advanced acrylic painting techniques

Published by on November 13, 2020

Place the cookie cutter on the canvas and slowly pour your paint into the cutter, use a small ball or sphere in place of the bottle bottom. My YouTube channel also has a bunch of videos where I do experiments to help people from making my same mistakes. The dip pour is an extreme departure from what we’ve looked at so far. I’m assuming that the consistency of my base paint is off? Saves me a lot of note taking! Creating a set of paintings that are related but have their own look is an inevitable progression to a painter’s repertoire. :Flat brushes are used to get a sharp edge or if you want to paint a large area. adds depth to a painting when layered multiple times, takes lots of time to wait for the pours to dry and cure, with the smaller cup inside the large cup on this dirty pour you get some more interesting color combination than just having two separate dirty pours, you can easily make a mess with the two cups if you guess your paint requirements wrong, sometimes pulling off the second cup causes paint to get muddied in that area, this is a great way to create an abstract piece, this method works will with smaller pieces like coasters or 4” X 6” canvases, you need a lot of room and relatively flat surface to make this work. This helps join to two different paint pours together, try using a cookie cutter instead of a bottle bottom. With the dip pour technique we are not pouring paint onto the canvas at all. Thank you so, so much. You clearly state the level of knowledge and/or experience someone needs to effectively understand the main points of your topic. We are expanding the website and YouTube videos every week. Learning to paint with acrylics is an ongoing process. I wish I had seen this website before making all my mistakes! This technique is best with a colander or strainer that has larger holes. After painting with the beginner skill, you can jump on the above Abstract Painting Techniques And Ideas that include advanced level of techniques. This could be a cake pan, pie pan, plate, paper plate, etc. You can repeat as many times as you need for the swipe color to get all across the canvas. Try keeping the funnel in one place and moving around to test which method you like better, use solid colors one by one instead of a dirty pour cup, create a set of similar paintings in different sizes, watching the pour flow down the canvases like a chocolate fountain is very satisfying, can be difficult to pull each canvas up once they are all covered in paint, dripping while extracting the upper tiers of canvases can cause unintended features, getting the right amount of paint on each canvas takes some trial and error, the bottle pour technique makes beautiful flower like paintings, bottles are easy to come by and you can change it up to make different patterns, getting the center of a bottle pour to look right can be difficult, use too little paint and the flower looking effects will distort when you tilt the canvas to move the paint around, try using 3 different dirty pour cups of paint; one for the center, one for the outer edges of the petals, and one for the inner petal, after pulling the bottle up and before you tilt your canvas, use a knife or popsicle stick to pull pain from the petal in the center or from the center into the petals. If you haven’t already, we recommend you first review our post 5 Basic Acrylic Pour Techniques to Master before moving on to the more advanced techniques. Employing different acrylic painting techniques has resulted in some of the most well-known and desirable works of art in the market. I hope it helps you in your next pour. To thick and you get big sections of paint but not much webbing. Each one will need to be moved to its own area and be tilted to spread the paint over the rest of the canvas. You can use any painting surface you like with each of these methods. I am a Computer Technologist by trade and I have always envied artistic people. Thank you very much. Each one is slightly different in how it reacts to other mediums and you’ll most likely need to do a test. This can create some pretty spectacular details on a painting, try blowing the edges of a negative space pour to move the paint out into the negative space color, more aggressive blowing will pull the paint that has settled underneath other pain back up to the surface of the pour, the swipe pour is one of the easiest ways to create cells, getting the swipe color to move across the canvas as desired takes practice and patience, pulling too hard or too much paint leaves a messy trail instead of the lattice like effect we want, you don’t have to swipe a specific color. Black or white is ideal for those are you trying this technique for the first time. See more about me here. The more paint you squeeze in, the bigger the webbing is going to be initially. I created this website to chronicle all the things I've learned on my pouring journey. Watch this tutorial to see if there’s anything that you could be doing better when using acrylics. I love that a left-brained technology nerd like myself can create amazing art. Be careful when removing the strainer so that you aren’t dripping paint all over the canvas. The acrylic wash technique will allow you to build up transparent layers of … Collection of 13 Excellent Watercolour Painting Tutorials For All Budding... 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