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Published by on November 13, 2020

The dark red fruit has a strangely unique flavor as it's slightly acidic with a sweet aftertaste. Dwarf Citrus Trees For Sale. Add content to this section using the sidebar. 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Hirado Pummelo Tree, 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Sanbokan Sweet Lemon Tree, 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Ruby Sweet Orange Tree, 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Red Shaddock Pummelo Tree, 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Osceola Tangelo Tree, 1-2 Year Old (1-2 Ft) Early Gold Orange Tree. Oroblanco fruit is a cross between a grapefruit and a pummelo. Is a shrub that can also be trimmed up into a multi trunked tree form. Sending a Christmas Gift? Flying Dragon Rootstock is a “dwarfing” rootstock of the Trifoliate Orange, Poncirus trifoliate. Not Available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Hawaii, or Texas. We cut out the middlemen and took ownership of every step. for dates on this option. Note: Due to new regulations in citrus production, many growers were not able to produce “certified” flying dragon root stock, so its availability is limited this year. The fruit usually ripens between November and January. View our. If you aren't happy, neither are we; contact us immediately! They are very suited to growing in a pot, and will rarely get over 6’ tall. Choosing the right trees depends on your yard’s setup as well as what you would like to accomplish for your property. Also, be sure to visit and like my Facebook page. Partially cleaning your pecans saves a lot of work and time plus you come out with a lot of halves. With the “grow your own” movement in full swing, I decided to share with you my experiences with growing citrus in Texas. • Experienced Citrus/Fruit Care Help by Phone or Email, • We accept all Major Forms of Payment (If you want to mail a check or M.O. A Citrus Experience. addthis.layers({ 'theme' : 'transparent', 'share' : { 'position' : 'left', 'numPreferredServices' : 6, 'offset' : {'top':'150px'} }, 'follow' : { 'services' : [ {'service': 'facebook', 'id': 'lemoncitrustree'}, {'service': 'twitter', 'id': 'LCTLemon'}, {'service': 'google_follow', 'id': '/u/0/102856439688024975584'} ] } }); You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It does not crack the small native pecans. A fresh-off-the-tree experience from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. At maturity this beautiful tree is dense and round in form producing delicious fruit. The fruit is usually seedless. You can plant these trees any time of the year since they are not bare rooted. But if your tree does die, we will replace it within three years of original purchase. Shade trees add to the value of a home. Email us anytime at Contact Us. Most trees we sell are guaranteed for Three Years! There is nothing better than the smell of citrus blossoms in late winter and early spring. With these apple trees, you can grow your own apples. PECAN CRACKING SERVICE:I can crack and partially clean your pecans for 50 cents per pound (weight before cracking). Physical Card service for very cold areas available (just contact us for details). Here are some pictures of shade trees that we offer. Grid, Special Price call 866-216-TREE). Some varieties are more winter-hardy than others, with the Arctic Frost and Orange Frost being the most winter-hardy, tolerating a short time at 9 degrees F. at the Overton Experiment Station at Texas A&M. Add description and links to your promotion. As long as supplies last we have the ability to ship our citrus trees for sale year round. While they are adapted to the South, they will also thrive in more northern climes. Because they are not a grafted tree, if they do freeze back to the root system, the tree that grows back will be an actual Arctic Frost or Orange Frost, not the Trifoliate Orange root stock that all others are grafted on! Craft Citrus Club. SPECIAL ORDER - EXTRA LARGE CITRUS TREES; ALL ARE 10 GAL, $150 EACH These will take about a … The All-In-One Citrus Tree for Every Home and Patio Why Meyer Lemon Trees? Especially in the Austin, Texas, hot summers, shade trees are great for keeping cool. *A couple times a year I travel to New Caney, Austin, and Plano, Texas and can bring a tree there and meet you. It grows slowly but can reach to well over 20' in time. Meyer Lemons are different from the small, tart and acidic lemons at your grocery store because the fruit is literally a cross between traditional sour lemons and sweet oranges – yes, you get both sweet and savory flavors from each squeeze of this world-beating fruit! Here are a few. Apple Trees. You will not find a longer warranty anywhere... Our selection of rare fruit trees are listed below. Some of the citrus can be special ordered in larger sizes (see below sold out till winter). We do not sell to any big box stores. Water wisely. Palm trees are great to place near a pool to create your own exotic paradise or to set in your landscape design. Is a shrub that can also be trimmed grows slowly but can reach to well over 20' in time. The freshest citrus fruit, and the best Makrut Lime leaves. The flesh of the Ruby Sweet Orange is deep orange to reddish and can be streaked in color depending on the climate of where the tree is grown. Grows slowly to a very dense, pyramidal form of 7-8' tall and wide. Please call 866-216-TREE (8733)Not Available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Hawaii, or Texas.Shipped in a Black Growers Pot with Soil 3 Year Warranty. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you can grow it in Texas, We have it! $35.95, Sale: Citrus flowering trees include such fruits as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. These trees have features that set them apart from the rest of your landscape. Improved Meyer Lemon:  The original Meyer lemon was introduced from China by plantsman Frank Meyer. The following is a list of varieties and their descriptions, including notes on cold hardiness. MANDARINS (TANGERINES and TANGELOS):Seedless Kishu 3 gal $45Page 3 gal $42 temp sold outSeedless Pixie 3 gal $45Clementine 3 gal $39  Seedless easy peel Shiranui Dekopon 3 gal $75  - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We are committed to providing our customer with excellent service and the best selection of fruit trees anywhere. *** Prices do not include sales tax. Each tree is provided with a free 3 year warranty against death. Other trees are ok. ALL PHOTOS ARE RESERVED, You can plant these trees any time of the. Trees are for sale any time I am home. Persian Limes (aka Bearss or Tahiti limes): Persian limes were introduced into California between 1850 and 1880. Mexican Limes should always be grown in a pot and protected from freeze. Protect Tree Trunks from Damage from Deer. Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. If you’d like more options, we can even graft three or … They are important to have and add distinctiveness and beauty to your yard. They are a sweet orange, and there are many varieties to choose from, each ripening at a different time and thus spreading out the season. If grown from seed, the plants will be thorny. It is believed to be a cross between and orange and a lemon, which gives the plant more cold-hardiness. Give trees a thorough watering at first, then add 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of water every five to seven days. The Sanbokan Sweet Lemon is the most delicious sweet lemon that tastes just like freshly squeezed lemonade. Highest quality selection of hard to find rare fruit & citrus trees. Brazos Citrus Nursery strives to produce the finest quality of container-grown citrus trees available in the state of Texas. Local means fresh, and fresh means flavor. Here are pictures of just a few we carry. From extra sweet to crisp and tart, apples provide a healthy and delicious snack. Top-notch citrus: we test every batch of fruit, and we guarantee the quality or we will make it right! The Japanese Yuzu Lemon Tree is a very rare lemon variety that is highly valued and sought after for it's aromatic rind and sour juice. If what you are looking for is not listed, please contact our office at 512-928-8733 or email us at. Contact me before coming.Sorry, no Mail Orders. This email address is being protected from spambots. Citrus Trees for Central Texas By Donna Fossum January 21, 2020. The fruit is often used to make Marmalade. In fact, Texas is ranked 3rd in US citrus production. 31401 Farm to Market Rd 1301, West Columbia, TX 77486. This lemon sports glossy green and cream leaves with pink buds and pink fleshed fruit. Height 70-90', one of the fastest growing oaks, produces acorns, has been known to live over 300 years, In the summer, changes to a dark-green foliage, Rounded flowers: pink, red, white – single or double, Needs lots of sun exposure and needs low to medium water, 20 to 30 ft, has a rounded crown and a short trunk. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. $74.99, Need Assistance? How do we do it? It is a good idea to put them where they can be viewed closely. SATSUMAS (They are almost seedless):Brown Select 3 gal $42Frost Owari 3 gal $39Miho 3 gal $39, ORANGES:Moro Blood 3 gal $42Taracco Blood 3 gal $42Sanguinelli Blood 3 gal $42 sold outCara Cara Red Navel 3 gal $42 sold outRhode Red Valencia 3 gal $42Valencia orange special orderN-33 Navel orange 3 gal $39Republic of Texas 3 gal $42*Sour Orange seedling 2 year old trees 2 gal $10, 3 gal $15Calamondin 3 gal on trifoliata $42 with fruitPineapple orange 3 gal $42Washington Navel 3 gal $42 temp sold out, LIMES:Persian 3 gal $42Palestinian Sweet Lime 3 gal $42 special orderThornless Key lime 3 gal $42Kaffir lime 3 gal $42, GRAPEFRUITS:Cocktail 3 gal $42Rio Red temp sold outBloomsweet  3 gal $39Oro Blanco special order, PUMMELOS:Chandler red fruited pummelo 7 gal $79Red Valentine (pummelo x blood orange) 3 gal special orderHirado Buntan 3 gal $42Sarawak white fruited 3 gal $42, KUMQUATS AND KUMQUAT HYBRIDS:Changshou on Trifoliata 3 gal $42 sold out*Thomasville citrangequat seedling good for kumquat rootstock VERY COLD HARDY 2 gal $10, LEMONS AND CITRONS:Seedless Lisbon 3 gal $42Ujukitsu sweet lemon 3 gal $45Improved Meyer lemon 3 gal $42New Zealand Lemonade 3 gal $42Buddha Hand citron 3 gal $45 with small hands (fruit)Varigated Pink Eureka Lemon makes stripped pink inside lemons 3 gal $42Yuzu lemon 3 gal $49 VERY COLD HARDYFrost Eureka Lemon on trifoliata 3 gal $42, SPECIAL ORDER - LARGE CITRUS TREES; ALL ARE 7 GAL, $79 EACH, Pixie mandarin, Persian lime (loaded with fruit), Meyer lemon, Valentine pummelo, Chandler pummelo, SPECIAL ORDER - EXTRA LARGE CITRUS TREES; ALL ARE 10 GAL, $150 EACHThese will take about a week to get after ordering.sold out, SPECIAL ORDER - EXTRA, EXTRA LARGE CITRUS TREES; ALL 30 GAL, $325 EACH, These will take about a week to get after orderingMeyer lemon, LOQUAT:Genoa Loquat Grafted Genoa spring 2021Genoa seedling loquat 2 gal $15, PERSIMMONS:Fuyu non-astringent 3 gal $39Saijo astrigent 3 gal $39 sold outHachiya astrigent sold out, PEACHES AND NECTARINES:Midpride yellow peach 3 gal $29Tropic Snow white peach 3 gal $29, MEXICAN AVOCADOJoey 3 gal $49 sold outBrazos Belle 3 gal $49 temp sold outMexicola Grande 3 gal $49 sold outPanzarella Mexican seedling 2 gal $15 about 3 feet tall should fruit in 3 to 4 yearsDon Juan 3 gal $49, PEARS:Tennosui Pear 3 gal $29 sold outAcres Home pear, 3 gal $29, POMEGRANATES:Sharp Velvet (sometimes called Purple Heart) (excellent flavor and deep red aerials) 3 gal $29 sold outTexas Pink 3 gal $29Kandahar 3 gal $29 Garnet Sash 3 gal $29, PURPLE PASSION VINES:Purple Passion vines (passiflora edulis) 1.5 gal $10, pretty flowers and delicious fruit, PLUMS:Scarlet Beauty  3 gal $29 5 feet tallBeauty 3 gal $32, OTHER TROPICAL FRUIT TREES & PLANTS:BA-1 Fig green fig with red flesh (FIGS) 2 gal $15 some with small fruitRare Eugenia Selloi Pitangutuba 1 gal $15 (This is the good tasting yellow fruited tree.)

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