china chocolate consumption per capita

Published by on November 13, 2020

Additionally, 15% of Ferrero Rocher’s China sales can be attributed to weddings. We conduct all research methodologies internally with a full coverage of Mainland China to provide market sizing, consumer research, promotion and distribution plan design, competition benchmark et others. Hungry for more? Report scope can be customized per your requirements. For example, last year, Dove partnered with leading technology company Xiaomi to co-create a Valentine’s Day campaign. They are mostly American, as we can see, there are Mars and Hershey’s. 4.3.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers, 6.3 Key Strategies adapted by leading players, 7. A majority of Chinese have not made a habit of consuming chocolate. The retail sale of chocolate in China does not perform as well as that of the western countries. Online retail and specialty retail have both displayed strong growth as the distribution channels of chocolate products due to the rapid development of e-commerce and improved quality of life in major cities in China. Chocolate is used for gifts or events but not consumed daily like in the west. They didn’t know how to adapt themselves with the e-commerce prospering. Mars Group entered China in the 1970s and began selling their sweets through distribution channels in 1983. During this period in China, 5 of the 10 top items sold online are chocolates, according to Alibaba. The Chinese chocolate market is highly competitive with the top five companies occupying more than 60% of the market share. Germany (17.8 pounds per capita) Germany is the world’s second top consumer of chocolate products with Germans consuming 17.8 pounds of chocolate per capita per year. Manufacturers are increasingly launching Boxed chocolates with attractive packaging and chocolates for special occasions. daxue consulting is owned by Ever Access trading Limited, Ever access trading owns 博圣轩投资顾问有限公司上海分公司. The ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) released their bi-annual World Cocoa Economy report for 2012 and included in it are some great statistics about chocolate consumption in various countries around the world. It has implanted a subsidiary in 2007 and was well established at this time. Created on the campus of Beijing Daxue in 2009, Daxue Consulting has strong roots on Chinese market but also an international vision and team. Mars’ brands Dove, M&M’s and Snickers worth 1 billion US dollar each just in China and have high brand awareness among the Chinese consumers. Thanks to this partnership, Mars will benefit from its website Taobao used by 500 million people every month in 2018 and its platform Tmall, the second-largest e-commerce business in the world. Our newsletter delivers information on the Chinese market as well as the innovative data-collection methods. Chocolate consumption has been on the rise in former Eastern bloc countries such as Estonia and Lithuania, while Russian chocolate consumption has also been on the up. The gifting ritual is not exclusive among lovers. On a per-capita basis, Chinese consumption of chocolate is still less than 1 kilogram a year, a mere tenth of the figure in Europe. The Chinese market is dynamic as changes in consumer behaviors are constantly evolving. Increased health-awareness and indulgence among younger consumers are proving influential in China’s chocolate market. The Asia-Pacific region houses more than half of the world’s population but currently accounts for more than 15% of global chocolate consumption. “With well-known, more western brands being perceived as higher quality, per capita consumption in parts of Eastern Europe, especially Lithuania and Estonia, has seen healthy growth," said Bandy. This is driven, for example, by smaller pack sizes and improved retail distribution. Hershey’s really started to implant itself in China when it bought 80% of Shanghai Golden Monkey in December 2013. While the weekly newspaper will talk about the daily business cases of China, important local events and news. However, Mars’ market share is shrinking due to the competition with some imported brands such as Ferrero Rocher which targets young consumers in first-tier cities and grows very fast. Neighboring Germany is also a nation of chocoholics with annual consumption per capita amounting to 17.4 lbs. When buying Boxed chocolate there are many factors which drive consumers choices like brand equity, preference of the recipient, the person making the gift, occasion, price point, and packaging. Furthermore, in 2016 Mars Group has made a partnership with Alibaba Group. [Source: Alibaba, Chinese Dove Chocolate gift boxes]. This is due to the limited cocoa output, the main raw material for chocolate manufacturing, as well as the popularity of Western and international food in China. This privately-owned firm expands its market all over China, Dove, in particular, has a strong market presence as it consistently lines the impulse section of Chinese convenience stores. It is said that these days, young consumers are more willing to pay for experience than products. In its early years, Mars had a variety of products which could be positioned in cities according to consumer’s familiarity with Chocolate, meaning cheaper products in lower-tier cities with a wider variety in cities like Shanghai. With more top international chocolate makers tapping into the Chinese market, their growth engines rely heavily on the high-end and super high-end segments, where sales have soared as a result of the rapid overall consumption upgrade in China. Chinese people are not into original or individual gifts. Emerging vs Developed Chocolate consumption has grown or remained static in every BRIC or MINT market since 2012. This is attributed to the fact that the per capita chocolate consumption in China is minimal, with only 0.1 kilograms being consumed per capita in 2017, which is an extremely tiny scale compared with Japan with a number of 1.2 kilos. One-fourth of the Western European market for chocolate, accounting for $11.9 USD worth of chocolates, is occupied by Germany. We can say that Nestle has shown its adaptability face to evolution. Supermarkets and grocery stores are the two main retail channels of chocolate products in China. The campaign leveraged Xiaomi’s AI technology while enhancing Dove’s position as the ‘ambassador of love’ in China’s chocolate market. CONTACT US NOW TO ANSWER YOUR CHINA BUSINESS QUESTIONS, If you've traveled China, at one time or another you passed a Biem.L.Fdlkk store at a train station or airport and…, There was a time when 'second-hand' had a negative perception in China, but now the tides are turning As the market is getting saturated, the future of chocolate market in China demands brands to have a differentiated strategy to create distinctive ‘consumption moments’. [Source: Euromonitor “Chocolate consumption in China is minimal given its huge population”]. The data displays the per capita consumption of chocolate worldwide in 2017, by country. This can be achieved through the creation of new products and marketing strategy. It has around 53,000 employees just in China and has 34 factories. Based on a comparison of 45 countries in 2013, Switzerland ranked the highest in consumption of cocoa per capita with 5.77 kg followed by Belgium and Norway. In 2017, its sales fell by 17.3%. Innovation in products and packaging, impulse purchasing, and increased chocolate consumption are driving the market. Hershey’s had 8.5% chocolate market share before 2016 and then dropped to 8.2%. A majority of Chinese have not made a habit of consuming chocolate. © 2020. As the largest sponsor of the 11th Asian Games, M&M had the advantage to act as one of the most popular candy brands in China. Daxue Consulting is one of the most active sources of information on the Chinese market. Daxue Consulting is a market research company providing tailored strategic advisory, fieldwork solutions & full-length reports on your market of interest. No wonder boxed assortments are popular among Chinese consumers.

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