TV; boys avert their eyes, 159 Kids pile on top of Thel; Dolly speaking, 160 Billy, nailing stuff, looks up at a crying Dolly, 162 Jeffy looks in Barfy's mouth; Dolly speaking (to Thel), 165 Dolly comments on Bil, asleep on the bed amid the clean laundry, 166 Billy considers Thel in a formal gown, 167 Family watching themselves on video; Billy speaking, 168 Jeffy on table after putting his hand in a pitcher; to angry Thel, 169 Billy, pillow on his head, examines a tooth on the bed, 170 Gramma on the phone after receiving mail from the kids, 171 A long line of kids is held up by PJ crawling up the slide, 172 Jeffy emptying sand from his shoes in his bedroom, to an angry Thel, 173 Billy reports on a trip to the stadium, 174 Jeffy has peeled a whole bunch of bananas, 175 Billy comes up carrying money, as family leaves a restaurant, 177 Mailman holds mail above a throng of kids, 178 Billy, playing cards, is furiously assaulted by PJ, 179 A nervous Dolly to Bil who's rooting in the fridge, 180 Billy points the ladies' room out to Thel, 181 Billy to Thel, coming in the door; outside is a horde of kids, 183 Dolly explains something to PJ; Thel passing by in background, 184 Dolly, as Bil photographs the Iwo Jima memorial, 185 Fam buys hot dogs in DC; Billy speaking, 186 On a tour bus in DC; Billy is unimpressed, 187 Fam at Washington Monument; cop on horse goes by; Billy speaking, 188 Dolly points out something on a space capsule, 189 Fam considers White House; Dolly speaking, 190 Jeffy asks Dad, who's gardening, a question, 191 Jeffy shows the airsickness bag to Bil, 192 Kids looking at Congress; Jeffy comments to Thel, 193 Bil to Jeffy, as they exit a tour bus, still in DC, 194 Kids pound on a locked door; Billy speaking, 195 Bil returns to the car with gas; Billy complains, 196 Dolly points out to Bil and an angry Jeffy that her plant is growing best, 197 Dolly points out something to two bemused visitors, 198 Dolly to Billy, as he arrives to the table, 199 Jeffy, with books, speaks angrily; PJ sucks thumb behind him, 200 Dolly explains something to PJ and Billy, holding up 3 fingers, 201 Bil arrives home to find Thel dressed up and 4 beaming children, 202 Thel reading 'Little Red Riding Hood', but Jeffy's not buying it, 204 Gramma standing in the living room; Billy reports to Thel, 205 Billy points something out to Gramma, who's driving, 206 Thel to one of the kids, unrecognizably wrapped up in winter clothes, 207 Thel demands that Jeffy explain an empty cookie jar, 208 Dolly to Thel, cooking; Jeffy is on a chair nearby, 210 Dolly confronts Jeffy who's shot her with a rubber-tip arrow, 211 Bummed-looking Jeffy, to Billy, wearing the infamous checked jacket, 212 Billy to Bil, as he and Dolly are decorating with shamrocks, 213 Thel remonstrates with a kicking, screaming Jeffy, 214 Jeffy exclaiming over some birds at a feeder, 215 Billy to Dolly, as they consider Gramma watching TV, 216 Dolly to someone offpanel; P.J.

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