chestnut connemara pony

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“Vaak zie je dat Connemara’s wat eenkennig kunnen zijn, over het algemeen zijn het geen allemansvrienden. Connemara is een onherbergzaam, heuvelachtig gebied met moerassen, kale rotsen en weinig begroeiing. The breed makes excellent show ponies.

The adults are usually 128 to 148 cm (12.2 to 14.2 h; 50 to 58 in) in height, with a strong back, loins, and hindquarters, deep and broad through the ribs, and with a riding-type well laid-back shoulder and well-placed neck without undue crest, giving a good length of rein.

Voor hele jonge kinderen zou ik zeggen dat er geschiktere rassen zijn: het zijn namelijk sterke pony’s, zeker als ze zelf ook jong zijn. Ridden by both children and adults, it is considered to be a very versatile pony breed, competitive in show jumping,[10] dressage and eventing,[11] but also with the stamina for endurance riding.

The head should be of pony type, broad between the eyes, which should be large and appear kind, and with a deep but refined jaw and clearly defined cheekbone.

Connemara ponies are strong and sturdy with a short back and sloped, muscular croup. [4] Their skills and coats are available on Howrse, the #1 horse riding and breeding game.

The Connemara pony is Ireland’s only native breed, with a history that some believe dates back to the ancient Celts. De moeder kan er heerlijk op buitenrijden terwijl kinderen lekker kunnen springen of dressuur kunnen rijden. csb 127. inver rebel* gr 13.3 1950 connemara pony. Connemara Pony shows are held worldwide, with particular popularity in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

csb 79. gil* pal 139cm 1939 connemara pony… The Connemara is famous for being hardy and sure-footed, and no surprise the breed evolved on the rocky coast of western Ireland, where it had to develop an ability to move quickly across rough terrain.

Average Height: 13 to 15 hands, but they can be taller than this. Today’s Connemara is gaining popularity throughout the world as both an adult and children’s pony. csb 2862. island king* gr 138cm 1958 connemara pony. Riding Horse Standardbred Liver chestnut Riding Horse Thoroughbred Chestnut Riding Horse Appaloosa Bay Spotted Blanket Riding Horse Quarter Horse Bay Riding Horse Hanoverian Bay Riding Horse Shetland Liver chestnut … Any animal that couldn’t perform these tasks on a daily basis was replaced. Pas trouwens wel op als je een geïmporteerde Connemara koopt”, waarschuwt Ilja.

The Connemara region in County Galway in western Ireland, where the breed first became recognised as a distinct type, is a very harsh landscape, thus giving rise to a pony breed of hardy, strong individuals. Connemara ponies can also be cremello in colour known as a Blue Eyed Cream.

Twee grote meren sluiten het gebied bijna geheel af van de rest van Ierland. banba chestnut gr.

Wat jammer is, is dat bijvoorbeeld tijdens de Europese Kampioenschappen veel Connemara’s het label ‘Irish Sport Horse’ krijgen, in plaats van ‘Connemara’. m, connemara pony, 1959 easter chestnut ch 129cm 1959 connemara pony. The hindquarters should be rounded and deep. csb 2113. inver rebel* gr 13.3 1950 connemara pony. The Connemara Pony, developed in the barren, mountainous landscape of County Galway in Western Ireland, is a breed of show ponies popular for their great versatility, athleticism, and gentle personality.The Connemaras are the symbol of trust, strength, and kindness for the Irish people.. Connemara Pony … © 2020 Go Connemara — The Connemara Loop. This difficult lifestyle helped the Connemara develop its trademark stamina and adaptability.

Ze komen voor in de kleuren grijs, zwart, bruin, vos, smokey, valk, isabel of palomino.

The breed has a fine head with small ears and usually a slightly dished profile set on a well-arched neck.

The hindquarters are powerful. The Connemara Pony (Irish: Capaillín Chonamara) is a pony breed originating in Ireland. Ponygek • Student journalistiek • Beeldgericht. Neem nu een jaarabonnement op Bit en krijg de Fibra anti-itch crème cadeau! They are hardy and are excellent mounts for children.

[2], The original breed standard is set by the Connemara Pony Breeders' Society of Ireland, and also used by the British Connemara Pony Society. aus 1 csb 122. carna bobby* gr 13.3 1946 connemara pony. The ears should be of pony type (relatively short). easter chestnut ch. Nu dient zich een ander probleem aan: door de groeiende interesse in het ras zijn er eigenlijk te weinig Connemara’s om aan de vraag te voldoen.”, “Er zijn een aantal handelaren en fokkers in Nederland via wie je een goede Connemara aan kan schaffen, maar eigenlijk zijn het er te weinig.

Door de barre omstandigheden in hun leefgebied hebben de pony’s eigenschappen ontwikkeld waar ze nu nog steeds bekend om staan: hun uithoudingsvermogen, soepelheid, springvermogen en tredzekerheid. Chestnut color.

Connemara ponies should have good length in the forearm, short cannons and well defined knees.

Tegenwoordig komt dat gelukkig minder voor. Voor hele jonge kinderen zou ik zeggen dat er geschiktere rassen zijn: het zijn namelijk sterke pony’s, zeker als ze zelf ook jong zijn. We zouden meer Connemarafokkers in Nederland goed kunnen gebruiken!”. They were also crossed with Hackneys and Thoroughbreds.

The connemara pony mare for sale. Today, Connemaras are bred worldwide in Ireland and Britain, as well as on the European continent, North America, Australasia, and South Africa.

The stud book was established in 1926. Subscribe now to receive the latest news and special offers from the Connemara Loop, direct to your inbox. 8 year(s) old mare.

The legs should be relatively short from the knees and hocks to the ground, with a strong, muscular upper leg, strong and well-defined knees and hocks, and well-shaped hard feet, which are of a medium size. The Connemara is considered hardy and agile, with good jumping ability.

Suitable mainly for eventing. De stokmaat ligt meestal tussen de 1.28 meter en de 1.48 meter, maar laat je niet misleiden door hun hoogte.

“Connemara’s worden vaak ‘moeder-kind’-pony’s genoemd. The recognised colours of the Connemara pony are grey, bay, brown, dun, black, chestnut, roan, palamino and dark eyed cream.

csb 24. rebel* gr 13.2h 1922 : cannon ball* gr 140cm 1904: sea mist : derradda fanny dark gr 134 cm 1928: connemara boy* gr 137cm 1922 : inver bridge buck 134cm 1936 connemara pony. csb 93. lavalley rebel* gr 137cm 1935 connemara pony. They are also shown in harness.

Too much crossbreeding began to dilute the pony bloodlines, so the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society, founded in 1923, for the purpose of taking steps that would lead to the preservation and improvement of the Connemara Pony. [5] The shoulder is sloped and long.

They were also crossed with Hackneys and Thoroughbreds. Connemara ponies can also be Cremello in …

m, connemara pony, 1959 easter chestnut ch 129cm 1959 connemara pony. Their legs have short, strong cannons and hard feet and a good stride length. Connemara ponies can vary greatly in appearance, but in general: the Connemara should have a kind eye and a medium “pony” head, with pony ears and well-defined cheekbones. Legend, however, says that galleons from the Spanish Armada ran aground in 1588, and the Andalusians on board were set loose. [6] Connemaras in North America range from 13 to 15 hands (52 to 60 inches, 132 to 152 cm). Colours: Predominantly Grey but also bay, brown, dun, black, chestnut… For additional strength and stamina, Arabian blood was added in the 1700s. Location: Värnamo, Jönköpings län, Sverige. The stud book was established in 1926. Today, Connemara ponies are bred worldwide and there are Connemara Society’s found in the United Kingdom, as well as on the European Continent, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The Recognised colors are grey, bay, brown (genetically, a darker variant of bay), and dun, with some roans, an occasional black, chestnut, or palomino. Dat maakt de Connemara zo’n fijn ras.”, De Connemara is een ponyras afkomstig uit het woeste achterland van de Ierse westkust. Ze zijn sterk en kunnen met weinig toe, maar doen het ook ontzettend goed in de sport. The Connemara Pony should be intelligent with a good temperament, suitable for adults and children; it should be hardy with good endurance; it should be sure-footed, sound, and able to jump. csb 7 …

For additional strength and stamina, Arabian blood was added in the 18th century. Connemara ponies can vary greatly in appearance, but in general: the Connemara should have a kind eye and a medium “pony” head, with pony ears and well-defined cheekbones. De connemarapony of kortweg connemara is een type pony dat al eeuwen rondzwerft in Ierland.De pony's werden als rijpony's gebruikt door de jagers in Ierland.

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