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This patriotic country song is a must-have on any list of songs about American freedom. We may be a collection of misfits, but together we are strong. "Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide. Why Did We Take the 'Harry Styles Wore a Dress' Bait? Sharing! Another alternative is a matriarchal paradise, so lines like: "Even walking alone, I'm not lonely/ I feel your arms all around me," take on nuanced meaning. There is ... room for everyone living in the promiseland.". Have a Happy 4th! 1 hit for Chesney off his record The Big Revival. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on May 09, 2020: Bob - I bet we could learn a lot about surviving this time from the history books. You've outdone yourself with this awesome list here. We need to come together in peace and strength. “Our dreams are made of steel,” he sings. Thanks for stopping by! It's about knowing what's right and never conceding defeat: Well, I won't back down.No, I won't back down.You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down. (And they're still coming. Mt. 31. If you're proud to be an American, then celebrate the heroes who have made this nation and its culture possible. Though he does clearly sing in tribute to his home country of America, he also implores the country to take a look at a few things that need addressing. 36. This truly American 1990 song urges us to take a stand and do the right thing, even if it's unpopular. Don't like something? ", Scott Robinson via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway. He is clearly proud to be a part of this nation, evidenced by his time in the Air Force, his activism including Farm Aid and a benefit after 9/11, and a commitment to bettering the country in which he lives. - Beatrice Hazlehurst, Lana Del Rey, pop's reigning high priestess of Americana nostalgia, has spent her whole career thus far singing the praises of an America that used to be: a mythological promised land for all in search of freedom. You will find Patriotic Rock songs, Folk, Soul, Country, Disco/Dance, Traditional Standard songs, the Top Military songs and Marches. Some people might think it worn or cheesy, but for me it never gets old. We celebrate our country as exemplifying democracy, a system where evey citizen has a voice, without acknowledging the countless people we deny citizenship, voting rights, and economic justice. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 15, 2016: Peggy - There has to be an end to all the violence. agusfanani from Indonesia on July 08, 2018: What an entertaining way to celebrate Independence day. I hope we can eventually repair our nation’s broken relationships and be even better than we once were. This anthem from Brooks & Dunn was released just a few months prior to the 9/11 attacks, but its reach extended through the devastating time in our nation’s history. I hope you had a great Fourth with family, friends, and fireworks! "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Many Americans rallied behind the song in a time when fear was very present in the country’s consciousness. The home down was set ablaze with the abusive husband in it. Covid-19 does not discriminate between political parties, nationalities, genders, or religious preferences. As the Fourth of July rolls around, we are expected to wave flags with stars that don't represent Puerto Rico and Gwam, and to pledge allegiance to a government that tears children from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Great story. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 04, 2016: Linda - Isn't it curious how so many of these are country songs? Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on July 07, 2016: You always present such interesting and informative hubs. They came in droves to our gates and built us up into what this country is today. Originally written in response to the Iran Hostage Crisis in the late '70s to early '80s, “In America” is a sort of battle cry, a warning to enemies about the strength of the American character and refusal to back down from a fight. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - JM, Related | Shea Diamond and Justin Tranter in Conversation. Did you cry, watch CNN, donate blood, pray, stockpile food and supplies, join the military, etc? Oh course, I'll never know the lyrics but it's fun and frenetic. ;). Heron sharply critiques the centuries of oppression that we are urged to forget daily "with a gagging perfume." 1 hit for the duo. What is striking about deep cut "God Bless America — And All The Beautiful Women In it" is its prescient arrival before the #MeToo breakout following the explosive allegations levied against Harvey Weinstein last October. It was first released in 1984, and I was lucky enough to have heard Lee Greenwood sing it in concert in the 1980s. 26 on the U.S. Country Airplay charts. 1. Unfortunately its a faint memory for me. Thank you for sharing. “Only in America” is an energetic, inspiring tribute to everyday Americans living ordinary lives and the unique promise of hope for the future our country brings to every individual. "All these things that people get naturally, what would it be like to have that?" “The prayer of every man is to know how freedom feels. The country hit tells the story of an old veteran man who reminds a younger one about the price of liberty: All Gave Some, Some Gave AllSome stood through for the red, white and blueAnd some had to fall. Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on July 09, 2018: O my....simply takes me to another place...music that is...and especially songs like these that celebrate the most precious element of our nation...freedom....I do remember vividly where I was on 9/11 and remember the days that followed. Answer: Is this the song you're looking for? Sure, it doesn't address the prolific gun violence, endless policing of women's reproductive rights, incomprehensible racism, naked xenophobia, quashing of femininity, LGBTQ acceptance, blatant disregard for those less fortunate and shameless individualism at which the rest of the world looks at, shakes its head and utters a long, guttural sigh (all reasons because of which my father refuses to visit me here), but it exemplifies all that America thinks — and hopes — itself to be. Do you know it? - VJ, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino's Trojan Horse protest song "This Is America," a darkly ironic and caustic interrogation of what it means to live in the violence of the US disguised as a summer radio bop, immediately set cultural conversations in motion with the SNL airing of its equally complex video. It is an attempt to make sense of what happened. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 10, 2018: Patricia- Thank you for commenting and pinning. What a moving experience; I still recall the goosebumps and the lump in my throat. July 4th is a time of celebration, remembrance, fireworks, and cookouts. But one thing connects them all: a passion for the USA. I think it says a lot about the song writers and the genre.

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