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Published by on November 13, 2020

The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) guidelines state that all EAPs must have written policies which address consistency in service and program offerings, customer confidentiality (including anonymity from the employer when employees are self-seeking services), a sufficient support staff of trained employee assistance professionals who are available to support customer’s needs. At no time does the employer know who has utilized the EAP service, or home many times any one employee has done so. The HIPPA rule applies to all health plans and health care providers that process confidential transactions electronically. You're going to get there faster. ANSWER: Yes, in aggregate only. Select the newsletters you’re interested in below. We only partner with companies we believe offer the best products and services for small business owners. More than 30,000 small to midsize businesses choose the Chambers Plan to protect their employees with comprehensive group benefits, including Health and Dental insurance, making it Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan … In addition, there are some free resources out there that offer free EAP services. Employees or family members contact the EAP directly either via a phone call or the EAPs website. Mandatory referrals may certainly be justified in situations involving significantly impacted work performance, due to substance abuse, threats of violence, or suicide. Note that it is also one of the most underused benefits in organizations. An EAP can help employees stay focused on their duties at the workplace, keep productivity and performance high, and genuinely improve the employee’s well-being in the process. EAPs can assist employers and their employees in times when societal stress and anxiety is impacting everything around them, much like COVID-19 and how employees are dealing with the stressors of working from home, child care, or sickness. ANSWER: Provide the EAP contact phone number AND website. Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc. We sometimes make money from our advertising partners when a reader clicks on a link, fills out a form or application, or purchases a product or service. The cost of offering an EAP benefit varies fairly significantly. This means that while the employer pays for the service, they have no insight into an employee’s specific use of the service. The delivery is engaging. Finally, the International EAP Association, EAPA, which is a trade organization for EAP providers, can also connect you to a local EA P provider if you contact them directly. The cohabitation period may be less than 12 months if you claimed the common-law spouse's child/children for tax purposes. Multiple communication methods of service delivery (that is, phone counseling should not be the only form of service available). has declared a state of emergency. If this is the case, we can refer you to one vendor that we know that offers a solid EAP service through its PEO program. This service model is generally provided by unions and member assistance programs (MAPs). The employer hires an expert, or a team, in EAP delivery. Expert-driven policy development in templates that employers can manipulate and word-smith with ease. Most EAPs offer extended resources like this hotline, to help employers cope with COVID-19 related challenges. No employee-specific information is shared with the employer at any time. We recommend that you exercise caution with these options, as you sort of get what you pay for in this arena. These silent and often unnoticed issues can impact productivity, team unity, and overall well-being of the employee and those he or she works around. Typically, larger employers pay a lower per employee rate than smaller companies as you can see in this chart below, based on EAP rates in Washington, D.C. Our response to COVID-19 | Province-wide restrictions. Generally speaking, an EAP benefit should cost you about $12-50 a year, per employee, although the smaller a business is the more they tend to pay, per employee. Examples include medical and dental insurance, disability income, retirement income, and life insurance. Human Resources > HR Operations | What is. In this case, much of the time the employer pays for only what is used for the service. ANSWER: Yes. As with most employee benefit options out there, there are standard and “Cadillac” options. All EAPs provide a predetermined number of counseling referral sessions, typically one to three, at no cost to the employee to fully assess the issue before recommending a resource, therapist, or service to the employee. The best answers often include products and services. The rule also gives patients’ rights over their own health information, including rights to examine and obtain a copy of their health records and to request corrections. FREE Template: Light Duty Policy And Request Templates. These programs are used by employers, and unions, with multiple worksites that have different needs and resources and who may vary largely from location to location by way of personnel size, needs of employees who utilize the EAP services, etc. When you offer your team an EAP benefit, make sure you take the time to explain its confidentiality and its benefits to your employees so they are encouraged to utilize all aspects of the program. At Fit Small Business, our mission is to deliver the best answer to people’s questions. These partnerships help support our site so we can keep bringing you the best answers to your questions. To include a common-law spouse (opposite or same sex), you'll sign a declaration or affidavit that you've been living in a common-law relationship or cohabiting for at least 12 months. Based on observation, a supervisor, manager, or HR professional recommends the EAP service to an employee. An EAP is commonly the most overlooked, yet valuable, benefits offered by organizations large and small. Group Insurance & Employee Benefits Enjoyed by 30,000 Canadian Businesses. The second resource is focused on interacting with employees and is called the “Share Facts About COVID-19” brochure that employers can share with their team members.

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