1951 hurricane season

Published by on November 13, 2020

Tropical Depression Six formed a couple miles southwest of Cabo Verde on September 1, later strengthening into Tropical Storm Fox. 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season (PhTracking), Hurricane Ivan's Review of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season, 2021 North Indian Ocean cyclone season (CycloneMC), 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season WMHB (Hurricane Ivan&Balticsea1), 2020 Hypothetical Pacific Typhoon Season (KenMC), https://hypotheticalhurricanes.fandom.com/wiki/1951_Atlantic_hurricane_season_(bigchippie)?oldid=500828. A tropical wave moved off the coast of the Yucatan for a few days before being designated as Tropical Depression Eight on September 19. Lowest pressure $80 million (1951 USD). On January 4, a tropical wave developed into a very early and rare off-season storm with subtropical characteristics that was given the name Able. Easy then started to approach Jamaica, but weakened to a tropical storm just a couple hundred miles south of Hispaniola. Dog passed through the Lesser Antilles as a strong tropical storm and shortly after reached Category 1 hurricane strength. The system turned southwest toward the Hawaiian Islands at 0600 UTC of March 25, making its first landfall near Hauula on Oahu at 1200 UTC that day. Love's remnants moved through the Azores before dissipating just north of Morocco on December 11. [1], Tropical Storm Four existed from July 5 to July 6. As Easy approached the Caribbean, there was concern that it would strike Jamaica, which had been devestated by Hurricane Dog just weeks prior. 1951 Atlantic hurricane season Overall, Dog caused catastrophic damage and loss of life, causing $75 million in danages and killing at least 252 people in total. [3][4] The system weakened below tropical storm intensity as it passed through the island of Oahu. Late on December 10, Love made landfall in the Azores before becoming extratropical the next morning. Item reached hurricane status a couple hundred miles off the coast of South Carolina, before fluctuating between Category 1 and 2 twice while off the mid-Atlantic coast. Fox moved across the central Atlantic, reaching Category 1 hurricane status several hundred miles off between Cabo Verde and the Lesser Antilles. [1] On March 25, tropical storm warnings were posted for the Hawaiian Islands. George began to move slightly northwestward, reaching hurricane strength 2 days after impacting Cabo Verde. Tropical Depression Seven formed just off the coast of Africa on September 2 and just hours later strengthened into Tropical Storm George, scraping the Cabo Verde Islands. 8 Dog would lose strength as it moved over the Yucatan Peninsula, weakining to a Category 1. Then, it turned sharply southward towards Hawaii on the same day. 3 Total depressions George's remnants continued to travel north before dissipating south of Iceland. Tropical Depression Nine formed just off the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, making landfall on the Yucatan and then heading out into the Gulf of Mexico where it remained a depression for a couple days. The rainfall amount for March 1951 was nearly 200 to 700 percent above normal. [3][4], The system has been considered a tropical or an extratropical cyclone. December 11, 1951 3+) [2] By six hours later, the system left the island and continued southward. Item's remnants continued northeastward before making landfall on Iceland with minimal hurricane force winds. The 1951 hurricane season switched to a new 6 list cycle system. First system formed Maximum winds 276+ overall At that time, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) began tracking the storm with winds of 30 mph (50 km/h), or tropical depression strength. A very strong tropical wave in the north Atlantic developed into Subtropical Storm Love on December 2, and strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane just hours later. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The 1951 Atlantic hurricane season was moderately active, starting with an pre-season hurricane and lasting until late October. 1951 Atlantic hurricane season (bigchippie) Edit. December 11, 1951. Last system dissipated. The system then sped up and made its last landfall near Kealia, just past 0000 UTC on March 29. Then, the system slowed down and curved back north toward Oahu. The third named storm, second hurricane, and second major hurricane of the season, it developed from a tropical wave east of the Lesser Antilles. Easy caused a considerable amount of crop damage in the Lesser Antilles, particularly in Martinique and Saint Lucia. Nine tropical systems were observed during the season. George passed a few hundred miles east of Bermuda as a minimal Category 2 before weakening to a Category 1 and becoming extratropical off the coast of Newfoundland. History Talk (0) Comments Share. 150 mph (240 km/h)(1-minute sustained) The 1951 Pacific hurricane season ran through the summer and fall of 1951. Love dipped to the south slightly, then hooked eastward as it weakened into a tropical storm. [1], Tropical Storm Five existed from August 3 to August 10.[1]. Dog moved into the Caribbean Sea, making landfall in Jamaica and just passing south of the Dominican Republic before intensifying into a Category 2 just south of Haiti. After a couple days, the depression became Tropical Storm Item, making landfall as a strong tropical storm, with 70 mph winds. … [2] The system contributed to the already above-average rainfall in the Hawaiian Islands. Seasonal statistics 185 km/h (115 mph) The system began traveling eastward, and later to the northeast on March 22. Last system dissipated Tropical Storm Seven existed from September 11 to September 15. [1], A hurricane hit near Acapulco early in the season in June. The JTWC stopped tracking the system east of the island of Nihoa eighteen hours later, after it had started to move across the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 1951 Atlantic Hurricane Season Animation (Version 2) - YouTube As it passed a couple hundred miles south of Cuba however, Dog began to rapidly intensify, reaching Category 4 strength with winds estimated at 130 mph. Easy strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane before moving through the Lesser Antilles. Item became post-tropical a few hundred miles off the coast of New York on October 5. Just hours later the depression would strengthen into Tropical Storm How. 2020 North Indian Ocean cyclone season (Olo72). Name. Item caused $2 million in damages throughout the southeastern United States and New England. Nine tropical systems were observed during the season. King started to move toward Bermuda, but wind shear diminished it's power and it weakened to a tropical storm. Dog then made landfall at peak strength in Cozumel. Tropical Depression Four formed in the central Atlantic after a wave moved off the coast of Africa. The strongest storm, Hurricane Gary, rapidly intensified after forming near Duluth, making landfall at peak intensity in the general vicinity of Bell Harbor, Minnesota, with peak winds of 160 mph and a barometric pressure of 928 millibars. Tropical Depression Five formed off the coast of Africa on August 27 from a tropical wave. The system made a second landfall on Oahu near Mākaha, just past 0000 UTC on March 28. As it moved into the Gulf of Mexico however, it rapidly restrengthened into a Category 3 major hurricane as it made landfall in Tampico. [1], A tropical storm hit near Acapulco early in the season in May. [3][4] The storm moved quickly across the island, and it left the island about six hours later. Tropical Depression Three formed from a tropical wave to the northeast of the Lesser Antilles and very quickly strengthened into Tropical Storm Charlie. In Honolulu, six inches (15 cm) of rain was reported. On August 24, a tropical storm was first observed south of Mexico. How began to strengthen quickly, reaching maximum sustained winds of 60 mph before making landfall just south of Tampico, killing one person. The JTWC[3] and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) both consider the storm to be a tropical cyclone. Loss of life was less than expected however, as only 7 deaths were attributed to the storm.

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