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Published by on November 13, 2020

make at least 50% of your calories from the protein category. Some of the users have said if you can stomach the drops, keep your calorie count low, and stay near a bathroom, you may see some weight come off. 1234 Diet Drops Extreme. Sweeteners:Only Stevia and Saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low) are allowed. This calorie plan is good for moderately active people looking to still see quick weight loss while supporting their activity level. Recommended daily 1500 calorie breakdown: 300 calorie breakfast, 500 calorie lunch, 500 calorie dinner and two 100 calorie snacks. 1234 Diet Drops 3 pack $ 49.98 Learn More. In changing the calorie structure of the original protocol, 1234 drops certainly set themselves apart and they aren’t afraid to let customers know that up front and give all the help they may need. The goals of 1234 Diet Drops® dieting are to burn fat quickly‚ and then maintain ideal body weight. Incorporate some exercise daily…walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, etc. 1234 Diet Drops … and Mineral Water (no flavored varieties of either), Breakfast: Egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes, Lunch: Grilled chicken with cold chicory salad, Snack: Celery sticks + savory dill dressing, Dinner: Poached halibut + steamed asparagus, Breakfast: Nonfat Greek yogurt + 1 orange, Lunch: Tilapia or Tuna (oil free, in water) Green Salad, Dinner: Meatloaf + caramelized onion garnish, Breakfast: Nonfat cottage cheese + 1 orange, Dinner: Baked Cajun chicken + saffron cabbage, Breakfast: Egg whites with allowed veggies of your choice, Lunch: Curried shrimp with tomatoes + Indian cabbage rice, Dinner: Pepper crusted steak + garlic spinach, Lunch: Breaded chicken cutlets + cucumber salad, Lunch: Boneless chicken hot wings + coleslaw, Dinner: Fajitas with Mexican cabbage rice, Dinner: Tilapia with herbs+ steamed veggies. People who want help to curb their appetite, get more energy, and burn more fat. The Creative Bioscience 1234 Diet Drops come in a range of packs. 1234 Diet Drops & 30 Night Diet Combo $ 34.98 Learn More. Creative Bioscience has many resources on their website to help you in your weight loss journey, including instructions, recipes, and a page where you can receive any help that you may need. Where to Buy Them? Bummer. They have two full unopened bottles that are just sitting, and trying like mad to get some sort of refund. 1234 Diet Drops Benefits. In order to have the greatest success with this diet, we advise you to choose the cleanest, most wholesome food you can find if organic is an option for you. Instead of HCG hormone, 1234 drops contain fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients to help your body lose weight, as long as the drops are taken while following the protocol correctly. But then again HCG 1234 drops do not claim that consumers will lose a pound or two each day like on the regular protocol. 123 DIET® Drops. While there are several different options on how to do a Keto Diet, we have comprised information that will allow you to understand what the diet is, see the pertinent information, and develop your own plan. We advocate for a higher calorie count so as to allow for exercise for a healthier weight loss protocol so a 1200 and 1500 calorie 10 day sample menu follows the diet foods list. The taste of the drops have been said to taste super bitter, which does not make for an easy time while on the diet (due to how many times you have to take the drops). 1234 Diet Drops 4 bottle pack $ 69.98 Learn More. Instead of HCG hormone, 1234 drops contain fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients to help your body lose weight, as long as the drops are taken while following the protocol correctly. One nice thing is the support number they provide to the customer, which is: 877-744-1224. Most use Aspartame as well, which is not allowed. Stop taking drops at this time. You can use Intermittent Fasting as needed to maintain your results. Call one of our healthy living experts at 877.744.1224 or email us at [email protected]. 30 Night Diet $ 19.98 Learn More. Creative Bioscience is quite proud of their products, and offer up many deals for dieters, with bundles that last for multiple rounds of the protocol, and are less of a hit to your wallet. The customer service line was easy to get a hold of, and they answered my questions without any hesitation or confusion. I would give this no stars but it makes you. While the friendly folks at HCG 1234 have lots of experience with the protocol, and can offer a lot of assistance, they do not know your medical history and can only help but so much when it comes to these issues. 1234 Diet Drops is a weight loss product that is made by the company Creative Bioscience and sold via their official website.

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