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Published by on November 13, 2020

“The inverted T chassis design keeps all essential console controls within easy reach and brings arm-mounted screens and devices closer to the centre of the console. After hours of testing and research, here's the final competition. The features on this unpowered mixer are unmatched. “Yamaha’s flagship Rivage PM10 digital mixing system has become a fixture with some of the world’s biggest touring names and festivals, as well as being a familiar sight at a wide range of major classical, jazz, Christian and other live events,” says Robin Johnson for the company. In fact, it is often missing from many lower-tier mixers. These are the top live sound unpowered mixers for quality accessibility and customization. The Mackie PROFX12V2 is an impressive model, not just because of its dazzling array of built-in features, but also for its versatility. If the sound quality on your live stream is professional, your band will be presented at its best. However, this does not take away from the power and accessibility provided by this machine. In fact, Rolling Stone Magazine has named the 9:30 Club as the best venue in the United States. Comprising built-in USB interfaces and the latest tools to enhance sound quality, this mixer also boasts editing and recording software. However, your live mix will be much closer to the original track. Other than that live sound mixers are, I'm told, built with more heft, etc. Like many of the previous consoles, this Allen & Heath console utilizes USB as a connection to appeal to beginners and intermediate users. Have you chosen your favorite? “Thanks to its small footprint but impressive capability, the C Class has earned a reputation as a powerful, versatile workhorse, found in houses of worship, theatres and music venues, as well as being extremely popular for festivals and ‘fly-in’ gigs where a large format touring rig is not always practical. Larger, more expensive monitors will include these features. The only downside to this type of mixer is the lack of accessibility and manipulation from the mixer itself. Features and benefits of the Behringer Xenyx 502. It also has four aux sends and two stereo returns. Finding the best of the live sound unpowered mixers was not easy with all the processing capabilities on the market. In the old days, audio engineers had to listen closely to hear whether a band’s audio was clipping or not. The A&H Zed utilizes vertically mounted circuitry. And you also get visual metering and a 1kHz oscillator. © 2020 Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Best Compact Live – Kinsman KM Series. The six aux inputs offer the high level of customization. As technology evolves and all kinds of gadgetry are introduced to the world of music production and broadcasting, it’s beneficial to consider your options carefully if you’re on the lookout for a new audio mixer. “Representing the culmination of 15 years of pioneering digital console design, Digico’s new SD12 console utilises the latest generation of Super FPGA, making it compact in size, but big on power and capability,” a Digico spokesperson tells PSNE. Although it’s small in stature and more affordable than many other mixers on the market, the Xenyx 502 model has a lot to get excited about. This provide easy processing and manipulation capabilities. 4 state of the art preamps, which are as impressive as a set of stand-alone preamps: Xenyx preamps provide 130 dB of dynamic range and a broad bandwidth from 10 to 200kHz. MusicAlley is supported by its audience. With this product, you have the ability and flexibility to create your own recording studio, and you have access to a huge range of features and perks. Based on XCVI, the same 96kHz FPGA core which drives Allen & Heath’s flagship dLive S Class mixers, the C Class features the company’s DEEP processing architecture, allowing class-leading compressors and processing emulations to be embedded directly within the inputs and mix channels. “The consoles run Cadac’s proprietary MegaCOMMS protocol, a high performance, audio network platform. The Mackie console allows for USB integration. Live sound unpowered mixers utilize an external amplifier. “Cadac’s legendary mic preamplifier design is coupled with a time-aligned, phase-coherent mix bus architecture, resulting in total through-system propagation delay of under 0.4 milliseconds (the audio industry’s lowest latency protocol) and the best audio quality and performance of any live mixing console, analogue or digital. There’s scope to do so much with this machine and a range of input options to enable you to use your mixer with various instruments and gadgets. These include the iconic Eventide H3000 Live harmoniser, Rupert Neve Designs compression and EQs, TC electronic reverbs and a range of Yamaha processors. Whatever your requirements, we’ve done the hard work for you. Whether you’re preparing to play a few songs to a select audience at a trendy bar in the city, you’re making an announcement and you need to be heard, or you’re recording a podcast or audiobook, this desk could work for you. “MegaCOMMS features a range of I/O, interface and bridging components, to enable direct connectivity with other networks and the wider AV world.”. Alternatively, live sound unpowered mixers can provide all three of these features and more. There are two main types of mixers on the market: unpowered and powered. From recording studios and TV sets to live gigs and concerts, investing in a high-quality audio mixer provides top-class audio for music, TV, podcasts, and film. At about half the cost of the Allen & Heath, you receive a huge level of processing capabilities for about $1,100 to $1,200. A row of three 12-channel Fader Tiles plus the Master and Focus Fader Tiles, provides a total of 38 faders. With four groups, you can easily sequester each instrument to their own group. However, when you include an amplifier in your calculations, the unpowered mixer could be heavier. These features offer flexibility in your signal processing. Each surface and rack has a 128 channel I/O port, supported by a wide array of networking cards, including Dante, Waves, MADI, fibreACE optical and more. The insertion or direct output feature provides a higher level of customization in comparison to live sound powered mixers. Integrating unpowered live sound mixers into your audio equipment allows you to maintain the highest levels of power and quality for your clients. However powered mixers are less desirable for a musician playing in a theater or arena setting. They allow every band member to personally affect their playback levels. There’s no stress involved, with single knob compressors making the task of recording and modifying the dynamics as simple as possible. At less than $50, this is a great product that will enable you to enhance the quality of recordings and live broadcasts without breaking the bank. This desk also boasts 16 effects and a 7-band graphic EQ for fine tuning and a 3-band low-cut filter. You can purchase the Xenyx X2222 for $240 to $275. The creators of Pro Tools decided to enter into the live sound market with a seamless studio-to-live system. With four groups, you can easily sequester each instrument to their own group, giving you easy processing and manipulation capabilities. For example, you can connect an outboard compressor, a noise gate, or another mixer with direct outputs for each specific channel. There are two MADI ports, plus a UB MADI connection for recording at 48kHz: 48 tracks of recording with the console clocking at 48kHz, and 24 clocking at 96kHz. This includes LR power, buses, sends and aux capabilities. An insertion or I/O feature is different than the number of inserts on a mixer. And you can do so the moment you are in your song or for any other reason you may need to make a change. You can record the performance, send monitoring capabilities to each of the four band members and use another input for an external processor. This feature can distinguish your performance if you have a DJ or bassist. You want one of the live sound unpowered mixers that will have enough inputs for your current music as well as the music you will create in the future. In fact, prior to Pro Tools, a digital mixer would have been impossible. Like the other series above, we’ve looked at two models in this range – the KM8FX and 12FX – this time aimed more at the live market.

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