centaur class starship

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Crew: Saber (Gladius • Rapier • Ushaan) • The Centaur class[2] medium cruiser[1] came into service during the latter half of the 24th century and saw combat during the Dominion War. In 2374, the Centaur was under the command of Captain Charlie Reynolds. In this role it is an excellent fleet-support ship, being able to defend larger ships against attacks from smaller enemies and draw the fire of large cruisers. It’s widely-spaced nacelles suggested speed and agility, while the torpedo tubes on its very small secondary hull suggested a ship with punch. 2322: Bridge module attached to primary hull. [5][6], U.S.S. U.S.S. Another request was this new class of ship would require a small crew, have fewer resources and have a shorter build time than such classes as the Excelsior, Constellation and the Ambassador. After deliberation, the Centaur's primary design, It has also proven itself effective in convoy harassment and raids, being able to use its manoeuvrability and speed to perform hit and run attacks and take minimal damage itself. Bridge plaque is put in pride of place. [1] No further name was known; it was generally referred to as "Centaur-class" or Centaur-type, and was considered a prototype. Thanks for the write up. One project brief is handed to Content is available under, http://wiki.pegasusfleet.net/index.php?title=Centaur_class&oldid=4944, Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Docking Port, Briefing Room, Subspace Antennae, Shuttlebay Observation Deck, Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Junior Officer's Quarters, Crew Quarters, Impulse Engine Assembly, Shuttlebay (Main Floor), Shuttlecraft Launch and Retrieval Systems, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Primary SIF/IDF Generators, Deuterium Storage Pods (Upper), Shuttlebay Storage, Shuttlecraft Maintenance Bay, Shuttlecraft Workshops, Matter Injector, Deuterium Storage Pods (Lower), Engineering Labs and Workshops, Primary Computer Core (Upper Section), Secondary Computer Core (Upper Section), Dorsal Phaser Emplacements, Phaser Firing Control, Sickbay, Medical Labs, Morgue, Senior Officer's Quarters, Captain's Quarters, VIP Quarters, Engineering Labs and Workshops, Primary Computer Core (Mid-Upper Section), Secondary Computer Core (Mid Section), Senior Officer's Quarters, Junior Officer's Quarters, Crew Quarters, Security Offices, Brig, Main Armory, Phaser Range, Engineering Labs and Workshops, Stellar Cartography/Astrometics Lab, Science Laboratories, Deflector Control, Concealed Deflector Array (Upper), Primary Computer Core (Mid-Lower Section), Secondary Computer Core (Lower Section), Secondary SIF/IDF Generators, Secondary Stores, Environmental Control, Crew Mess, Crew Quarters, Main Engineering, Engineering Labs and Workshops, RCS Thruster Assemblies (P/S), Shield Generators, Concealed Deflector Array (Lower), Long Range Sensors, Lateral Sensors, Ventral Phaser Emplacements, Holodecks 1 & 2, General Recreational Areas, Crew Lounge, Gymnasium, Primary Computer Core (Lower Section), Docking Ports (P/S), Crew Quarters, Primary Hull: Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporter, Sensor Dome Assembly, Upper Forward Torpedo Launcher Assembly (P/S), Aft Upper Torpedo Launcher Assembly (P/S), Torpedo Storage, Torpedo and Probe Workshop, Support Systems, Torpedo Auxiliary Control, Tactical Sensors, Main Tractor Beam Emitters (Fore & Aft), Lower Forward Torpedo Launcher Assembly (P/S), Aft Lower Torpedo Launcher Assembly (P/S), Torpedo Storage, Official Active Pegasus Fleet Ship Specifications. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #52), The Centaur-class light cruiser saw action in the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410, the Iconian War, and various localized engagements between Starfleet and hostile combatants. Santa Fe (Newport) • It’s not a long scene, and the only other time the ship was seen was in ‘Behind the Lines’, but like the Akira class, it made a firm impression. The Centaur performs above expectations. Madrid NCC-42059, U.S.S. Whatever its formal class designation, dialogue from "Sacrifice of Angels" suggests that it was considered a "destroyer"-type starship. But the included guide goes with the canon thinking, that it’s part of the Federation drive to build more warships for its clash with the Dominion, and was cobbled together from Excelsior and Miranda class hull sections. The ebook Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet published by Last Unicorn Games after they lost the Star Trek license mentions this class having 16 decks, and says it entered service from 2373. By March, However, due to budget restrictions, especially in later seasons of Deep Space Nine, there have also been some serious stinkers. In Deep Space Nine, however, as the Dominion War plotline came into full swing, some serious kit-bashing was required to build out the Federation fleet. Centaur Class Starship The Centaur is to the Merced as the Miranda was to the Constitution. This unique placement also allowed for rapid deployment of attack or rescue craft towards the ship's destination or target. The Excelsior's shuttlebay was mounted forward-facing on top of the saucer. Thanks for the praise. Star Trek, through its television series and films, has been blessed with some iconic starship designs, from the original Enterprise 1701, all the way up to the fan favourite – and, personal fave – the Akira class cruiser seen in Star Trek: First Contact. The warp drive was rated for a maximum output of warp factor 9.6 for 12 hours. While the ship seen in canon was referred to as the Centaur, the model used in the episode was labeled "USS Buckner". The canon excuse for the kitbash fleet was that, in dire straights, the Federation was using any ship components available, and grafting them together in expedient designs. Concorde (Geneva battlecruiser • Presidio) • become Auxiliary system control. The ship's design is centred on a downsized version of the Excelsior-class saucer, so the internal arrangement is similar in the crew areas. The Centaur has proved popular with her crews. time between resupply: 1 year accommodation. The USS Centaur was deep behind Dominion lines, on a patrol, when it’s encountered by a Jem’hadar attack ship commandeered by our heroes. expected duration: 50 years eight months Computers are delivered Height: expected to become self aware within three months. This has given the ship a high survival rate in massed-fleet combats, though it doesn't fare quite as well in one-on-one engagements. The pod contained two forward and to rear facing torpedo launchers, and the type-9 phaser arrays provided full 360 degree covering around the hull of the ship. The Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republican Force regarded them as frigates. The ship's dual-mount Phaser bank emplacements are arranged with 4 on the dorsal saucer, 5 on the ventral saucer, totalling in 18 individual phasers. 2325: Warp stress coating is applied and USS Centaur As such, many of these vessels were fielded in battle during the Dominion War, as the ships and their components were common enough to be easily rebuilt and replaced. The many design features utilised in the Centaur paved the way for the Steamrunner and Akira-classes, with many Engineers firmly believing that the Akira-class designs wouldn't exist if not for the Centaur. U.S.S. Centaur type Centaur Class Built in the 2320's, the Centaur is the forerunner of the Saber class. And a lot of them were seen regularly on the show, patrolling space around DS9 itself. This allowed for a high degree of customization at the commanding officer's discretion. span. I have a soft spot for the Centaur. Intended to operate with the Ambassador, Excelsior, and Miranda classes, the Centaurs where to act in the role of scouts and conduct general support missions during fleet actions. Constellation (Challenger deep space explorer) • In that year, the Centaur mistakenly attacked a Jem'Hadar attack ship being commanded by Captain Benjamin Sisko for a … The shuttlebay was housed directly forward of the bridge on the saucer, and faced fore, rather than aft. width: 240 meters Deflector shields Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Centaur_type?oldid=2662964. Using the Miranda Class as a template, Starfleet Design Engineers began to develop an Excelsior Style version of that class named the Centaur Class. Defences: Mass: Miranda (Anton • Reliant • Soyuz) • United Federation of Planets Norway (Oslo) • System result the Centaur has limited weaponry and a relatively poor standard of That all said, this kitbashing did lead to one of the most elegant and sleek ship designs of entire series – the Centaur class, as first seen in ‘A Time to Stand’. The Centaur-class was a type of Federation starship, a cruiser that was in use by Starfleet in the 23rd, 24th and 25th centuries.

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